Fat, Ugly Liberal Women and Their Rampant Idiocy on the Internet

ugly fat cow feminist

I came across a threaded plethora of asinine commentary on Twitter yesterday being regurgitated by an overweight, hideous liberal woman who unironically goes by the handle @wenchtopia. She’s a far left feminist and self-styled socialist anarchist (an oxymoron to anyone with the political discernment she apparently lacks) jumping on the narcissist bandwagon of cop-hating sycophancy that has run amok across social media.

As usual, I was blocked by this scornful, bloated turnip of a woman because the truth as always is a death knell to fragile and clueless lefty blobfish creatures sliming up the front pages of the internet. They are unflinchingly haughty and arrogant (until they are humiliated mercilessly by the truth), convinced they are the last true and original thinkers of our time. They think their social conditioning, their feefees and sentimentalism, and the forcing of their rationalizations concerning their deep, personal failures being socialized among the masses is their noble calling–making people as defenseless, ill-equipped, and ill-prepared as they are in order to survive daily life, even less so in a SHTF-flavor catastrophe, is somehow their utmost morally righteous, collective endeavor.

To add insult to injury, this hideous, fat harridan is a social worker–she even refers to herself as an “arm of the state” (but let’s not forget she’s also an anarchist) and the nature of her work is such that she also deals with law enforcement on a daily basis.

She has a sworn civic oath/duty to invoke the rule of law by summoning the police when a child in her care has been abused and neglected, and tragically, when a family is being torn apart by drug abuse and domestic violence. And yet, she proselytizes on social media using her fat, cheese-fry stained potato thumbs ginning up the masses by expressing how much she loathes the police by demonizing them to get social media likes and retweets.

She discredits the rule of law, which allows her chafed lardbutt to frequent neighborhoods that do not yet look like Mogadishu without being raped, skinned alive or tortured–ignoring the fact that it’s an ever-reliable police presence being the single most deterrent that guarantees her safety otherwise she would have been made into Silence of the Lambs-style carry on luggage years ago given the nature of her work.

She demands police stop using their guns as a show of “heroic measure,” because according to her, police only go into bad neighborhoods carrying guns because they are terrified cowards. She seemingly has no clue as a social worker, who freely admits that social workers also get killed on the job, that the nature of police work in and of itself is extremely dangerous and hazardous–common sense notwithstanding that dealing with criminals always is.

Bear in mind once again, this person works for the state. She works with your children. She has access to highly personal and very detailed information regarding your family, your whereabouts, your health and your safety. Stew in that for a moment, if you will.

dumbass comments


Okay, so let’s get this straight. According to this anarchist hamplanet, a garbage collector essentially has the same job function as a police officer (although we can get into semantics that this is true because they both clean up trash in the streets) and yet, garbage collectors venture into bad neighborhoods sans any problems. However, when police go into these neighborhoods, they are scared which is why they carry guns.

It doesn’t occur to the anarcho-hogacist it might also be because the garbage men are there singularly to pick up trash and the police are there to deal with civil disturbances encompassing a glut of immeasurably unpredictable and dangerous events that can and do often cause them, and others, great physical harm.

Furthermore, I always thought the men who wear uniforms everyday and leave their wives and families behind and risk their lives to keep their fellow citizens safe don’t go out and do so because they are scared, but rather, because they are brave.

Why would a scared person take a job as a police officer? I know, it makes about as much sense as having a third shoe in a pair.

Police carry guns as a safety measure, for both you and I, themselves and for this dumb, fat woman who would be the first in line to call the police in her precious anarchist state just as soon as the dregs currently established within her care missed 3 meals and tried stringing her fatass up from a tree.


Once again, this person deals with the police on a daily basis being a “socialist anarchist arm of the state social worker.” And yet she’s saying cops exaggerate danger when just this week 5 policemen were killed in Dallas and dozens of others have been seriously injured in violent protests insurrections currently engulfing cities across the country.

Remember, 5 dead cops and a bunch of others being hospitalized with broken vertebrae from having been severely injured in the line of duty is an exaggeration on the part of police.

If that’s an exaggeration, I’d hate to see what she’d think of, God forbid, the entire Dallas police force being annihilated. Oh right, she wouldn’t care. Cops are the bad guys with guns and criminals are the good guys with guns, as is the doctrine of the far left feminist anarcho-socialist.


It appears this apron-gut, histrionic ogre thinks she has the moral authority to tell cops how to do their jobs–and how to tell law abiding citizens how not to be safe. She doesn’t even profess to understand the nature of criminality and insists taking precautionary measures like carrying a gun is a big problem because it makes others feel uncomfortable–without knowing that part of the rationale behind being a policeman enforcing the rule of law is to make people nervous and just afraid enough to stop them from committing crimes.

She thinks that the garbage man, the clergy, the social worker and the postman, who are in no way involved with maintaining law and order by use of necessary force (it takes actual *gasp* FORCE to maintain law and order) and the danger that often ensues when dealing with violent felons, armed robbers and drug dealers, is the same thing as recycling soda bottles, delivering mail, passing out food stamps and giving the last rite.

To reiterate because it bears repeating, the only reason this woman has a job as a social worker, as an arm of the state, as a person who can go out into seedy neighborhoods and deal with the scum she fetishizes because they are poor and helpless and she is their better and therefore, their savior, is because of the police. If the police weren’t 5 minutes away on speed dial she would have been rendered into bacon grease and used as slow-burning lamp oil long before the advent of the internet ever gave her the democratic foolishness of hating cops and guns all day long on Twitter.

Let’s recap, shall we?

This woman calls herself an anarchist, yet she works for the state. She calls herself a socialist and yet despises the rule of law. She hates police officers, yet calls on them every single day as she ventures out in the jungle to aid the underclass criminal element with state vouchers and the filling out of convoluted welfare process forms, whose very functions, like the police force, are to appease them to prevent crime.

I’m tired of these contrarian fat feminist pigs crying hypocritical crocodile tears on the internet for kudos, attention, accolades and social media likes–meanwhile lying through every rotten orifice in their faces trying to dictate the safety and well-being of people they don’t give a damn about. They don’t want us to have guns, a police force, nor the rule of law because they want us dead. Period.

Before you tuck yourself in tonight with your beloved NetFlix remember, ugly, fat, disgusting, wretched people who have never accomplished a single thing in their pathetic lives have declared civil war on you, me, the West and everything dear to us. Immortalize it in stone, because in the coming years, it will become increasingly harder for you to try and forget.

  • BooBoo75

    Epic rant.

  • Athena 77

    I used to resemble this woman, and had a lot of friends like that too. The problem with believing in extreme philosophies like anarchism, is that they can’t really be applied in the real world. She’s probably become a social worker to pay the bills, and hasn’t really thought through the implications of her pet theories. As for “socialist anarchist”? Originally anarchism was an outgrowth of Marxism, but also a departure. Maybe she’s an anarcho-syndicalist, and doesn’t know the terminology? The unattractive need jobs and things to do, but most will (unfortunately) fuck that up too. People my age (39) need to grow up, basically.

  • Dee Dee Pacino

    I spent 4 years with a chick like this. I got a crash course in SJW’s and it was like hell at the end. The horror of it was that she had no feelings! It was all sensation which I confused with emotion b/c I never came across such a human being in my life(now they are everywhere of course). I was a very altruistic new age guy at the time we started dating so I thought I could “Wake her up”. The rude awakening I had was that she is allergic to truth and doesn’t even really believe in Love. She would have let me suffer and just have sex If I didn’t break up with her, she had no intention of working on the relationship ever.

    I am conspiracy person so it takes me a bit longer for me to explain my view and by the time I would finish she would be convinced I was either christian(not knocking it I am just not that), Republican, or something else that was completely off the mark. I tried to explain the Science behind the fact that YES YOU DO HAVE A SOUL, and this was a dismal failure. I sadly couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me or her until I heard Melissa’s interview with Lana from Red Ice.