Fatboob Orbiters and Their Female Delusions


It’s become increasingly appalling and embarrassing to witness the ever widening gap of naive and inexperienced orbiters who are blinded by female “beauty” and allow their very existence to be shrouded in their silly and boobish misconceptions concerning female temperament.

We’ve crossed a mass threshold of sorts of concerted ignorance among modern males that I’ve never before witnessed in the span of my entire lifetime. When I was young even the most repulsive shut-in losers knew more about female nature than the tribe of fatboob incel cabbage people we have now roaming the dark corners of the internet battling female nature in unified misery.

Perhaps it has to do with the technological advancement of Western civilization sequestering these masses of loner schlubs into video and porn isolation unable to socialize with their peers dooming them to delusion and decay. Nonetheless I have never in my entire life seen so many celibate men who have absolutely zero concept of what women are truly like behind closed doors.

What’s more, it’s disturbing that these men are democratically adjoined in white knighthood humiliation in ways that are detrimental to Western civilization as a whole. They have become an immutable stalwart of sociopathic enablers reigning in our destruction, determined to haplessly help it along–as though they have something to gain from watching it go up in flames. It’s disturbing to realize these men want it all to come crashing down because at the very crux of it, vying for scraps and low-hanging fruit is the only chance they’ll ever have to compete for women in Western society.

Beta to Omega white knighthood has to be reined in at all costs–they are a head on the hydra of feminism and must be crushed at will and with extreme prejudice. We can no longer afford to have these rabbit people poisoning men’s souls with their sense of envy cloaked in injustice. The only way to get rid of them is to bury them alive and suffocate them with the truth.

Dear Maleboob-bearing Deadbeats,

Read it and weep:

Women are ugly to unremarkable looking at best without all of our beauty contraptions

One of the schisms feeding into widespread male ignorance is nearly if not all of these maleboobs watching porn and believing the manufactured image of women in porn represents women collectively.

I had a conversation with a former chub-schlub female worshipper “friend” of mine (he’s not my friend anymore because of his white knight weirdness) quite literally say to me that he didn’t think that women actually fart or poop or do anything remotely humanly disgusting. Suffice to say that was one of the last conversations I ever had with him for obvious reasons.

Newsflash to you ignorant creepers who think photoshopped pics and filtered angles are the gold standard for all women:

A vast majority of women look like nothing short of hell without any makeup. In fact, most women are shit tier as far as looks as a rule. Makeup is a ruse and even when you think we look “naturally beautiful” we are still wearing it to some degree. The only single exception to this is, if she’s a young woman and was actually born beautiful, she will look beautiful no matter what–makeup/no makeup, sick, homeless, starving, dressed in rags and perhaps even slightly overweight. She will look good no matter what comes her way by accident, not on purpose.

Also, we smell really bad if we don’t wash and wear deodorant, we are hairy if we don’t shave, our breath smells awful in the morning and our faces look like the surface of the moon without thick pigmented creams and emollients. Most of all, we won’t even leave the house without the aforementioned, which is a testament as to just how bad we need it.

I highly recommend you misinformed, slack-jawed fatboobs take a peek at “beauty guru” youtubers if you want to know what women (especially the supposed ‘smoking hawwwt’ ones) look like without any makeup. They are nothing special and without social media, photoshop, and cake frosting slathered on their faces, they’d be just as unattractive as you are.

Men’s opinions of us are the be all and end all of our existence, except for yours

If you’ve watched “Pretty in Pink” or “Sixteen Candles” or most any movie in the teen genre, the backdrop of the story most always includes some friend-zoned doofus orbiter yearning for the affections of some McRib-tier female who hasn’t done anything remotely worthy of earning her “perfect princess” status–just by virtue of talking to a fatboob and putting up with his whiny bullshit temporarily until the guy they really want blights him out of the picture entirely, she gets to be on the receiving end of his unceasing creepy thirst.

If you’re an orbiter, as a rule, the woman you’re orbiting literally doesn’t give a damn what you think about anything. You’re merely there to be a wet sponge for her, wiping away her tears after the alpha male hits, quits, doesn’t give a shit and forgets. You don’t matter in any way, shape or form and she actually secretly wants you to die a slow painful death–her feigned neediness and clinginess for you begins precisely where the alpha male attention ends.

She’ll invite you over for popcorn and cupcakes and a stupid godawful chick flick after she gets dumped only because you’re big enough of a cheesy fatboob dork to willingly oblige this lame shit. Just remember, when another badboy comes along and she ditches you, you will be gutted and devastated, and it won’t even occur to her in the slightest.

You are a pimple on the rear end of her bad breakup. Prepare to be disposed of as soon as another brawny cad comes along that makes her marinate in her own juices.

Women want attention and will do whatever they can to court it including stepping on you loser fatboob males to get it

Fatboobs are useless in the grand scheme of things except to “bolster” a woman’s own social stock and trade–however, what most orbiter blue-pilled fatboobs don’t realize is that women who collect fatboob orbiters and use them for social brownie points have inherently low social status to begin with.

Collecting a gaggle of undesirable boob-brothers is what women do when they can’t collect anyone else. It’s like being a Countess among those who don’t count.

A woman worth her salt, who is beautiful and has bonafide social prestige will not willingly have boobified orbiters in her social circle–no successful woman wants to be associated with thirsty unattractive losers. And a woman who always has her fresh pick of thirsty booblosers in her midst is thirsty herself–thirsty for some real recognition and prestige that a woman of her low status can never realize.

When is the last time a woman was ever truly congratulated, much less, when has a woman ever congratulated herself for having a drooling fatboob thirst army at her side lopping up her machinations of feigned social status? Never. It’s not something women are proud of–they just won’t tell you that because deluded egoism often runs amok among people who are the least successful. Nobody on Earth will ever be jealous of a woman who has a fatboob thirst brigade in tow.

Next time you want to be a proud fatboob cheerfully propping up your favorite shit tier female, think carefully about the implications of your position in the sexual market food chain. The fact that you believe women should be elevated above that of your own status demonstrates how much of a loser you are–and most of all it demonstrates how much contempt you shall rightfully receive and truly deserve.

Women hate you, as they should–you are not fulfilling your natural role as a man, as a leader, as someone a woman can and should look to as a source of masculine genius.

Women look down on you because that’s where you belong–beneath them. And beneath them is where you shall remain. There can only be one set of boobs in a functional relationship and for God’s sake, it should go without saying, they will never be the man’s!

  • def4

    I guess it would be possible to call this fair because you seem to have disdain for both sexes.
    The information is mostly true, but it seems aimed at bringing down people instead of helping them understand their position.
    Unattractive people can have good happy lives by simply choosing to stay single after a similarly sober assessment.

    I reject the notion that personal value is determined by sexual popularity. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to live well and they are easier and more available than ever.
    Bachelorhood is preferable to an unhappy marriage. I see no point in berating people for inadequacies instead of recommending them to just not play.

    • WG Dupree

      def4, you have the cart before the horse. It is obvious when someone hangs their on self-worth on what others think of them. As a recovering delta with gamma tendencies, I can recall wondering why ugly guys seemed to be attractive to the pretty girls. I was also the type that fell in love with every girl that I had a crush on, but was never sure enough of myself to even make a move. Fact is, I was the rebound pimple in more than one case in my youth, propping up the ego of my chosen female target, until they found someone better. Confidence in oneself is the key. Being willing to take the chance and fail without caring is a signal to a woman that you have value. Prior to dating my wife, she did not really notice me until one day when I called her a name. That is a true story.

      • def4

        Cool story bro.
        It has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

        • WG Dupree

          If you can’t pick up on the relevance of what I wrote to your post, then I cannot help you. You certainly don’t seem to have a clue about marriage or what it is about. Here’s a clue: it is not about being happy. Cart before the horse, again, bro. Good luck going your own way.

          • def4

            There are two types of things in this world: about survival and about happiness.
            Marriage is no longer necessary for survival. If it’s not about being happy either, then it is nothing but a dying tradition.

          • It’s true. Marriage used to be about something much bigger than yourself. Like having a family, building your own “mini-empire” of sorts with land, estates, family businesses, etc and passing that lasting legacy onto your loved ones in a succession of generations as a shared moral duty and responsibility.

            Who needs all that backward traditional rubbish anymore when you can have VR porn, sexbots, weird kinks and spend all your time online complaining about women and why they mysteriously don’t find you attractive. That’s so much better!

          • def4

            So build your empire then!
            You should be happy that so many others are pursuing frivolities. That just means less competition for you.

    • “I guess it would be possible to call this fair because you seem to have disdain for both sexes.”

      I do not have disdain for both sexes. I do however have the utmost contempt for weakness wrapped up in subterfuge. Feminist males and females revel in both. I’m fed up with both of them creating an artificial social vacuum for themselves by forcing “equality” on the rest of us.

      “The information is mostly true, but it seems aimed at bringing down people instead of helping them understand their position.”

      I’ve long discovered the only way to begin helping people like fatboobs is to bring them down. By bringing them back down to earth, they can get their head out of the clouds and disengage in the facade of being a legend in their own mind. Fatboob males exist to feed the egos of undeserving females. This is not something that should be lauded nor tolerated.

      “Unattractive people can have good happy lives by simply choosing to stay single after a similarly sober assessment.”

      Wrong again. Unattractive people should go on to live happy lives by pairing with similarly unattractive people on their own level. Fatboobs should be contentedly marrying their unattractive feminist counterparts and raising children like they always did in the olden days, not “going their own way” and being miserable and barren for the rest of their lives as they are today.

      “I reject the notion that personal value is determined by sexual popularity. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to live well and they are easier and more available than ever.”

      For a very vast majority of people, there is no alternative to getting married and having a family. Nothing will ever compare to the fulfillment of having people who love you dearly be eager share their lives with you–you can’t put a price on that. The sick feminist programming dictating otherwise has been our downfall.

      “Bachelorhood is preferable to an unhappy marriage. I see no point in berating people for inadequacies instead of recommending them to just not play.”

      That’s what TPTB want you to believe–like a good little servile, maladaptive, asexual vagabond who will never produce more white people. Demographics be damned, eh? This is exactly what they want, and you’re quite the obedient lemming playing right along.

      • def4

        It’s perfectly natural and sensible for those in a position of weakness to resort to subterfuge. They don’t and shouldn’t care about the disdain of those who can afford to take the direct approach. The only fools are the ones who, in spite of being weak, get manipulated into choosing the direct approach and lose.

        When unattractive people pair they produce more unattractive people. That’s bad.

        For a vast majority of people, marriage is a net cost. The satisfaction it delivers in the first several years is followed by decades of feeling trapped and mired in a faltering co-dependent relationship. That’s why soon after it became legally possible, the divorce rate soared to 50% with dissatisfaction as the top reason.

        I don’t care who likes or dislikes someone else’s life choices or which unnamed sinister figures might benefit or lose. People should figure out what they have to offer, what they can get and choose the path that gives them the most satisfaction.

      • Nuke Mecha

        I like your style because I already learned that bullying works

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  • vadhajtáska

    I think removing fathers from the family, and/or emasculating them via state power (family courts, divorce industry, etc.) contributed greatly to the rise of the fatboobs. Fathers used to tell their sons about the nature of women, while mothers usually give the worst advice: “just be nice to her”.