5 Reasons Donald Trump is Hot and Sexy

Donald TrumpThe RNC adjourned last week with the Donald Trump phenomenon continuing to gather steam, boiling over into an ever-widening cultural climactic shift unseen anywhere in recent history, and I’ve come to one single, solitary conclusion. Donald Trump is hot and sexy as hell.

And much to the chagrin of the slobbering hordes of bulbous, pitiful and unattractive hipster imbeciles who find his overwhelming success as foreign and contemptuous as a shower and clean shave, Donald Trump has accomplished far more politically than anyone, aside from himself and his beautiful family, ever dreamed. I’ve been on the Trump train since its inception, and by the looks of it, it’s just not going to stop.

Donald Trump represents an unquenchable spirit, a macrocosm of an era unparalleled by what millennial Bernie Sander’s supporters deride as “white privilege” and “capitalistic greed” clashing with the unrelenting American spirit and unified hope that has defined America for centuries–that had all been lost only to be fully reawakened and revived by Donald Trump.

I’m old enough to remember a time when being an American represented a tremendous sense of civic pride, enthusiasm and patriotism, and exceptionalism was the framework upon which American culture born men like Donald Trump. Mr. Trump proved that the achievement stemming from ambition and merciless determination was an inalienable pursuit and a laudable goal for any American with the ingenuity, the will, the work ethic and the passion to accomplish the “impossible.”

My childhood was a time of aspiration and triumph, where merely being an average American meant a very generous one-income sustainable household (mine and all my friends’ mothers were housewives), cheap health insurance, and hearty nuclear family meals around the dinner table every night culminating in weekend barbeques and ballgames.

It was very thin, sexy people everywhere drinking Pepsi made with real sugar in 16 ounce glass bottles (if you can remember those), cheesy and saccharine albeit decent adult contemporary music, and every TV commercial proudly advertising goods being “Made in the USA.”

And then there was Donald Trump. I watched him as a young girl on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and saw him on the cover of People Magazine with Lady Di. His California surfer blonde waves and sculpted tan features made him look like a modern Alexander the Great all the while, his crisp, luxury suits and dashing good looks were the epitome of what represented the upper echelons of elite Americanism–as enormously successful and seemingly untouchable as he was, he was unmistakably American in every sense of the word.

I’ve always fawned over Mr. Trump. I’ve always found his charisma, his social adeptness, and his power and influence to be highly admirable and respectable. This is true of many men and women, especially the men and women who profess to hate him with enviable fervor–Donald Trump is the type of man every woman wants and every man wants to be, whether they can admit it to themselves, or not.

1. He’s extremely wealthy, powerful and influential

Women love men’s money the same way men love women’s stunning good looks. The more the merrier, the hotter and richer the better (too bad for the unfortunate folks who fall short in these categories, life just isn’t fair).

Trump’s appeal to women primarily is that it’s part of the female biological makeup to seek out a mate who can provide the most resources in order to produce the most children. While some men inhabiting the bitter side of the manosphere refer to this as hypergamy, I call it simple human mating potential manifested in female biology.

Sour grapes beta manchildren chide Donald Trump that he inherited his wealth. Well yes, of course. But he also multiplied exponentially, a few million dollars into many billions. You don’t acquire the kind of wealth Mr. Trump has acquired by being an everyday, garden variety, sour grapes dumbass. He’s obviously very gifted and talented at what he does–it takes smarts and ability to make money.

Men and women love money, and they love a man who can make it. And women especially love money accompanying power and influence to the extent that Donald Trump has dated and married some of the most beautiful women in the world. Women, power, money, influence, prestige–these are our center-most universal human desires. Donald Trump has all of them, and then some.

2. He answers to nobody, he’s blunt and he’s politically incorrect

Donald Trump can’t be bought by any donor, Super PAC, or DC lobbyist. He has so much money and power that he sits at the top of the food chain looking down on everyone else–especially media charlatans, antipopes, whacked out supreme court judges and crooked presidents of Mexico. He calls the shots and nobody else matters, and the angry, wrestled peons are like flies buzzing around the eye of the lion–he knows they’re there, he just doesn’t give a damn.

The cult of personality appeal of Donald Trump as of late can be attributed to his brashness, his bold sense of honesty and unapologetic delivery–which is sorely lacking in our shamefully neutered wet-blanket culture currently suffocating the whole of Western society. His “vulgarity” and “tell it like it is” musings are a breath of fresh air among the stench of lies and betrayal being foisted upon us by the shyster elite.

His “truth to power” conviction is a tremendous source of power on its own. There has been no other man to electrify and rock the very foundation of American society simply by unleashing the common sense truth. What he has done has been unprecedented–he has jerked open (pardon the pun) Pandora’s box and the giant is not going back to sleep anytime soon.

3. He’s patriarchal, white and ultra-masculine

In the span of the last 30 years I have woken up from living in a cohesive, abundant and fully-functioning society to seeing the ugliest, ghastliest most reprehensible people on the entire face of the planet “rise to power.” Bear in mind however, the only reason the religious cult of the ugly has gained as much ground as they have is because our out of control, bloated, corrupt government is behind the controls making it happen. Without big daddy government artificially propping up the lower rung-inhabiting pond scum, they’d be going the way of the natural order by culling themselves in vast numbers unseen since WWII.

Donald Trump represents what the United States has always been–strong, white, aristocratic men who founded a nation on principles that built Western civilization. People who can’t deal with that and hate America know this to be true–they think tearing down our society is going to make it better for everyone. Mr. Trump flies in the face of that as he should, and he accepts it as his moral duty.

This is what sexy, powerful, masculine white men do–they build civilization. And without men like Trump, these impotent, ingrate scum who hate the West wouldn’t be here lapping up the scraps they call “entitlements.” These paupers should be kissing Trump’s feet, because without men like him, they wouldn’t exist.

4. He reminds us of our shortcomings and failures

In my lifetime, there was an immutable and irrefutable law that extremely gorgeous white people rightfully represented what people held up in admiration, pride and success.

In the 1980’s, objectively successful men like Donald Trump and objectively beautiful women like Kelly LeBrock and Christina Applegate were cultural attachés who merited the sort of esteem and notoriety that followed them. Donald Trump was a very successful businessman, Kelly Lebrock was an iconic elite runway model and Christina Applegate was a drop dead gorgeous actress that could actually perform reasonably well in TV sitcoms as well as film.

Successful white people of the 80’s and yore have never had any privileges–they always and still had to be very, very talented and extremely good looking to get anywhere near the cameras and the public spotlight whereas nowadays, we have affirmative action-style “Instagram models” and reality TV nobodies who are famous for being untalented, stupid and plain ugly as humanly possible. Mediocrity is now the standard and the go-to for the idiot masses, and the widespread and open hatred and contempt for successful people like Donald Trump is the norm.

This is the single most reason Donald Trump has been lambasted and ridiculed by the media and their pod people and their countless minions–he represents something that affirmative action handouts and all the ridicule and disdain from the substandard, underclass peasants can’t achieve:

Greatness. Unabashed greatness, merited, well-deserved and indisputable. People don’t like to be reminded that they don’t measure up–and Donald Trump’s mere existence rubs their catastrophic failings right in their face.

5. He’s the talk of the town

Mr. Trump is the bull of the ball. He is the talk of the town. Every morning, there are thousands of brand new, hot off the press articles that are nothing but a salute to Mr. Trump himself, whether they try to smear, shame, ostracize or ridicule him–he remains at the center of the world, and everyone is watching.

From behind the bedroom walls at home, to the isles at the grocery store, to the airwaves and to the quiet conversations I’ve had with my out-of-state, elderly in-laws who are receiving the Trump phenomenon with mixed feelings–for an entire year now, we just can’t stop talking about him. And perhaps the crazy part of it all is that we aren’t getting sick and tired of it, we are screaming for MORE MORE MORE.

We can’t stop talking about him. We can’t stop thinking about him. He is the monster haunting and hiding under all the beds of the disgusting freaks, and he is the hero of the West the rest of us have been praying for.

Mr. Trump has stoked in me a real sense of longing–I long for a time of normalcy and inspiration, of crazy, big dreams and an even bigger, crazier world to go out in and make it all happen. Donald Trump reminds me of a time all of these things existed unimpeded, unrelenting and untainted and when he says “Make America Great Again” I know firsthand in the span of my lifetime precisely what that means.

The Trump ride has been thrilling, aching, anxiety-ridden, suspenseful, conquering and resolute. And it has been the sexiest and hottest movement of my lifetime. I can’t get off this ride now, I’m about to climax.

  • FED UP

    Hmmm… This country rose to prominence because of slaves and those not lucky enough to be born rich and white… The fact that you use the words strong and aristocratic to describe our “forefathers” of this country is a joke. People who were not white, rich or women had to FIGHT to be seen as fully human and be extended basic rights. If the white men who “found” this country were really strong do you believe they would use the weak to build what they call their country? Isn’t that just a bully slave-driver POS? This awesome country of ours was built on intolerant belief systems, violence, displacement, blood and sweat and Karma is a bitch that will return to for sweet, sweet payback. May God have mercy on us all.

    • “This country rose to prominence because of slaves and those not lucky enough to be born rich and white…”

      No, it wasn’t. Your ahistorical nonsense promulgated by your overpriced Marxist university indoctrination is absurd. African blacks all over the continent sold their own people into slavery and sent them to the West to perform labor in conditions that were light years ahead of any living standard found anywhere in Africa.

      Furthermore, the very first slave owner in the United States was a freed African indentured servant from Angola who owned 3 white slaves and one black slave. He was himself sold into slavery by his own people. Look it up.

      And this country wasn’t built on slave labor, blacks came here strictly to pick cotton and to perform other make work, menial tasks. The infrastructure of the United States is not made out of cotton and if you honestly believe that you should immediately demand a refund on your shamefully ridiculous and expensively terrible education.

      “The fact that you use the words strong and aristocratic to describe our “forefathers” of this country is a joke. People who were not white, rich or women had to FIGHT to be seen as fully human and be extended basic rights. If the white men who “found” this country were really strong do you believe they would use the weak to build what they call their country?”

      Once again, your envy masked in blatant brainwashed idiocy and racist hatred of white people is wholly apparent. Did muh university skip the entire chapter on American history that factually establishes that Anglo Saxon British settlers founded the Republic of the United States or were you asleep the entire semester of gen Ed history? Rather my mistake, they flat out lied to you that the big evil white devil man who arrived on world class seafaring vessels that graced the Atlantic upon reaching the shore killed a bunch of poor half-naked brown people that didn’t have a written language and never even invented the wheel. Indeed, the big evil privileged rich white man plundered some teepees, a few spears and the ornate bear claws hanging around the Indians’ necks.

      Also, the Indians refused to be slaves and therefore contributed absolutely nothing to this country’s founding. There was no country here for ingrates like you to exploit while sitting on your laurels complaining about “white privilege” until actual white men came, founded and painstakingly built it from nothing but rich soil. It was a grand frontier previously laid bare by a sparsely populated noble and mystic brown people who lived in paper huts and were already scalping and ritualistically killing each other long before the evil horrible white man ever arrived.

      “Isn’t that just a bully slave-driver POS? This awesome country of ours was built on intolerant belief systems, violence, displacement, blood and sweat and Karma is a bitch that will return to for sweet, sweet payback.”

      You have undoubtedly lived out your entire pitifully meaningless and very short existence on the teat and dole of your shitty helicopter parents who raised you to be a fragile coward jellyfish snowflake who has absolutely zero grasp nor concept of the real world, history, human nature and the natural order. I doubt you’ve ever been punched in the face so hard you can hear your bones crack although that would have undoubtedly been an enormous blessing had it happened to a churl like you. I won’t even bother to address your appalling ingnorance except to remind you that there are plenty of other countries outside of the West that would be glad to make your acquaintance and give you all the bona fide intolerance, violence and displacement you’re been dying to experience. Move to Sudan or Mauritania. Oh wait, you’re too racist and bigoted to live in places full of black people who continue to, as they have done for centuries, practice actual present day slavery. I forgot!

    • pgg804

      If there was any truth to what you wrote, then the poorest, most backwards and most corrupt countries in the world would not all be in Africa and the countries with the highest standards of living, the most advanced, with the most beautiful cities and greatest scientific achievements would not all be in Europe and countries founded by Europeans.
      The only other civilizations that were advanced and great were Asian (Chinese, Japanese and others) and middle eastern or North African (Arab), but that was centuries ago. For the last 500 years Europe has led the world and the USA was founded by Europeans. It’s population was 90% white until 1965.
      Southern Africa had slavery long before whites came there and got involved in it and it never helped any of them build even a decent country. It is and always has been the most awful and backwards place in existence. The only bright spots it had were brought there by whites. Also, whites abolished slavery in the US.

      • Damore West

        yes whites did abolish slavery in the us. . AFTER they legalized it for hundreds of years

    • Starchecker

      You’re a fidiot. The South was always more poor than the north BECAUSE of slavery. The reason this county became not just the wealthiest but the more powerful in such a short period of time was because of freedom. FREE men ALWAYS are more incentivized to do more, to do better and all of society benefits.

      The south has been a dump, a pale reminder of what all communistic, tyrannical forms of leadership bring, poverty to all but the few elite. Which BTW is exactly what your liberal task masters want. Ever wonder why everytime a demoncrat hits the white house the gap between the poor and the rich grows? Just look at EVERY shithole communist country out there and you will see the very very few powerful and wealthy and the vast massive majority of those living an abject poverty.

      The lords did not just give up feudalism when America won it’s independence, they just repackaged it as liberalism and communism to get the dumb f—s like yourself to vote for your own enslavement.

  • Damore West

    “women love mens money”. . .lol i thought women werent supposed to be gold diggers!!!!!

  • brokeInCt

    What a crock of crap from a 50’s generation baby-boomer idealist. He’s old, he’s fat, he’s rude, he’s smug. What the hell is sexy about a man that love himself more than he could ever love any woman? Put him in a dirty pair of jeans, a t-shirt and work boots and you wouldn’t look twice at the guy.

    • Starchecker

      LMFAO You’re name pretty much says it all.

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