How to Get a Woman to Fall in Love With You

Last post I listed obvious clues on how to tell if a woman likes you without revealing how to get women to actually fall in love with you.

In the grand scheme, nothing else matters–if a woman isn’t falling for you, she’s not worth your time or energy.

And it’s imperative that men begin once again to understand the nuances of the female brain and female sexuality and begin to break from the feminist tripe and baloney that has resulted in droves of modern men unable to have sex, much less, get married and have a family.

It’s up to men to turn this disaster upside down and return it to something that works. Men are leaders–they shape society in ways that are indispensable to human existence. Without men we don’t have value systems, we don’t have guidance and jurisprudence, and in turn, we don’t breed people who are worthy, just and capable of sustaining society.

Men have to take charge again. There’s simply no other way.

Tune out mainstream cultural propaganda hypnotizing you into being “the nice guy”

Every masculine institution in Western civilization has been feminized, from competitive sports, academia, and religious group affiliation. Even fraternal organizations like the Boy Scouts have been toppled by feminism.

The resulting boiler plate tenet that men need to be wimps solely to please women is simply untenable. The monumental disaster that has become of Western civilization is the result of men being wimps–of men being too nice.

Say what you will about the brutishness of war and men going overseas to throw themselves in front of bullets--when men have their own autonomous spaces free from female inclusion and diversion, masculinity flourishes undeterred sans any need for TRT, weight lifting and masculinity blogs.

Men in a natural state aren’t made to be wimpy nice guys–social engineering alone is what has falsely created the soft, pitiable, unsexy modern-day “nice guy” running afoul today.

Rule #1: Nice guys finish last. Always.

This is why women run to “the nice guy” after they hit the wall, because he was her last choice.

This is why the nice guy is shown the least amount of respect–because men are instinctually expected by everyone to be first and take charge.

This is why the nice guy has been relegated to second class citizen, despite being heralded as something all men should aspire to be (quite telling that pushing men in the direction of being nice is summarily pushing them in the direction of second class status).

If you want women to fall in love with you, stop being nice. Stop compromising and start asserting and standing for what you are entitled to as a man in your own right–e.g. if you feel you have to sacrifice even an inch of your manhood just to get some woman to like you, you already lost. You’re being too nice.

Special note: Women ultimately don’t care about liking you, they want you to like themthis is how you know a woman loves you.

Stop listening to what women say

Women will never tell you the truth about what they want because it’s easier for them to pretend they’re sweet and innocent than confront the baser emotions and instincts they have ingrained in their human psyche.

Women default to cliches and platitudes because they are moralizers who want to be in everyone’s good graces.

They will tell you they want “a good man who treats them right” when what they really mean is “I want a high value man whom I respect.”

Stop listening to women when they tell you what they want from a man because they simply are not being honest.

What women want and what women say they want is never straightforward or truthful. They are the most hapless, politically correct beasts of burden in all of God’s creation because as I mentioned, they want to appear good because they know inside what they often long for and lust about unflinchingly is often pretty bad.

It’s why women stay loyal to physical and psychological abusers and it’s why they pick the biggest asshole out of a room full of people to cozy up to and hump his leg like a slobbering Doberman. It’s why they will never pick the nice guy until it’s too late, because nice men are never on their radar until they have to be–when they need a beta chump to step in and nurse their wounds after a lifetime of being treated horribly. How “nice” of them to finally pick you after their lives are essentially over, right guys?

Stop looking at advertisements, stop paying attention to “romance” in films and entertainment and stop listening to women when they tell you “all the good men are taken.” The good men aren’t taken, they just never wanted them. They’re never going to admit it and they’re never going to stop lying about it. So stop listening to what they say and starting paying attention to what they don’t.

Be a heavy-handed jerk who plays mind games

I never wanted to buy into this female stereotype but it should be right up there with Newton’s Law of Motion. Women want men who are masterminds in masculine subversion and unapologetic male trickery.

One of my immediate family members is married to the embodiment of a villainized, Western media textbook louse–he’s a less unruly, ballsy version of “Biff” from “Back to the Future.” This man absolutely cannot keep his eyes or his hands to himself and constantly hits on women right in front of her. He’s marginally attractive, has physical deformities and he drinks, gets combative and embarrasses her in public. What a catch!

He is catnip to my sister. They’ve been married for 12 years going strong. I’ve observed all their shenanigans she has endured for years and I have since stopped questioning it altogether–because I finally understood thoroughly this is a woman’s natural state of being.

Despite what feminists or even church girls will tell you, women don’t want to be in control of a man. In fact, any man that women can control, they respect that much less and therefore do not want–look, my sister’s husband is completely out of control in every possible way. She actually dumped a “nice guy” who proposed to her to run off and be with this lousy D- Biff stinky drunk guy who farts and acts stupid in public!

Bottom line is, men have to stop doing what society tells them, what the media tells them, and what women tell them. Men have to start living for themselves and carving out a place in the world that is conducive to getting women obsessed with loving them again–being unapologetic and uncompromising as men who want to take on the world and conquer it the way they used to.

If you want a woman to love you, be a man–the kind of man you know deep down inside you should be that society refuses to allow and accept. We need you guys now more than ever. 🙁

  • C!BB!

    Good article! I agree completely and I’ll give you on anecdote that reiterates your points here…

    Ever since the presidential election began at the start of 2016 I was getting into discussions about politics with a liberal Hillary-supporting female at my work. I generally took the side of pro-Trump even though I didn’t really support him fully, but I just liked being antagonistic with this chick. The more we discussed the more heated it got until she was sending me long rants via email and then, one day, I just about brought her to tears. I walked into her office and could see it in her eyes. I didn’t press it too much then because I sensed if I pushed more she’s really lose control, and, to be honest I was worried about her complaining to HR – so self preservation was my concern. Anyway, the point is I never backed down and never, ever apologized for making her angry and upset. In fact I’d even tell her flat out I like pissing her off deliberately.

    And remember this is in a professional office environment (feminized you could say) where everyone is super polite about everything. So here I am basically calling her out daily on her cherished, deeply held beliefs to the point where she gets so mad she refuses to speak to me … for a few days. Then, every time, she’d initiate conversation again. Either it’d be an email where she’d send some cute animal gif or she’d see me in the kitchen, smile and say hello. But I began noticing that whenever she’d snap and say “you’re dead to me!” sure enough a day later she’d come back. I never once said sorry or offered her an olive branch of peace to make up for going too far.

    Now, this isn’t a girl I find attractive so I have no romantic interest but ever since Trump got elected she’s even been dropping hints about getting lunch together, catching a movie on the weekend, etc. I never respond to that. No excuses. Just totally ignore these advances.

    I genuinely like her in the sense I have no ill will towards her. So I’m not going to date her and dump her — remember we are colleagues so I don’t want to deal with that kind of office drama anyway — but as I read your article everything you said rings true in this instance. I’m totally, unapologetically hostile to her professed values, show no signs of conceding any of her points (even when I’m wrong!) and the more I do so the more she comes back for more.

    Post-30 now I’ve learned that in my life women do indeed want a man who is decisive and assertive. When I was younger I’d try and think, “What does she want me to say?” And now I’m in “I’ll say what I like” mode with no consideration to her feelings and more times than not that has been successful.

    • “I never once said sorry or offered her an olive branch of peace to make up for going too far.”

      Lol good job. The last thing men should do is apologize to women for anything–mainly because it seems women expect apologies for the stupidest and most trivial things and never when it really counts. You ever hear a woman demand an apology from some abusive loser for beating her? Nope! Instead she stays with him starry-eyed and faithful and apologizes to HIM for being too fat, too stupid, too boring or too whatever. Ugh.

      • C!BB!

        Speaking of apologizing… years and years ago when I was a teenager I had my first job at a department store. This lady, who was probably about 50 at the time took me under her wing as a mentor and gave me lots of advice. I never forget she told me when dealing with customers, “If there’s a problem or someone makes a mistake, only say you’re sorry once. Never say it again. If you keep saying sorry the customer will start taking advantage and demand more than what they’re paying for.”

        It’s funny because I’ve always remembered that even though I’ve never had a retail job since because, after all, so many of the relationship dynamics in society are transactional in nature. So I took that as a life lesson and to this day, should I genuinely do something wrong or make an error, I’ll apologize — but only once. And of course, as you point out, women will often demand multiple apologies from men for many reasons. It’s as if the interaction between men and women is indeed one of customer and sales clerk, client and service provider.

  • Philip Herron

    Great article. The last part about being unapologetic and carving our own space is incredibly subtle but amazing. I have been with my partner for 5 years. She stopped working a few years ago and i have been taking care of us on my own for a long time. After a year or so i started to feel some resentment to my partner since i was the sole bread winner. The problem was that i was conflicted by needing to be the nice guy. The problem with that over all was that i was still trying to please my partner in everyway from making her breakfast all the time and alot of other stupid things.

    When i recently started being unapoligiceditc to things i want to do. Such as working on my business plan’s late at night to get out on my own Its made me take more seriously my free time and what i do with it. Coupled with that we went through a miscarriage which was really not nice. Its made us both grow up alot and she is red pilled now.

    But lately things in our relationship have been getting _much_ _much_ better and i am starting to feel so much better. I really gave too much thought to being the nice guy all the time even though it was tearing me apart inside for years.

    • What a lot of people don’t understand about women (as you said because of “nice guy” programming) is that we truly want a man who does his own thing, has his own identity, has his own way of thinking–it shows us that he is confident, self-sufficient and ultimately demonstrates his potential to be the leader in the relationship.

      We crave leadership qualities so bad these days that we think a guy who farts and belches in our faces, gets drunk and calls us fat and tells us he doesn’t give a shit about us is a form of “leadership” lol. It doesn’t seem fair or right and it truly doesn’t make any sense but it’s the God’s honest truth. Everything from being “rude” aka being outspoken, to being too busy to text us back for a few days, to being like Trump and making the media sob like little children is what drives us crazy with tingles. Men shouldn’t be asking for permission from anyone to be a man, *especially* not from women.

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  • Gladius

    Great article. Thank you for your candor. Women have tremendous power over men.. I am a fan of the Brits especially the Victorian Era types , shows and authors ( e.g Downton Abbey , Charlotte Bronte ) . The interaction between men and women of that era was fascinating.. Women back then had their own version of “game”, feminine “wiles” if you will. Women thru their femininity compelled men to build railroads across India and to tame Africa. The Brits had an empire and they can thank their women for it…

    • Trevor Sedis

      > “The Brits had an empire and they can thank their women for it…”

      Right. Because bazillions of women died on the Western Front, Gallipoli, etc.

      Stop being a pussy. Men built railroads across India and tamed Africa to gain assets for empire. They worked for money, not vagina.

      HINT: It’s easier to ship ore via trains than sherpas.

      Stop falling for feminist claptrap. Men built civilizations, not women. Left to their own devices, women would still be living under trees in the open.

  • Charles de Valois

    Excellent! Have seen you twice on redice. Glad I came here to check out your work!

  • Trevor Sedis

    What do guys gain by “manning-up” yet again? Pussy? Pussy is easy to tap in an era of Slut Walks and hookups. Why spend time on energy-vampire vaginates? Get in, get out, go back to gaming. Pump-and-dump and duck all the drama!

    It’s WOMEN who need to change if they want men in their lives. Guys who don’t marry don’t have to work as hard, live longer, and are happier.

  • Trevor Sedis

    > “we truly want a man who does his own thing”

    Yet “his-own-thing” must always be him making first-moves on you…right?

    TRANSLATION: “Do your own thing, guys, but first do what WE demand: risk YOUR feelings by showing us you like us without knowing if we like you!”

    Also women get to give “deniable” signs that men are supposed to interpret.

    “Don’t you see me looking at you?”
    “I ]m not looking at you. I’m staring at something behind you.”

    “Don’t you see me flipping my hair?”
    “I’m untangling my hair.”

    If women sought jobs like the seek men they’d never be employed. They’d spend all their time “looking” at IBM headquarters and/or waiting for HR to call in response to unsubmitted applications.

    > “it shows us that he is confident, self-sufficient and ultimately demonstrates his potential to be the leader in the relationship.”

    Why aren’t women confident?

    If he is “self-sufficient,” why does he need women?

    Why should he “lead” so-called equal females? Lead yourselves!

    > “We crave leadership qualities so bad these days that we think a guy who farts and belches in our faces, gets drunk and calls us fat and tells us he doesn’t give a shit about us is a form of ‘leadership’ ”

    You mean qualities that get guys charged with harassment, cat-calling, etc.?

    > “It doesn’t seem fair or right and it truly doesn’t make any sense but it’s the God’s honest truth.”

    What makes you think men are interested in things that aren’t fair and even wrong?

    > “being like Trump and making the media sob like little children”

    How many men, much less women, do you think can endure the blowback Trump is getting for being alpha? How many males are billionaires who can tell bosses to STFU?

    > “Men shouldn’t be asking for permission from anyone to be a man, ‘especially’ not from women.”

    Yet feminists passed laws that can get men arrested for NOT asking permission for everything from sex to merely talking to them. And women like YOU let it happen.

    So here’s hint: get the House of Vag in order first. Men are tired of dealing with shit-stirrers.