BREAKING: Unattractive Feminist University Student Hates Femininity

Equality is for ugly losers

I’ve been taking a daily gander at the comment section of my video on Red Ice TV when I came across this gem:

Feminist Crybaby

I’ve come to realize that many white Westerners are despotic gender egalitarians. Even those on the “right” are gender egalitarians on disparate levels. Gender egalitarianism is a strictly white Western orthodox religion–and any deviance from it is met with a feverish hostility unmatched by even the likes of Islam.

I will also add that egalitarianism as a whole is a social class phenomenon spanning all races and ethnic groups–and the one common universality among egalitarians is they are preoccupied with trumpeting and enforcing egalitarianism while never taking part on the winning side of that equation. Equality is for losers–and winners never want to be equal to anyone.

In California I’ve lived around whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians and Middle Eastern people my whole life. I’ve also lived around Russians and became a bit submerged in Russian culture.

If you’ve ever been around Russians or Ukrainians, the men augment their masculinity to a degree that passively neutered Western men deride as sinister and pathological–at the same time any one of these neutered nincompoops at any given moment would rush to idolize Russian women because they are extremely feminine and beautiful.

Thus is the conundrum that both sexually inferior egalitarian Western men and women don’t recognize–that the interrelationship between male Russian masculinity and female Russian femininity are the sum of equal parts.

All things being “equal,” extreme masculinity manifests itself in extreme femininity and vice versa–men and women arrive at this pinnacle when there is a need for it. Russia spent nearly 100 years under war and communism. They survived famine, persecution and the extermination of millions of their people–men and women under such torturous conditions revert to these roles in order to survive.

In the West, people have never had it so easy and egalitarians in the West are most certainly equal–equal in low status, unenviable standing and appalling unattractiveness.

It’s really easy to be equally passive, fat and unattractive–it requires virtually no effort. It also requires no effort to be resentful and envious of people who make an effort to be far better than you are.

And it’s easy to demand that people undermine themselves to meet your lowly ambitions–because it’s easier for you to be a nobody and to raise a fuss than it is to stand up and be somebody whose hard work and success speaks for itself.

I clicked on the avatar of the woman pictured next to the above painful screed to discover unsurprisingly she is a future cat collector who will be rendered obsolete by sex bots. She is marginally attractive, overweight and has a nasty demeanor–clearly someone the rest of us dumb, weak, submissives should rush out and emulate.

“I am a female electrical engineering student in university and I deal with alt-right men far more often than I care to admit and it’s sickening.”

Cry me a river of salty tears, fatty. Perhaps since you hate men so much you should go be an angry lesbian at Mount Holyoke and study engineering there. Segregate yourself from men entirely and drop out of the sexual market. You won’t be missed.

“It is exhausting to prove that you are right when a person only sees you as a breeding machine that needs to look pretty.”

Don’t flatter yourself, dear. No man looks at you as a “breeding machine that needs to look pretty” otherwise you would be at home laying on your back pumping out babies one after another for a successful, dominant sexy white man in the middle of some affluent suburb. Instead you’re a sexually frustrated raging cunt in an electrical engineering university class surrounded by men who think you’re a dog. You lose.

“The alt right criticizes feminists for telling women to be strong but you’re telling me to be feminine and let my man take care of me and that’s just as bad. You should not be telling women to be submissive.”

On the contrary, rotund proto battle-axes like yourself should stay the hell out of my bedroom affairs and cease telling me what kind of woman I ought to be and what kind of power structure should be accepted and practiced in my intimate relationships.

I get off on being submissive. I take immense pleasure in having a strong and capable man take care of me out of veneration because I’ve vowed to entrust him with every aspect of my life–it makes me feel secure and needed and I feel no greater honor that a man would devote his life to loving and caring for me as his wife and the mother of his children.

Instead of being a hypocrite, perhaps you could support all women in their life decisions. Oh wait, you femicunts never do that–you only support women who want unfulfilling, shitty careers, never women who want to spend their lives with their husbands and families. Way to be consistent!

“And I would argue that being feminine shouldn’t be how your ‘catching your man’. Sure it’s a good idea to like the way the person looks but makeup washes off and skin wrinkles so at the end of the day your mind is what will be left.”

ICYMI: Feminists balk at “catching men” to mitigate the bruising of their egos because they are in fact incapable of attracting a high status man that appreciates beauty above all else.

I know this is terribly unfair, archaic and disgusting but, high status, successful men care very deeply about a woman’s looks. And unattractive, overweight feminists refuse to admit that because it is an implication that they do not qualify. “I can’t qualify, so neither should anyone else!”

The millennial generation misfits who surf Tinder and post distasteful bathroom selfies next to a toilet all day have no clue what is beautiful to men. She convinces herself men only care about a woman’s “mind.”  No, I’m sorry dear. All of it matters–looks, brains, personality, femininity, good skin, makeup and being a loving woman, not an angry, insufferable cunt like yourself. The only thing that doesn’t matter to men is your shitty attitude. No man wants you and it’s easy to see why.

“So if you want any hope of having a happy marriage you better realize that your looks may catch his gaze but your mind is what will make him stay.”

Ah, yes. A 19-year old know-it-all university loud-mouth finger-wagging wench once again touts having brains as the be all and end all of what it means to be a woman.

An indoctrinated lemming who doesn’t know her rear end from the booze spigot at her local binge drinking dive knows precisely what it takes to hold down a marriage.

A smarmy ogress like her sure knows what men like, what they want from women and what will make them stay–which is why she’s confined to room full of men day after day at university lab and not a single one of them can stand being around her.

Remember, she’s 19 years old, is the smartest in her class and spends all her time around men who don’t find her attractive. This is what makes her an expert on the life choices of a wife and mom like me who has been married going on 16 years. Quelle surprise!

I’m pretty fed up with naive, snot-faced brats who use coloring books and Play-doh in college to cope with their hurt feefees telling me how the world works. They don’t know shit about anything. And it’s long past high time to engage in a full frontal assault on their tender sensibilities.

I watched Millennial Woes’ speech at the NPI conference in which the thesis behind it centered on questions from a 19-year old harridan just like this woman. Mr. Woes said he doesn’t want to chastise or embarrass young Westerners for their misguided foolishness.

I couldn’t disagree any more fervently. These guileless twits need to be shamed and humiliated at this crucial and most impressional stage of their lives–this is when it sticks. This is when it will actually make a difference. This is the time when it is the most appropriate to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to make a world class example out of these vainglorious limey gasbags.

Western civilization can no longer suffer these fools–they need good hard cleansing and shaming them into submission is the only remedy.

  • C!BB!

    You touch on a salient point, which is at the heart of liberalism and its most fatal flaw: the denial of biological reality. It’s no surprise that the Left has been most fervent lately in bringing into question scientific discoveries about gender differences. Their whole ideology is based on the notion nature is not as it seems and we can just upend it all by simply thinking a different way. Utter nonsense! And because of that an entire generation (or two) of young women especially have been indoctrinated to believe they can do anything, be anything and those “urges” for family and children will simply vanish once they have a career to take its place.

    Biology always wins in the end. Always. It does everyone a disservice by denying it. I think what differentiates us — meaning the Right/Libertarian/free-thinking types — and the Left these days is that we accept reality and reality’s terms and they simply don’t. As a result they end up miserable and dissatisfied in much higher numbers and will increasingly be so for as long as liberal progressives run the show.

    • Agreed. All of this social engineering has had devastating consequences on our perceptions of biological reality. Unfortunately at this point I believe the only real solution is going to be a correction.

  • Sigma K

    I have had these discussions with people going back 2 decades.

    I was shot down and derided. The laws of nature, or God’s truth, will always win.

    • Same. I’ve only been at this about 4 years or so and I’m only just now seeing people start to come around because they are being forced at this point to come to terms with the truth.

  • WG Dupree

    1. European Christianity created the ideal conditions for the freedom we enjoy today. The proof is in the fact that no non-Christian, non-European influenced nation in the world enjoys the level of freedom that we have. Post-Christian nations are fast becoming totalitarian, either by being out-bred and overrun and/or by way of diversity ninnies.
    2. Since Christianity is an essential component of the equation for freedom, holding fast to Christian tenants is beneficial to feminists who want to hold their quasi-status as “equals”.
    3. Submission is a Christian tenant. All true Christians are submissive to Jesus Christ, who is the head of the Church, with all true Christians being part of the body of the bride of Christ. Likewise, the husband is the head of the family. Wife is required to be submissive to her husband.
    4. Ironically, the end result of feminists such as this spitting in the face of Christianity, while dogging for “equality” in all other aspects, is that they are laying up an inheritance of servitude for future generations of women. Women such as this take themselves out of the breeding pool, and they are being displaced in the population by people from societies in which women are looked on as property. If this is not actively happening, all things continuing onward, it will.
    5. Denying facts, indicated by “I don’t think that”, or “I would argue that”, doesn’t change them. If you are a shopkeeper, and you think that the widgets that you sell are the best that anyone could have, but no one to whom you are trying to sell them will buy them, it is most likely your widgets really suck. If you want to stay in business, try selling what people will buy. Getting mad and denying that your widgets suck will not change that they suck.
    Keep up the good work. Women like you give me hope for Western Civilization.

  • John Smith

    So women that don’t want children that don’t want to marry are bad?

    • WG Dupree

      John Smith, you are an idiot. God help you.

  • Camilla Cameo

    The calling out of the envy and bitterness of ugly feminists is a good tactic, but it produces a quandary for those like me: I am a very plain woman who was never able to catch a man. I would love to be an obedient and fruitful wife, but it doesn’t look like that’s ever going to happen, due to my unattractiveness. Nevertheless, I despise feminism and wish to fight it. Lines are often drawn as follows: feminists = ugly, anti-feminists = hot. But even an ugly woman should be able to see the truth of anti-feminism, because it’s true.

  • Starchecker

    LMAO I saw that post when I stumbled on your video interview. Great response, what an ignorant twat as you say. Nothing more insufferable than undeserved narcissism. But what do you expect from someone that has been told she’s been special for her entire existence for doing absolutely nothing. Of course she thinks she can school you with her ZERO years of real world experience. What could YOU possibly know? You are only a successful happily married woman, you don’t know shit! LMAO

    I notice your use of the C word many times. I used to HATE that word, was just vile and disgusting, the P word and the B word were also outside of my vocabulary, but honestly it’s come to the point where I don’t know what other words to use. I feel they were created for such a time as this. The C and B words are perfect for feminist Nazi’s and the P word for every RINO pussy that keeps letting the liberals destroy this nation without a fight.

    Trump has proven what I and many other have been saying and BEGGING for years. STAND UP AND FIGHT the media and the leftists, you have the winning argument.

    To me the RINO leadership is perfectly demonstrated by the “nobles” in the movie Braveheart. It’s always the spineless cowards on your own side that are your biggest threat. The enemy within.

  • Freethinking Влади́мир

    It’s odd. I’ve studied Electronics Engineering – as we called it. It’s been a while but nothing political happened. Something like “alt right” was nonexistent back then. Recently, the son of a friend of mine, went to engineering school ( don’t know the English name for his branch, a tooling specialization) and he found a girlfriend who also does engineering (Civil branch). She didn’t met anyone remotely alt-whatever or against her. Never was she forced to prove anything. We communicate as I help her with math typical for her studies.

    I write this because I’m surprised this lady met this level of hostility. It simply isn’t in line of engineers. The numbers don’t jive and I’m not sure if I believe the story of this high heeled engineer student.

    I’m a Serbo-Russian and whilst I have studied in the west of Europe, the engineers I worked with in St. Petersburg, Russia, are the same, despite the higher level of appreciation of physicality (not aggression, it’s the wrong kind).