5 Overlooked and Highly Effective Ways to Beat Pornography Addiction

It’s tempting as it is easy to sit on our asses blaming men, diabolical elites, unattractive fat women, and our declining civilization on the widespread pornography consumption devastating the West. Arguably, pornography abuse and addiction has had an overwhelmingly negative impact on marriage and the family unit as well as normal, functioning, healthy male heterosexuality.

Men in Western society are running amok with deviance unhampered due to rampant porn abuse. And the tight-lipped shame resulting in the concomitant dismissal of men trying to seek help for porn addiction doesn’t allow for any real discourse for men who are trying to pursue getting help for their porn addiction.

Pornography addiction is a very passive form of escapism–men often retreat to pornography not as favored recreation but more as an avenue of despair–pornography is what men typically turn to as a last resort when there aren’t many other attractive options available. How regrettable it is to conclude that many men would rather play with themselves than actively participate in society.

I have faith in men. They are strong. They are the purveyors of all that surrounds us that we enjoy as human beings and take for granted. They solve problems and they create solutions. And when they are honest with themselves, they won’t make excuses for porn addiction because they know it’s inexcusable.

I’ve fought addiction in the past. I quit smoking cigarettes when I was 22 years old and it was the absolute worst possible testament to my human endurance imaginable. I’ve given birth to 8 pound babies and that was far more pleasurable than quitting smoking.

I’m of the firm belief that pornography addiction is nowhere on par with the severity of nicotine addiction. Therefore the following remedies that helped me tremendously to cope with nicotine addiction will certainly help men thwart porn addiction. It certainly won’t hurt to try.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In my line of work I’ve been involved with social workers who frequently experience a significant amount of trauma and stress being exposed to numerous human hazards, from extreme domestic violence to many other exceedingly complex and dire social problems.

I first learned about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from one of my colleagues who described having treatments involving intensive psycho-sensory retraining sessions to repair the trauma to her brain from being constantly exposed to horrifying images, in addition to a sort of “12-step program” of self-awareness tasks and training.

CBT is different from conventional “therapy” sessions because it focuses on the behavior and helps people learn to process it logically rather than talk about it, medicate it and stew in it for years as you typically would in psychological treatment. It teaches people to work specifically to correct the behavior from inside the brain irrespective of causes and externalities. In this article about CBT, it explains that it employs stoicism as well as the Socratic Method in approaching behavioral problems.

I’ve seen people repair their marriages, treat addictions and dramatically improve their ability to endure stress with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Further, it can be a very attractive option for men because it doesn’t teach them to “embrace their feelz,” rather it teaches them how to process them.

Prayer and Prayer Groups

I’m a Christian. I’m also a woman and I don’t believe in women proselytizing. However, prayer has been the most significant source of personal comfort for me when enduring untold pain and personal hardship. Throughout my life, there has never been a prayer of mine that has gone unanswered–this is how I know with certainty that what you ask for in earnest will be inured.

Prayer is essential because it assures that you can have the much needed hope and faith that must be gathered from within yourself, especially when perhaps it seems other people cannot be there to help or support you. Addiction is a very lonely and painful place–a place where you are isolated and often feeling powerless. For men especially, reaching out for help isn’t always easy, but prayer can be.

Join a prayer group, even an online prayer group if you are not yet ready to kneel in the pews in a congregation. Ask people to pray for your speedy recovery in your tribulations. You will find the miracle of prayer to be uplifting and very powerful.

Feng Shui

I’ve used Feng Shui for nearly 15 years and I can attest to its practicality along with its effectiveness. When there is discord in our lives it’s often a result of clutter and other snags in our physical settings that manifest in widespread dysfunction in our personal relationships, health, professional life, even finances.

Ever notice how people who root around in a messy, cluttered, disorganized home or physical space often suffer from bad luck, bad tidings and are generally just all around miserable? They are often broke with mounting money troubles, running amok in one bad relationship after another and are suffering other numerous misfortunes.

I’ve read so many Feng Shui books that I don’t have any particular book that I recommend because the authors of these books often come off as kooky, unfunny, trendy cosmopolitan urbanites who use Feng Shui as an elitist dinner party punchline. I recommend you learn about Feng Shui online for free or perhaps hire a Feng Shui specialist to do a makeover on your home.

I’ve had my finances, health, professional relationships as well as my marriage benefit greatly from Feng Shui. You can certainly beat pornography addiction with it by literally rearranging certain aspects of your life that are causing you to be addicted to pornography. Bad marriage, fat wife, terrible finances? These can and most certainly lead to pornography addiction–and Feng Shui offers many “cures” for these maladies.

P.S. Men often balk at people complaining about the toilet seat being left up. Well guess what? According to Feng Shui, the toilet functions as an actual drain, quite literally and figuratively. Leaving the seat up can be draining to your finances, health, resources and yes, even your ability to meet attractive women to have sex with instead of being addicted to pornography.

Feng Shui works. Period. It will work for you too.

Hobbies Particularly Working with Your Hands

When I quit smoking I went nuts trying to figure out what to do with my hands. When you smoke you’re constantly lifting your fingers to your mouth, flicking, ashing, lighting, etc.

I took up crocheting. I bought a CD-rom and two bags full of yarn and crochet thread to help me combat the sudden and strange discomfort of not knowing what to do with my hands. I also took up baking and can say with pride that I’m a world class baking enthusiast because of it. Instead of eating all my treats and getting fat, I gave them away. This is what women should do.

Men should instead do things that men do. Do you like to build mailboxes? Build one and give it away to a friend. Make furniture, shelving, paint the exterior of your home, weld, work on junk cars, and fix stuff around the house. Working with your hands and concentrating on tasks will keep your brain occupied along with retraining your hands to be busy doing useful things instead of, well, you know. 🙁

Outdoor Sports, Hunting and Shooting

Testosterone needs to flourish in men in ways that help them be productive. When a man’s brain and endocrine system is awash in testosterone, that’s when they take action–they go out and build, produce (and reproduce) and care about a lot of stuff that really matters.

When men are devoid testosterone that’s when they jerk off constantly and decide not to give a shit about anything anymore. Testosterone depletion through constant masturbation causes lethargy, demotivation and impotency–exactly why you’re addicted to pornography in the first place.

There’s something about the surge of adrenaline and the accompanying testosterone running through their veins when men participate in activities outdoors. Men need to get away from women and tinker around in wildlife in solitude. Allowing a man to hone in on his “survival instincts” will encourage him to actually want to survive instead of merely exist–which is what men who jerk off to pornography day and night do, merely exist. Life doesn’t seem worth living to them because they aren’t participating in it with the hopes of surviving.

Hunting, fishing, hiking outdoors and shooting stuff with a bow or a shotgun stokes copious amounts of testosterone. Testosterone is what you need in order to stop being addicted to staying indoors jerking your chain in favor of being overlooked by women. Go out and do the natural things that the male body needs, and you’ll naturally start feeling like a man.

If you or someone you know suffers from porn addiction, you can benefit greatly from the aforementioned. All of these practical solutions can and should be implemented right away so that you may get your life back on the right path and onto greener pastures.

Men don’t want to be addicted to pornography, they want to live. They just forgot what it feels like to live like men in this feminized, matriarchal society run by envious nerds, societal rejects and sterile degenerates. Time to remind them what it’s like to be men again and help them celebrate it.

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