1. I’m not part of the “Alt-Right,” I have never been affiliated with it nor am I a “white nationalist” of any sort. Pertaining to the media, DO NOT label me as such or I will dispense legal redress.
  2. I’m not part of any “far right” group or organization, fringe, mainstream or otherwise and never have been. I do not advocate for anyone’s interests but my own. I’m a political and social vagabond whose views consistently evolve. I do not engage in identity politics and I reject your labels.
  3. My views are based strictly on realism. I believe in American fundamentals centered on liberty and freedom of speech. Many of the views expressed here may be offensive to some–feel free to leave this site if opinions and words on the internet are too troublesome or upsetting.
  4. I’m a mixed Asian American woman, a wife, a mother, and a follower of Christ. Be considerate and respectful of Christianity or be banned. While I generally do not prosthelytize nor am I an Evangelical, Anti-God blasphemy will not be tolerated here. No exceptions.
  5. I’m monetizing this site. Yes, I believe people are entitled to making a living for their hard work. Nameless, faceless naysayers on the internet who expect everyone to work for free have no respect for the people out here actually putting in the work required to preserve freedom of speech as a fundamental right. If you want free stuff, put your face and name out there for the entire world and create your own content on your own site. See just how much you enjoy being a charitable, impoverished do-gooder out of the kindness of your own heart.
  6. Feel free to share my work with everyone–your friends, associates, wives, brothers and sisters, etc. However, you don’t get to steal it, replicate it, plagiarize it or rehash it in any way, shape, or form and claim it as yours. You don’t get to use my stuff. Create your own.