Dealing with Feminism in the Alt-Right with Reinhard Wolff

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Today’s interview is with Reinhard Wolff, a very vocal and active member of the Alt-Right who is also a correspondent for Red Ice TV and an activist for the organization Identity Evropa. Reinhard joined me to discuss patriarchy, gender roles in the Alt-Right and how to combat the creeping feminism that opportunist beta male agitators and feminist thots are actively implementing in the hopes of watering down the movement.

Reinhard and I discuss the creeping feminism in the Alt-Right and how men in the movement are dealing with it on an organic level–the ways in which they recognize it, denounce it and eradicate it ensuring that it doesn’t infect the minds of men who are actively involved in the Alt-Right. Reinhard insists that feminism is not being embraced by the movement as a whole and many of the people who are attempting to derail it with crypto-feminism are thots and beta males posing as women on the internet and are generally people who don’t have enough influence to sway Alt-Right men into accepting feminist doctrine.

Reinhard also maintains that the Alt-Right movement is based on traditional gender roles and women definitely have a place in it–the question is, what role should they play? He seems privy to them being wives and mothers instead of beta orbiter-collecting thots and online attention whores. Sounds very traditional to me.

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  • observerBG

    The best part for me was the part where he explained that a woman from his group warned him that a feminist was trying to infiltrate the movement and its women’s group and trying to spread bs there, so they shunned her. I have seen how a single feminist managed to corrupt a nationalist women’s group, some of its members then left and that group is now a toxic fringe lashing out against most alt right groups and people. So one of the best allies against feminism are anti-feminist women, and happy are the men, who have such women near them.

    Thanks for the vid and your efforts.

    • Agreed. I was glad to hear, although I was frankly very surprised, that there are women working to actively prevent feminists from infiltrating these Alt-Right organizations.

      I guess the reason I’m so apprehensive of the idea that there can be women who are bonafide rightwing is because I know so few of them. Hope to see a lot more of this.