How to Defend Yourself From the SJW Mob


Last week I exposed SJW nutcase Joseph M. Placidi for excessive cyber stalking and harassment. As I mentioned tangentially, I have been in familiar territory, facing down and defending myself from harassers that found me via an online SJW mob of my own.

A few years ago, I wrote a “controversial” piece (considered criminal hate speech by today’s standards) on an old blog that ignited a firestorm. It caught the attention of Buzzfeed and other similar SJW publications. Soon I was being inundated with scores of mentally ill cretins tweet-bombing me, sending me obscene emails and conjuring up 3,500 word histrionic blog comments that I refused to publish because of their childish stupidity.

It was a huge lesson–one that made me thoroughly understand the dynamics of mob mentality and conformity, as well as the swarm instinct people have embedded in them as the product of human nature. Mobs are what they are because people have an urgency to want to stoke drama until it churns to a momentum and explodes like a hydrogen bomb–it’s the reason reality TV, MMA and boxing are so popular, people want to watch each other bleed. And the mob today is exactly like seeing yesteryear’s soldiers bludgeon each other to death in a Roman coliseum.

I was able to push back against the mob, and in a relatively short period of time, I was able to return to some semblance of the familiar peace and quiet I’d enjoyed as a somewhat obscure person before Buzzfeed sacrificed me to the mob.

The sick thing is, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It taught me a lot about myself and adversity and what I am able to endure as a human being. I believe in freedom of speech and I will do my part to preserve it–and that means being committed to saying a lot ugly things that people don’t want to hear.

Never assume that you are safe or that you are not being stalked

When the mob puts a bullseye in the middle of your forehead, you are being watched closer than you can possibly imagine. So close in fact, they are digging up whatever they can find that they can use to implicate you with the intention of destroying you.

When the mob descends on you, it can render you to such a place of despair that you feel exiled and utterly powerless in fighting back against it. The reason you feel this way is because that is the nature of what mob tactics are designed to accomplish. They want you ostracized and vulnerable, fearful, and afraid for your life.

With the dog-piling comes an intense interest from the general public, and in particular, the bandwagon opportunists of the mob who begin digging up any details they can about you to fuel the fire. They will attempt to locate your family and loved ones, friends and associates, your workplace and/or places you’ve worked in the past, as well as where you attended college and any associations you may be involved in.

They begin treating you like a criminal because they believe that’s what you are–you have been found guilty in the court of public opinion and nothing you can say or do at this point will matter, much less mitigate/reconcile public opinion. They want your blood and your head on a stick.

Do not assume that you are being given any quarter by the mob. They are going to stalk your very existence down to whether you like your eggs runny or hard. Assume the worst from the mob and hope for the best–they will find out things about you to use for whatever purpose they deem is necessary, whether violent or harmless.

Maintain your privacy at all costs

By default, I’m a very private person. I rarely share any details about my life with anyone no matter how minute or significant (most people don’t care anyway). I realize that I am also an anomaly in this day and age because people on the internet share everything about themselves because they insist the world cares about their average, mundane and uneventful lives.

On my old blog I used my real name publicly. I even shared the city and state in which I reside and you would think it would have been very easy to find me–alas it wasn’t. Why? Because I didn’t share any other details about my life. I kept my birthday private, along with my husband’s name, my workplace, my occupation, my children’s names and my high school/college information–I didn’t even tell anyone what I like to eat or where I shop or where I go on vacation.

People couldn’t find anything about me because I didn’t share anything about myself to anyone. I still don’t and never will. If you’re one of the people who feels an intense urge to attention whore and provide all of your personal details to the all-seeing eye of the internet, you are in for a very rude awakening when the mob comes gunning for you.

I didn’t share anything with anyone and as a result, no one was able to find out anything about me. In order to remain private, you must be private. Scale way back on sharing your personal details with the public and the mob won’t find what you don’t want them to see.

Don’t let anyone publicly see you falling weak or living in fear

If you haven’t endured any sort of extreme hardship in your life as an overall testament to your physical, mental and emotional strength, I very much feel for you when the mob succeeds in their campaign of constant and unending psychological warfare and verbal backlash against you.

The mob will break you, if you are not strong and resilient enough to withstand it. I see it happen everyday–men and women closing up shop and rage quitting social media because the mob is burying them in an avalanche of mean words.

DO NOT APOLOGIZE. EVER. An apology is an admission of guilt and wrongdoing, and it will never appease or discourage the mob. Never ever apologize as it will just make things 100x worse.

If you want to come out of this on the other side unscathed, you must maintain frame. You must, at all costs, remain undeterred and focused on keeping your composure. The mob attack is enough to break the average person down into shards of nothing because they demonstrated to the mob and the public at large they are not capable of maintaining frame.

Never tweet about mean internet people harassing you. Don’t cry in a longwinded Facebook post in the hopes of garnering sympathy or the summoning of whiteknighters. Don’t talk about how horrible your day has been because people are harassing you on social media. You are never going to curry the favor of the mob or their sympathizers–instead you will just encourage them evermore to keep relentlessly attacking.

Always, ALWAYS save face. Do that by mocking the mob–make fun of them and humiliate them when they say something ridiculous to you. Use light humor and self-effacement. Be funny and laugh at their absurdity. Never ever show any negative emotions–or they will pounce on you like vultures circling a bloating carcass.

Also, go the gym. Workout a lot then workout some more. It will help you manage the stress of engaging the mob–it will prove to be invaluable to maintaining your mental health and sanity.

Start watching your enemies very closely and strike while the iron is hot

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You will find that you are not only on the defensive but you are mustering every ounce of strength within you to go on the offensive. You will be very, very angry–so angry that you will be motivated to retaliate, and retaliation may very well be your only remedy in this dog fight.

People who engage in mob tactics are far from the do-gooders they portray themselves to be. Many of these people have criminal records, owe back taxes, and a lot of them have screwed up in their lives so heinously you would think they’d take a step back and examine whether or not attacking strange people on the internet is in their best interests.

The worst offenders in my mob were the people who appeared to be the most upstanding, yet ironically most inclined to become obsessed stalkers. Appearances are never what they seem–if these cowards even have the fortitude to show you their face at all.

The person who stalked and harassed me attempted to do it online anonymously, and I was easily able to find out who she was. She was a professional person with a service career with the intimate public, who was required by law to abide by a strict code of ethics–and here she was on my blog for 3 weeks calling me a cunt, telling me to blow my brains out and threatening me with all manner of retribution against my family and my livelihood.

When an obsessed nutcase has you in their crosshairs, you must throw out all ethical and moral inclinations you ever believed you had as a person of sound judgment and revert to your innate savagery.

I found out everything about her, and I went straight for her jugular– and I made it very public that I went straight for her jugular. I gave her 3 stern warnings to leave me alone and when she refused to stop, I had no choice but to go after her in the worst possible way. I was so enraged by her unceasing onslaught of vengeance against me and my family that I went after her career and her professional license. She immediately disappeared from the public eye and now goes by and lives under a pseudonym.

When I made a public example out of her, the mob immediately began to disperse and I was able to finally breathe again. These SJW cowards don’t expect you to be strong–they demand fealty, that you be weak and grovel for forgiveness and lay down in the fetal position and take their blows to the head.

When you fight back, they are utterly defenseless–and they are left devastated when you channel your rage into destroying them justly, eye for an eye.

Never assume anyone is going to be fair to you

No one is going to be fair to you and no one is going to sympathize with you. No one is going to give you the benefit of the doubt and no one is going to defend you because their default thought process is that you shouldn’t have touched the flaming hot stove if you didn’t expect to get burned.

My own husband didn’t have a lick of sympathy for me. He told me I was completely on my own. In fact, the only time he showed me any sort of empathy was months after when I told him I pressed full charges on my stalker against her professional license. He knew she went too far, and he fully supported my decision.

Bottom line is, people are not going to be partial to your sense of political justice in saying controversial things on the internet–because they themselves don’t want the trouble or expense of caring about something they believe you brought squarely upon yourself. It isn’t right and it isn’t wrong–it just is. People have jobs, their own lives, and their own multitude of problems. Don’t expect them to be fair, supportive or understanding in your willful decision to engage in your own personal crusade of online martyrdom–it’s your problem and they are under no obligation or duty to make it theirs.

Only confide in the people you trust 100% that this is happening to you

When you do need to air your dirty laundry along with the immeasurable rage and anxiety you may be feeling once being sacrificed to the mob, it is important to talk to and get advice from someone you know and trust–preferably someone who has been in your shoes and knows what you’re going though. As I mentioned, my own husband didn’t even want to support me–he was too busy working and paying the bills and putting food on the table to worry about my bullcrap on the internet.

I had another friend who had gone through something very similar and he reached out to me in support. I explained to him what I had been enduring for the past month and he was very understanding. I was able to trust him because he was an ally of my cause (freedom of speech) but also because he hates SJWs–when seeking out people to confide in, it’s important to seek out people who are completely aligned with your cause as it removes all uncertainty and doubt as to their level of trustworthiness.

I was able to unload on him a bit and confide in him what I was feeling and he offered some great advice. I was grateful I had him on my side because at that point, I had virtually no one with me to weather this storm. Let’s face it, facing a mob isn’t something the average person can fathom, which is also why people don’t possess the empathy you seek from them. I found the only people who supported me and understood the extent upon which I was suffering in silence had lived through this experience themselves.

If you’re reading this blog, you undoubtedly identify with our causes and issues on the right spectrum–therefore if you need support, you can peruse the advice of those who have been attacked by SJW mobs and survived–guys like Roosh V, Vox Day, Pax Dickinson and Mike Cernovich are a go-to source for dealing with the mob, and were in fact, integral to me sharing my own experiences here on how I navigated the trenches of mob injustice.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you’re not alone in facing the mob–because you are. You are very much alone in your feelings and your detachment from reality when you are in the thick of the bombardment and the nuclear-style fallout of mob “justice.” It can be a surreal experience that will make or break a person right down to his/her own bare soul.

This is war–unlike anything we’ve seen in modern history. And we have to be prepared. Never in my lifetime did I imagine we would regress into witch-burning and mob-style injustice–we used to have an established rule of law to discourage and disincentivize mob attacks. It just goes to show that the breakdown of our society and justice system is what is returning us to a barbaric state that breeds mob mentality.

Take care of yourselves and remain strong. Now is not the time to “take the high road” or “live and let live.” We are fighting for our survival. Be vigilant and prepared, because if things continue down the path of regression the way they have been, rest assured, the mob will be coming for you too, sure and swift.

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  • Doc Sithicus

    First and foremost: SJWs Attack Survival Guide

    I would also recommend another book: SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day

    • Thanks for posting, now I can link to it!

  • Mary Whittier

    Excellent article.

    Mob attacks are fascinating, as a study in human psychology. I like your suggestions for self care and your honest description of the very real damage done by internet mobs. I also LOVE how you destroyed your worst stalker. Bullies are messed up people and when they attacking, they don’t quite realize that their victim might fight back.

    “When an obsessed nutcase has you in their crosshairs, you must throw out all ethical and moral inclinations you ever believed you had as a person of sound judgment and revert to your innate savagery” Great advice!

    “Take care of yourselves and remain strong. Now is not the time to “take the high road” or “live and let live.” We are fighting for our survival. Be vigilant and prepared, because if things continue down the path of regression the way they have been, rest assured, the mob will be coming for you too, sure and swift.” More great advice!

    • I could not believe she came from the prestigious background she did and was acting like a mouth-frothing, raging lunatic. Finding her was like shooting fish in a barrel–these nutcases have no clue what I know. The best thing to do is give them the surprise of their life.

      • Thanatos

        I have only just found your blog and don’t really know much about where you stand,but judging by your links and the very little I have read so far you are a fellow-traveler and at least somewhat allied to those I ally myself with. I sympathize with you vis a vis the harassment you have had to put up with,and count your enemies among my own. One lamentable fact in cases such as yours is that these attacks often come out of the blue and shake the victim up on a deeply personal level such that valuable data,in the form of a complete and thorough timeline of events, which could be used by persons such as Vox Day or certain other figures that I am allied with to help future victims, has never to my knowledge been tabulated.

        The general rules, or formulas if you will, that you have articulated in this piece are well and good as an undifferentiated set of guidelines, but unfortunately this kind of thing will continue to happen until the mouth-frothing raging lunatics in question have been pacified by force. Good intelligence is crucial to this effort.

        Even if you do not intend to share this information in the hopes of finding others to champion you or commiserate with you,these events should be documented in as complete a fashion as one can,because your experience can be immensely valuable in aiding others to neutralize these threats by identifying offenders,scrutinizing their capability for inflicting harm,analyzing the types of damage which are typically inflicted,recognizing their tactics and identifying other useful patterns related to such attacks.

        In the end, we must take the fight to these people. Just as we do not wait for someone to contract a blood-borne virus from a pestiferous insect or animal before taking action,but rather enter the nest of the creature and take steps to reduce their number to prevent the spread of disease or injury to humans, so we must combat the spread of SJWism in the noxious nest from which their fevers are borne by the agents of this plague upon civilized man.

        Also,I am surprised that you should be unaware that oftentimes it is precisely those from such prestigious backgrounds who suffer the most from the lunacy of which you write. In the past it was blamed on inbreeding and called “blue blood syndrome”, but clearly intellectual incest produces offspring which are every bit as aberrant and detestable as the scions of cousin marriage.

        Cheers,and best of luck to you in the future.

  • That. Was. Awesome.

    As for mobs… a mob is just an unled rabble, packed into a small space for convenient targeting. Which is why I’ll add one more piece of advice:

    Get yourself a pack – BEFORE you need one.

    There is a quantum difference between a pack and a mob. The best way to sum it up is this: The Pack does not leave it own behind; and to a pack, a stampeding mob looks like a delicious opportunity.

    Every prey herd species knows this. And so does every pack predator. A fully realized human is a pack animal. Hear The Call, and be one.

    • I will point out it’s easy for men to belong to a pack–particularly one that is loyal as you say. Women don’t operate like that at all–there is no loyalty among us, unless we are well over 50 and unattractive, then we might have a stake in female loyalty. Even then it’s a gamble with terrible odds.

      I guess that’s why men are better at being lifelong friends and comrades, they will be loyal to each other for reasons that I suspect have a lot to do with nature and instinct (as you pointed out) because men are the protectors defenders of everything. It’s in your biology.

      • With females, pack cohesion is dependent on social hierarchy in a way that’s different. The social dynamics also cross over the team dynamics much more strongly. So there’s some adaptation involved, no question.

        Also some filtering for women willing to step up to this; some aren’t. But your enemies learned to do that long ago. I presume you will prove their equal.

        Mixed male-female packs are certainly possible, too. They work better in virtual space, because that avoids expectation minefields. Vid. GamerGate.

      • observerBG

        “I guess that’s why men are better at being lifelong friends and
        comrades, they will be loyal to each other for reasons that I suspect
        have a lot to do with nature and instinct (as you pointed out) because
        men are the protectors defenders of everything. It’s in your biology.”

        And it is a very good guess. Congratulations. I researched this topic, because i’m interested in male – female differences, as far as group behavior and tribalism is concerned, and yes, i can confirm, that men are more group oriented, while women specialize more in close relations and dyadic interpersonal interactions. Men are more nationalist and tribal than women. There are various studies that confirm that. There are also biological explanations for this. And now you know why men prefer to watch sports, especially group activity, while women prefer to watch soap operas – that are about relationships, about close interpersonal interactions.

        Your guess about men being better lifelong friends and comrades is also true and confirmed by scientific studies.

        But the best thing is that you felt and understood that by yourself, without going into the studies. Although i will say that i felt that by myself too, this is why i became curious and decided to research this topic (before one year). Few people are aware of those differences, and especially of the implications of those differences (and there are important implications too). So you have a very good intuition. And i like that.

        Other that that, keep doing what you are doing. You are a rare, red pilled female, like a breath of fresh air. It was a pleasure for me to read your posts. Don’t lose your way.

        And i will say one more thing, with good confidence: If one day our people (the white people of european descent) manage to survive the coming onslaught, i’m sure that those future white women will be more like you, and not like the women of today.

  • Emprah

    I’m so glad i live in Eastern Europe, where I can be any -ist the SJWs may throw at me, and nobody gives it a shit. I can only imagine how hard it must be to survive such attacks in the insane society of the degenerate west.

    • You are now America and we are the USSR of the 1980s. Communism is coming here. America today is unrecognizable to the America I knew as a child.

      • observerBG

        Yep, another good observation. And again something that i wrote in other places and now i see that you felt and understood that too.

        Yes, America is the new USSR. While Eastern Europe is now America, at least as far as the lack of political correctness is concerned.

        Do you know why communism came to America? Because the (((people))) behind communism came to America. They no longer care about Russia, its not a good host for them anymore. Most of them left that country. They need a powerful new host, a powerful country in order to spread their BS all over the world, and ultimately to control it, and America is the best host for them – the most powerful country in the world. So it is the best proxy too.

        Communism 1 was about income equality, and that failed.

        Communism 2 will be about artificial diversity, racial equality, gender equality, and LGBT equality. And i believe that it will fail too. But what are you going to do after it fails? This could collapse your country, just like the USSR collapsed.

        I’m also from Eastern Europe, so i’m lucky. I know something about communism. We are not politically correct. We do not have feminism. We like our women. Our women are not nasty, they don’t hate us, they are more humble, right wing, and down to earth. I feel for the american people, who have to go through this. You are being attacked every day. (((They))) are using your goodness, your generosity, your altruism, and your feelings of white guilt, against you.

        All of you need to support each other, and to support other white people, and then you may have a chance. Network with others, who have similar views. There is strength in numbers. Good luck and keep doing what you are doing, New Fem.

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  • Tooj

    NEVER apologize. Your enemies will never believe it. Your friends never need it.

  • Bellicose Nation

    Stunning experience all conjured up over you posting an opinion.

    You mentioned often the mob mentality. A stunning study on this very subject is Ann Coulters book Demonic. She explains what constitutes a mob and why it is the prime technique of the Left. She even going into graphic details about the french revolution which was Mobery on a national scale.