8 Huge Red Flags She’s Not Commitment Worthy


Despite the seemingly abysmal climate in the realm of modern dating today, men are always, ALWAYS on the lookout for the right girl who is commitment worthy.

It is written in their DNA they are always looking over their shoulder for “The One” they can show off to their best friend and eagerly bring home to meet the family.

However, today finding “The One” can be like finding the needle in the haystack. And there are clear cut red flags that men should look out for early on when vetting a woman they are potentially interested in and must never ignore–and cutting your losses early will save you a lot of trouble and heartache.

1) She’s terrible with money

This is #1 because it is by far the most important. Money problems are a red flag every man must take into consideration as to whether or not he should pursue a certain girl and a potential relationship.

If she’s a chronic spend-aholic, if she’s a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” type showoff and if she constantly has to have the latest designer purse and expensive brand name shoes yet doesn’t have a legit six figure salary to finance her lavish tastes, she’s either heavily in debt, she’s a prostitute, or she’s got a black book of sugar daddies she’s sleeping with who pay for everything–or worse yet, it’s likely all three.

A woman should have at the very least a basic grasp of personal financial responsibility.

She should have a job, a budget she can manage, minimal to no debt, and she should place importance on prioritizing her credit and financial standing.

Unless she is independently wealthy and has a trust fund (98% of women do not) she must have a healthy view towards money and finances. If she does not, dump her. This is not negotiable.

2) She doesn’t care about her figure

Women who are committed to taking care of their figures have a very real grasp of what is intimately important to women as a whole–they understand that their feminine worth hedges on a very strong assurance and commitment to taking care of their appearance.

Women must learn to understand that men are visually-oriented and that having a nice, svelte, beautiful figure is integral to finding the very best selection of men who may choose her as a potential mate.

Taking care of one’s body is a sign of personal respect and respect for life in general. A woman who understands that physical fitness is very important to her own personal life goals will be a wise choice as far as commitment–if she’s committed to being fit, she likely understands the work involved in other forms of commitment.

As an added bonus, chances are very good that a fit woman is a woman who is not on any psychiatric medication as consistent exercise encourages biological functions that bathe the brain with feelgood endorphins that are nowadays “substituted” with pills (there is no substitute for exercise).

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Any woman who believes otherwise isn’t worth your time.

3) She has an especially jaded view towards men

If a woman is extremely embittered and has a very disdainful view of men and masculinity in general, it is likely because she’s been burned by enough f*ckboys to fill a football stadium.

Women who are dumped repeatedly are those who are jaded towards men whereas, women who are comfortable with themselves around men and long for and appreciate masculinity are so because they likely haven’t spread their legs around town getting dumped by every Joe, Bob and Larry.

And women who have healthy views towards masculinity likely have a strong family upbringing through their fathers and male siblings and see men as a guiding force and not the enemy of womankind.

Bitter women are a product of their environment–if she’s angry at men she probably has a 1,000 reasons to be. Why would you want to be reason #1,001?

4) She has a messy house/apartment

Along with #1 and #2, this goes along with having a healthy amount of self-respect. Cleanliness is godliness–a woman who cleans is a godsend and if she takes pride in keeping things in order, she’s likely to be a woman who places a certain sense of pride in herself overall.

If a woman keeps her abode, the interior of her car and all of her personal living spaces neatly organized, it’s a sign that she likely also keeps many other facets of her life in order and organized.

If she’s a mess, if her apartment looks like it’s been through the tail end of a category 5 hurricane, if it smells awful and worse yet, if she doesn’t seem to care or notice at all, dump her. If she can’t even manage something as basic as keeping her apartment clean, how can she manage to be a decent girlfriend?

5) She eschews religion

The “new atheist” or anti-religious “intellectual” is the latest thing to be. It’s edgy, it’s going against the grain, it’s rebellious, it’s cool, etc.

I hate to break it to you, but no, irreligious non-worship is none of those things, especially when it comes to women. Women will eschew religion because they want to worship something else entirely–often it is something sinister, like worshiping promiscuous sex with random strangers, consumerism, or their own martyrdom in the form of bitterness, loneliness and feigned mental illness.

If a woman can’t submit to God, who is higher than herself, she will never submit to any sort of rule or structure required for a mutually beneficial relationship with anyone. She’s an atheist because she worships herself and her own BS. Dump far and dump fast.

6) She hates children

A woman who hates children is born straight from the pits of hell. Women who hate children have to be the most unnatural, forsaken, horrible abomination of womanhood existing today. They are degenerates, ghouls, and reprobates.

Women are the givers of life. Through conception though our wombs until our unborn make it their destiny to arrive in this world, women plant the seeds of humanity within us–children are the dearest and most wonderful blessing a woman could have.

Women who hate children are wicked. They are hate-filled from the inside out and they will never love anyone–not even you. Raising children is what our bodies are designed to do as women and any woman who hates children hates all of mankind. Dump her right now. She’s a crude and vile cretin.

7) She’s a narcissist

All women are narcissists to an extent–the kind of female narcissist I’m referring to is someone whose entire existence revolves around HER, HER, HER. And no one else on earth matters.

You’ve seen the type. Every conversation she butts into is a segue into her own boring showboating, one-upping, golden vagina contest. “Your mom baked a world class apple pie?? Well my mom baked 112 of them!”

Beware, this type of narcissism is merely a front–it is a form of extreme hamstering that derives from being neglected, ignored and outshined by other people who are actually worthy of the world’s attention. She has to try to steal attention away from everybody otherwise she wouldn’t get any attention at all.

Don’t bother with this sort of female pathological narcissist. You’re never going to matter to her. And you shouldn’t try.

8) Everything about her is “strong and independent”

I don’t really have to explain to any normal, awake, masculine man that a woman who touts being “strong and independent” is a red flag because to them it is already a huge turnoff.

However, to those who might be confused as to what “strong and independent” means when a woman says it, she is saying it because the brutal sexual market has already disqualified her in a variety of ways and she is fully aware of it.

She says she’s “strong and independent” as a facade to soothe her ego by “preemptively disqualifying” all men as a whole because she’s already been disqualified by the men she wants ever so desperately but can never have. She has nothing no successful, high status man would want thus she pretends she has the upper hand and sits on top of the sexual market food chain “strongly and independently”.

“Strong and independent” is basically conceding that she can’t compete in the sexual marketplace. Thus she is “strong and independent” because she has to be and not by personal choice. If she brags about being “strong and independent” she is damaged goods. Dump today and don’t delay.

Pay close attention to these red flags and don’t ignore them. They are red flags for a reason and it will cost you dearly in the long run to pursue any woman who displays them.

Run like hell or it’s your funeral. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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      • Tooj

        The Deal Breakers

        All right guys, stuff to watch for and be aware of. As a disclaimer, I will say that everybody gets their freak on as they do and as a result some items apply, others do not and the rest you only hope to never experience. M’kay?

        1) Alcoholism –There is a very distinct difference between the girl who knows how to get her party on and the one who HAS TO get her party
        on. Choosing the alcoholic woman is like sending off to a State Mental
        Institution for your mail order bride.

        2) Drug addiction – See the above; degree of difficulty goes up to a 2.95.

        3) Untreated/Treated mental illness – Schizophrenia, bipolar, whatever; I totally get that some guys think having a totally crazy bitch is a badge of honor. It’s just not one that they choose to wear very long. That should be a freaking clue. You take your chances with a girl taking her meds as she won’t past when she perceives that the heat is off for her past crazy behavior.

        4) Social diseases – I don’t care HOW MUCH Valtrex you’re taking, OK? Herpes is herpes. It is an indicator of risky behavior in the sexual arena. You know, there’s shit out there that can kill you these days? Do you really want to contract AIDS?

        5) No interest in employment – This can be a two income world these days unless she has a LARGE trust fund she plans on sharing. The gender roles of the 50’s have up and died like the dinosaurs. (They should have.) Go be a man; nothing has changed. BUT, if you want to be Ward Cleaver that’s your problem. Put her shapely backside to work and manage the finances.

        6) Her friends – Her friends are a measuring stick so pay attention. What if she has no friends? Hey bub, if you’re all she’s got and you’re okay with that then you deserve what you get.

        7) No / lack of social skills – This is basic manners, like not farting out loud in the restaurant. I’d be suspicious of a woman who regularly yells, “Git R Done!” In particular exclaiming it at the height of orgasm, K? (Note: also when it coincides with the farting in a restaurant thing.)

        8) Weight issues / Eating Disorders / Obesity – Basically “No Fat Chicks”, “No Bony Chicks”. Has a healthy self image and is not swayed by Britney Spear’s latest diet fad. She takes responsibility and cares for herself physically. I’m saying it is mental, fellas.

        9) The “PAST” – “My daddy used to touch me like that, please stop!” This would also refer to past relationships with men, past marriages, and not receiving the color of bike they wanted for Christmas. If any of this incurs responsibility on your part; RUN LIKE HELL!

        10) Overboard religious convictions – How YOU should have them too, boys. Let’s face it “Dogma” is fine if you’re referring to Jay and Silent Bob. Any spoken or written references to: the evils of dancing, the “Rapture”,
        or how you are looking more and more like a wiener on a stick (roasting over fire) should give you the picture regarding the need for a bug-out bag.

        11) Dishonesty – This topic ties into so many of these items it isn’t funny. Really, it isn’t funny! Honesty truly is the best policy in relationships, but you must be careful not to hurt someone just to retain your ethics. Sometimes a simple “That’s not a fair question to ask.” is a perfectly
        acceptable response. If she doesn’t accept that, go ahead and tell her that her ass is big in those pants. Doesn’t mean you don’t like it that way.

        12) Immaturity – If she gives off the general appearance of adulthood, it is not too much to expect the emotional equivalent of the physical. This is not a “letting out of the inner child” but rather letting the outer adult have control.

        13) PMS – Take a Midol; see a doctor. Guys have their own issues we don’t use as an excuse to act the bastard. Remember fellows, the cycle
        is 28 days so you may have to count and keep track.

        14) Sex change – Either direction. ‘Nuff said.

        15) Obsessed with work – Nobody dies wishing that they had worked more or worried about work more. If it interferes with the relationship then it is time to find a new relationship. A job can’t take away 50% of your stuff.

        16) Aggressive or manipulative controlling – Self explanatory. If you have the inclination to punch her out because of what she says or does your instincts are just misguided. Don’t punch her; leave her.

        17) Feels guilty or controlled by others; cannot say no; resents them later – Whether you think so or not, this is also applying to you and all the needs she hasn’t expressed that you still haven’t met. If you don’t think so, pick a fight and see how many of them come up. Feel lucky if there are only two or three when you decide to leave.

        18) Sets boundaries against normal responsibilities – This is not being responsible for her own emotions, actions, etc. Help her when she is
        overloaded, but if it is something anyone should be able to handle. Remember the old con-man’s saying, “If you don’t know who the mark is; you are.”

        19) Refuses help from others; resents them later – This is often joined at the hip with #17 & 18 up there, guys. Sometimes you just can’t win, but you can always leave.

        20) Lives with parents – And by the way, they are both healthy people who don’t need her assistance in any way. Don’t understand? Move in with your parents; stay there a minimum of six months.

        21) Lack of good hygiene – I prefer women with their teeth. Showering is good. Like fish and chicken, I’m not eating it if it isn’t clean.

        22) Reference to a ‘Soul Mate’ – run like your gonads are on fire…with napalm. This relates to expectations that are not communicated yet are expected to be met. This is a Harlequin romance novel nightmare!

        Please bear in mind that these are not necessarily ordered by level of importance. This list is not all encompassing, and any further additions of items to the list are subject for inclusion. Pass it on to your friends in need of a reference or survey those you know will be able to add to the list. Come on, you know who you are! We’re not jaded or cynical, just experienced.

        • Perhaps you’ll oblige me in a guest post on this site? LOL

          The sad thing is, everything you’ve stated here errs on the side of being dysfunctional and horrible–that women have to be a step above these tragic behaviors to be considered date worthy nowadays, let alone commitment worthy is insane. 🙁

          • Tooj

            THIS was my introduction on an online dating site. I got a lot of VERY interesting emails from the females on the site. Some got the humorous intent while others lambasted me extensively. The herpes thing seemed to really set a number of gals off. Whoda thunk? ;-D

            Terrible is that many men I’ve known have been exposed to women with many of the items on the list combined! I encourage my friends to be extremely careful when it comes to marriage. I encourage them to keep their standards insanely high; pick a winner. This is psychological, not monetary.

            Men are best with women who appreciate that they are men. I could include in the list: Women who view men as a “training project”. It’s often joked about in sitcoms and by comedians but is deadly to a long term marriage. Cosmopolitan magazine makes a killing with this mode of thinking. Disdain and contempt are killers and really screws with your head.

            Much of it can be explained with one term: Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m not cynical or jaded, just experienced.

          • So the way it works is this:

            Men have to:
            1. Have lots of money.
            2. Have a nice house, car(s), lots of spending money.
            3. Have to be over 6′ tall.
            4. Have to be fit and muscular.
            5. Have to have very favorable social status.
            6. Have to be very successful.

            Women have to:

            1. Not have any STDS.
            2. Not be a fat pig.
            3. Not be a complete certifiable lunatic.

            Wow, talk about male privilege. Guys have to have literally everything while all women have to do is show up with their vaginas. Got it.

          • Tooj

            Yup. I feel badly for men in the 20-40 year old range these days. Being a bit older has its advantages as I still meet women who haven’t dyed their hair blue, green or magenta with the requisite effects of the hair dye upon their thinking processes. They weren’t raised by first or second wave feminists. Fifty plus year anniversaries are common to them.

            The list is titled “Deal Breakers”. Not every well man wants to be a psychiatrist or social worker. The “Deal Maker” list is quite a bit longer than yours. (And yes, showing up with an intact vagina is on it.) But I’m so privileged I don’t often share it.

            Dr. Emerson Eggerichs has a great book called “Love & Respect” that lets on where I come from: that
            unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is
            for her.

  • Chąsa

    What sickens the most is the fact that most men seem to just go in line with those “rules” established by broken, spoiled women.

  • Starchecker

    Wow, amazing, what can I possibly add?