Differences in Female Body Weight and Behavior Over the Last 30 Years

This isn’t shocking news to anyone (though perhaps it should be) but, American women have gotten a lot fatter and trashier.

As a Gen-Xer, I often live in and relish the past, frequenting old American culture as I knew it when I was kid throughout the 80’s and 90’s. I believe the 90’s was the last decade when Western culture was remotely tolerable with the latter part of the 90’s marking the beginning of its ever steepening decline.

I grew up wearing parachute pants and purple bandanas. I loved breakdancing and new wave music groups like The Pet Shop Boys. As Gen-Xers, we immensely enjoyed the hodgepodge of fantastic American culture–even my old fogey parents who still listened to Karen Carpenter and Peter, Paul and Mary on their old 8-track tapes knew who Milli Vanilli was and they actually liked their music.

The dancing, the television shows, the entertainment–it was phenomenal across the board. I watched Soul Train, American Bandstand and Solid Gold. We all did.

I was surfing Soul Train line dance videos on YouTube and I was astonished to see just how much bigger and heavier women have gotten since the 80s. Today the average woman outweighs the average woman from the 80’s by at least 30 pounds. When I was a kid, there were no fat people. In fact, everybody was extremely thin–it was a bit of a shock to watch the first video below and remember how thin people were in 1987.

Women had also gotten a lot trashier–these two videos contrast the decline of women in terms of weight and feminine demeanor without question.

Notice how svelte women were in the mid 80’s, particularly the woman at 1:36. If you’re as old as I am, you likely recall most all women were this thin:

Next, look at women merely a decade later. They’ve easily gone up in average weight by at least 10-15 pounds and today, in 2017, you can easily compound that figure by another 10-15 pounds. Additionally, note the beginning of twerking degeneracy which was albeit absent in the 80’s Soul Train video:

The last video represents a visibly measurable cultural transition culminating in a downward trajectory–women getting a lot trashier and fatter in the 90’s and the music becoming degenerate and horrible. I can safely say I began dropping out of mainstream American culture in the late 90’s and by 2000, I’d rejected it entirely. Who could stand it? The 80’s spoiled it for me. Why bother with the decline of unsexy fatasses shaking their Kibbles ‘N Bits for the world when covering it up seemed so much funner and risqué?

  • Eugene LeChien

    so true. Most of the girls in my high school in the 80s still look beautiful and thin. What’s happened!

  • WG Dupree

    The cultural devaluing of femininity (and masculinity) and a concerted move toward androgyny of the sexes have mated to birth the monstrosities, in both men and women, that we see today. On the one hand, we have women who believe that their actions have no consequences. This would include actions they take for their appearance. On the other hand, we have men who either want to live with their parents and play video games all of their lives, or, we have the “metro-sexuals”. There is only one outcome, and that is that society will collapse and be replaced with something steeped in a tradition that is supported by natural law. My suspicion is that most people, and women in particular, will not like the replacement and long for the days of their sensationalized oppression in Western culture.

  • Bellicose Nation

    If you spend time outside of the US, when you return you notice two things when you arrive home. Peoples wardrobe resembles a collection from a dirty clothes hamper. ONly business people wear real clothes. And the other is weight, you almost never see people obese in the extremities you will see within 5 minutes at any shopping mall. By the time women reach the age group thirty, the fitness level drops to 15% of their age group.

    When you spend extended time in Say E.Europe Asia, S.America or other non Western countries you realize how feminism has controlled thought patterns not just of women but of men too…. and I include myself as well as we are all a product of our environment. It is true feminism is much more ingrained in many parts of the country than it is in the South. Christianity tends to temper the toxicity of Feminism.

  • Jyoti Singh

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