“Body Positivity” is Just an Excuse to Be Fat

fat womanToday Bustle published an article called “9 Body Positive Issues We Still Need to Talk About in Order to Combat Sizeism” (“sizeism” being yet another nonsense madeup buzzword that can be found nowhere in any English dictionary) by Marie Southard Ospina.

I wrote about this at length in my last post “The Virulent Hatred of Femininity” that there is an air of entitlement and a concerted worldwide effort from below average people to force their toxic, unhealthy and distorted views in support of failure and mediocrity on all women.

The “Body Positivity” movement is rife with excuses to be overweight, unhealthy and unattractive.

Absolutely no woman in her right mind should ever embrace being overweight as being “positive” and “healthy”. This is not only bad advice, it is intentionally bad advice—people who promote this want to see you FAIL. Here’s how:

According to Ms. Southard and Bustle:

1. “Many Plus Size Fashion Collections Still Don’t Carry A Full Range”

Okay, so not only do they want you FAT (plus size being a politically correct euphemism for fat), they want you to be as big as you can possibly get.

Size 22 is not big enough, 44, 55 and even 65 need to be carried by all Plus Size Fashion Collections too!

Ladies, no need to ever try and lose weight and fit into a single-digit, normal size. You must get bigger and bigger so you can fit into all the biggest sizes in the world! Who needs a moo moo when you can wear a tent?

2. “Plus Size Modeling Needs More Diversity”

Ladies, they want women of every color, ethnicity and social strata around the world to be fat!

It’s not enough that white women are the only fat women in the plus size fashion industry, they need more fat black women, Asian women, Latina women and Middle Eastern women!

Get fat around the world, ladies! They need more diverse women to look and feel terrible and join their obese ranks! They have fat racial quotas to meet!

3. “There Is Still Minimal Visibility For Fat Bodies in Entertainment”

This I can sympathize with completely. There shouldn’t be any weight standard in Hollywood when it comes to being on the silver screen.

Fat people who do nothing but sit around all day and eat are just as beautiful as any thin person that works extremely hard to stay thin by watching their intake and hitting the gym every single day!

We are all equal! Size 2 = Size 32.  It’s 2016, we no longer need to have any standards!

4. “We Don’t Know Nearly Enough About Health”

Don’t mind years of documented studies at Johns Hopkins University Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research that there are dozens upon dozens of factually reported chronic and deadly illnesses that are directly linked to obesity and being overweight.

Who cares what board-certified medical professionals and scientists have to say about being fat, listen to a fat Women’s Studies feminist tell you that all this research is bias and inconclusive.

Research professionals don’t know all the facts, fat people do! They are beautiful and healthy!

5. “There is Little Protection Against Size Discrimination”

If being proud, fat and beautiful is such a dandy, morally astute and all-around (pardon the pun) righteous existence, why do fat people need protection (provided by the government via totalitarian anti-discrimination laws of course) against “size discrimination”?

If being fat is such a laudable and aaahhhmazing thing to be, surely nobody would ever discriminate against it. In fact, if being fat was as great as Ms. Southard Ospina claims, we would all be rushing out right now to get as fat as we can, wouldn’t we?

6. “There Are Biases in the Medical Community Towards Fat People”

Indeed, heaven forbid that the medical community not kowtow the “fat is healthy” propaganda that is spreading like cancer throughout Western society by people like Ms. Southard Ospina.

It’s not like the medical community knows a thing or two about the health dangers of obesity by having to treat thousands of fat people each day for their numerous diseases and afflictions.

Diabetes, heart attack, cancer? Who cares? Medical professionals who are biased against fat people need to focus on learning how to be nicer to fat people by being more politically correct!

7. “More Options Are Still Needed”

This section of the article is basically Ms. Southard Ospina insisting that skinny girl’s clothes need to be made in fat women’s sizes.

Fat women demand Miranda Kerr’s Spring Victoria’s Secret underwear line be made in a size 28. After all, fat equals thin! Fat women can look just as great as skinny girls do in skinny girl’s clothes! Quit being so mean and hateful!

8. “Fat is Still a Bad Word”

No, actually it isn’t. That’s why Ms. Southard Ospina repeats the word no less than 327 times in this article alone.

She’s okay with saying she’s fat, that other “bodyposi” women are fat, and the rest of us women throughout the world should all be fat, but should a non-fat person tell another person she’s fat, suddenly it’s a bad word!

Which again revolves around my point at #5, if being fat is so aahhhhmmazeballzzz (yes I know that is extremely annoying) why does she think it’s a bad word?

9. “Obesity is Still a Disease”

Why yes, it certainly is. That has been long established by medical professionals and other noted experts throughout the entire English speaking world and beyond.

Obesity is in fact a DISEASE. It’s not a trendy identity, it’s not a community, it’s not a source of civic pride and it’s not acceptable to any person who truly cares about his or her own health. It is a real disease that has long been established and diagnosed by health professionals spanning the last several decades—and people like Ms. Southard Ospina are baldfaced liars and frauds to insist otherwise.

These are the very people who tell us that being thin and beautiful is wrong and no longer fashionable or acceptable to society.

These are the people who insist that women must get fat at all costs and they provide every excuse and rationalization in the world to perpetuate their sick delusions about obesity being attractive, healthy and desirable.

These people need to be exposed for what they are. Liars. They are lying to you and me, they are lying to everyone else and most of all, they are lying to themselves.

Take a good long look at their pictures and their state of health and well-being. Examine very closely what kind of life these people are leading and ask yourself:

Is this truly inspiring? Is this truly how I envision leading my life now and years down the road?

The answer is NO!

Sorry Ms. Southard Ospina, we reject your entire narrative, agenda and ludicrously outrageous ideas of “health and beauty.” We women are wide awake, and under no circumstance will we ever accept being fat.

  • This sums it all up! You must check out this Russian movie called “Branded.” It never really got popular in the US, perhaps because it is a little too out there for the mainstream audience. It shows a world brainwashed into thinking that fat is the new beautiful and the models are all obese.

    • Wow, sounds like a really great film. Thanks for the suggestion and I will definitely be checking it out. And you’re right, they’d never push a based Russia film like that here when being fat is ultimately what they want all women to be–they want us fat, unhealthy and miserable so we don’t find husbands or have children. Population control at its finest.

      • The message to control the population (and literally population control) is hidden in plain sight! It’s so insidious and crafty that people pay or even kill to get themselves put in a box. Here is the trailer so you get the right film:


        • This looks excellent. Dystopian films and novels are a huge fav of mine and ironically it’s disturbing how often they seem to be prophetic as this one appears to be.

  • Yes, the body positive women claim they want respect but what they actually want is to brainwash people into finding obesity more attractive than slim!

  • Euro Sophie

    Truth right here! Brilliant article <3

    Obesity is repulsive, disgusting and horrible, I can never understand why someone would want to be like that or want others to follow in their ways. I am thin, beautiful and I receive such venom from fat, jealous women, it is so frustrating that I cannot speak out about it because of the culture of "don't be mean to fat people" and "fat is ok".

    There are children bigger than me and it is ok?! WTF?! Fat acceptance has a lot of suffering and misery to answer for!