How We Can Win the War on Truth and Beauty

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There is a war on truth and beauty.

As conscious beings many of us are in flux, fully aware of what we are facing down head-on as a barely functioning society. And perhaps for you, like me, the “don’t tinkle down my leg and tell me it’s raining” metaphor immediately comes to mind.

Many regard my views on present-day society and culture to be “outdated” and “old-fashioned.” I tend to stick out like a tiny Renoir against an inner city sidewalk mural.

I don’t have blue/green/purple hair.

I don’t have any tattoos.

I don’t have any unorthodox piercings.

My hair is very long, I dress very conservatively, and I’m not overweight.

And probably the most shocking dinosaur-age affliction about me is that I’ve been married for 15 years to one man, I’ve never been divorced, and I have a very big, close-knit family. Family means everything to me and I’m 100% certain my life would be terrible and meaningless without it.

I’m convinced my marriage and my family bond is how I’ve managed to shield myself from the modern day cult of ugly–the shrine built high in the sky to all things ghastly, disgusting, perverse and obscene. You know precisely what I’m talking about because we simply can’t escape it, it’s everywhere you look.

And like me, you very likely have to make a conscious effort every single day to put a wall/barrier in front of yourself and the unrelenting tidal wave of despicable images and deplorable acts that make you recoil in horror and disbelief.

As a coping strategy against this concerted assault on truth and beauty, I’ve learned over the years to shield myself in several ways:

I don’t have cable and haven’t had it for over 15 years.

My home is always warm, spotless, clean and comfy. My kitchen sink and dishes are top priority, they are never ever piled up or dirty.

I always buy fresh food, wine and flowers.

I buy pretty plates, glasses, napkins and place settings to display and nibble on the pretty food I steadfastly and painstakingly prepare.

This segues into the fact that I’m always cooking something to perfection, if nothing else but to fill my house with sumptuous and enticing aromas that get my husband’s attention and tuned into having incredible sex with me that Tuesday evening (yes ladies, the old-fashioned saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is the indisputable truth).

Most importantly, I will not listen to and absolutely refuse to be influenced by people who don’t have any social standing nor proof of any measurable success in their personal lives, financial lives or otherwise.

All manner of these rituals and personal habits facilitate having beautiful people, ideas, places and things on the forefront of my mind, and therefore, destined to always be part of my daily life.

Hopefully many of you may already be performing these type of acts by virtue of default and habit for yourselves and perhaps you are wanting to take inculcating truth and beauty a few drastic steps further. Here’s how:

Always Be Better Than Everyone Says You Should Be (or COULD be)

One of the tenets of self-improvement is to never settle for “good enough.” You must always strive to be better because you are not actively improving if you aren’t trying to be your very best.

Everyday people are going to tell you that you are “doing too much,” that you are “too extreme,” and you should “tone it down” or “stop being so crazy and obsessed.”

The truth is, if people are constantly telling you this, you are doing everything exactly the way you should be.

“Gosh you are sooo weird! You don’t eat ANYTHING bad! Come on, one bite of this (cake, cookie, donut) isn’t going to hurt you. You need it!”

“You’re going to the gym AGAIN? You’re so obsessed with this gym thing, I personally don’t see the point but whatever.”

“Why are you so dressed up all the time? You always look too fancy.”

These are the pleas and protests of people who don’t want you to improve.

But why?

They don’t want you to improve because every time they look at you it reminds them that they need to be doing a lot more for themselves. 

And people like this don’t want to do more otherwise, they simply would. They would do more. In fact, they would be so busy doing more they wouldn’t be telling you every single day of their unproductive lives that you are doing far too much.

Be your best and the best people will be eager to follow you–and the not-so-best people will drop out of their own accord. They will leave you alone eventually because they don’t understand you–they never did and they never will.

Don’t Listen to People’s Pleadings of “Fairness and Equality”

Life isn’t fair and people aren’t equal.

I learned this very early on in elementary school on the little kids playground back in 3rd grade when the prettiest girl in the school got to play kickball all Spring with all the cute older boys while I watched through the fence in admiration and envy wishing I could be her.

It didn’t seem fair that I couldn’t garner the attention from the boys that she could. But at the same time I was in awe of this girl because she was sweet and gentle, playful and beautiful. People couldn’t help but be drawn to her because of her unique and special gifts. I was one of them.

I couldn’t hate her even though I tried. Instead, I wanted to be part of her life–even if all I could do is just watch her like a puppy from a distance through that fence playing with those cute boys. I felt an instant comfort and gratitude that I got to be there to bear witness to her. I got to watch a real artist in action–and in it I found someone and something beautiful to aspire to.

Years later, I eventually got to be just like her. I got past my captive years of ugliness and physical awkwardness and I had my glory days in the blazing sun. I’m certain that the good karma fairy came to visit me in those later years of my youth because I was able to reach deep down inside myself and genuinely admire that beautiful girl.

I only became “equal” to her because I aspired to reach her level of greatness–and never would I have accomplished that feat by envying her and cursing her and wishing her harm.

I learned in life the only way we can be “equal” to someone is to rise to their occasion high above our own set of circumstances. Human beings will never strive to be equal to people who aren’t striving to be something better.

Don’t Shy Away From the Real Truth, Grasp it Like Nettles and Let it Burn and Sting

They say women can’t handle the truth. In many ways I concur. I’ve had my share of very unfortunate encounters with women who asked me for “advice” when in reality they were asking for an ego massage and a bandaid for their hurt feelings.

In the span of my life, I’ve been beautiful. I’ve also been ugly. Very ugly. I was pig ugly at a time in my life when in theory I should have been most susceptible to taunts and teases aka “bullying”. I’m not exaggerating that all the little boys I had playground recess crushes on told me flat out that I was pig ugly.

Surprisingly it really didn’t matter all that much to me because kids are a lot tougher and more resilient than we give them credit for–and luckily our attention spans are so short that we don’t dwell on things like being called ugly. I was a 10-year old kid who was called ugly every single day by everyone–my brothers, my brother’s friends, my classmates, my mom’s friends, etc.

I thought, “So what, I’m ugly. You’ve already told me 30,000 times!” It would sting for about 30 seconds and then I would laugh and go play in the dirt with my marbles.

These are life phases. These are life lessons. I was ugly at 10 and 11 years old because unavoidable physical changes in childhood (and similar changes throughout our lives) meant for me to be ugly as a personal tribulation and reckoning. Deus Vult. It was a time for me to learn one of a many much-needed truth about life and to face it head on and be humbled.

People are designed to learn from harsh experiences. Without adversity, struggle and hardship, we don’t grow and we don’t learn.

I learned very quickly that the world isn’t going to do me any favors and I learned that at the tender age of 10 years old. And yet we now live in a world where people who are closing in on 25 these days can’t understand, much less, admit that to anyone or themselves.

Truth and beauty come from pain. The kind of pain that a modern day 25-year old and the office busy body average Nancy has no concept of.

But the good news is, you can acquire it all for yourself. Push, sweat, fight, bleed, hurt, fall and fail. And tomorrow get up and do it all over again day after day until truth and beauty are yours to see and be had for the taking.

Just as there has been an all out bloody war against truth and beauty, there is an all out bloody war on ourselves to preserve it. It starts with you–it starts with you seeing beauty for what it is and desperately needing it in your life to fulfill a sense of pride, determination, passion, sanity and comfort. It’s worth fighting for. I fight for it every single day.

Make it your personal mission to stand for truth and beauty in every facet of your life–and you’ll soon watch the abundance of truth and beauty surround you in all your dealings here on Mother Earth. Gathering truth and beauty for yourself is the only sure way that all the lies and ugliness shall perish.

  • Politics is a mind virus, and it’s so easy to get lost in hate and negativity. You can see it every day on the Interwebz. The difference between people who champion causes because they love something and people who do so because they hate something is seismic. Right/ Left pales in comparison to Truth/ Narrative (lie), and Love/Hate.

    Don’t get me wrong. To every thing there is a season, and hate has its rightful time and place. But it can’t be a habit, or a lifestyle.

    This is the antidote. Bravo.

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  • BooBoo75

    Feminist subversion has reached it’s event horizon. Until recently It’s insidious nature obscured the true extent to which it’s toxic propoganda had been deliberately inculcated at a systemic level. Now it’s a fully metastasized cancerous tumour devouring vital institutions essential to human flourishing. The debilitating symptoms are erupting in all segments of society revealing the sinister reality at the rotten core of radical progressives “utopia”.

    We have awoken to an absurd dystopian nightmare of ersatz grotesqueries replacing and mocking eternal truth, beauty, and goodness. One only need visit Tumblr or a feminist blog full of screeds railing against motherhood, gloating about being a Darwinian dead end, encouraging personal deformity, embracing ugliness, trumpeting their hatred, mental illness and self loathing, wallowing in their abject self-abasement.

    In their brave new world humans become fungible. Disposable. Interchangeable carbon units. People who have kids are mocked as breeders. Human beings are described as parasites. Beauty is mocked. Convenience and selfishness are trumpeted as moral goods. Killing babies is morally virtuous.
    Every manner of perversion and depravity is justifiable. Annihilation is it’s only possible outcome.

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  • Tiffany Davidson

    What a wonderful article. Thank you!
    × Tiffany Davidson

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