How You Can Grow Your Hair Long and Healthy – Part One

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This is Part One of a Two-Part Series on how you can grow long, feminine, beautiful hair in the least amount of time possible.

Long, luxurious hair is a symbol of youth and fertility and an indicator of health and vitality. Men find it highly desirable and irresistible because a mane of long, flowing hair is feminine and very attractive.

Women also find long hair highly sought after and attractive despite the constant feminist-inspired nitpicking and belittling of long hair on women as being the subject of “men’s impish desires”.

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret:

Our girlfriends very often secretly want us to hack off all our hair so that we can lower our sexual market value. This is an entirely different subject that will be addressed another time but for now, let us discuss how you can get your hair growing and on its way to drop-dead, stunningly gorgeous in no time.

Long hair is subjective in that its length doesn’t have to flow clear down your back to your waist to be considered long. It can easily be to your shoulders or mid-back and still be very feminine.

The most important aspect of having longer hair is that it remains healthy because the healthier your hair, the faster and longer it will grow.

I have very long hair past my waist and one of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “How quickly can I grow my hair as long as yours?”

The short answer is, you simply can’t. It takes many years to grow waist length hair. It took me a minimum of 4 years to get it waist length and unless your hair is already reasonably long say, a few inches past shoulder length or longer, or unless you are pregnant (hair grows very fast during pregnancy), it will be very difficult to get your hair to grow to your waist.

Hair on average grows a ½ inch per month. There are a few things you can do to help speed the process, but unfortunately it simply is not possible to grow your hair to the length of your waist overnight.

What you can do in the meantime is be patient and take care of yourself and take care of your health, and in return, your hair will take care of itself. I have compiled for you a detailed list on some very useful and practical tips I’ve used myself for many years that have helped me grow my hair past my waist and beyond—healthy, shiny, sexy and simply to die for.

1. Stop the obsession with cutting your hair

Women are strident and fanatical followers of all that is chic and mainstream. They are always keen on keeping up with latest trends especially in makeup and hairstyling. Perhaps you can recall when Victoria Beckham stirred up the masses with her very short, trendy A-line cut back in 2007 and soon every girl you knew at school and all the ladies at the office had the exact same very short, trendy A-line cut.

The urge is very strong in women to want to keep up with and outdo each other appearance wise, and we are often obsessed with cutting our hair all manner of ways that aren’t particularly flattering to our own individual disposition or persona, much less our own facial features, brow shape or jawline.

One harsh truth that women seem determined to want to ignore is that long hair is almost universally attractive on women. Short haircuts are not. There are very few women who can pull off a very short haircut and still be sexy, playful and feminine. Short haircuts are for great for them, not so great for you.

Quell the temptation to run out and get the latest short, trendy haircut. Do that by repeating to yourself you’ll regret it once all your hair is gone and you are crying in front of the bathroom mirror trying to style the newly-jagged, unmanageable mess you’ve made out of yourself.

There hasn’t been a single time in my life I didn’t regret cutting my hair short. I’d always think back on it painfully saying, “Gosh, imagine how long my hair would be by now if I hadn’t cut it a year ago.”

Avoid the painful regret altogether—leave your hair alone for a while, a very long while. Give it time to grow and it will.

2. Stop using weaves

Weaves impede hair growth because they put considerable stress on the hair root with the strain of pulling as well as the constant pressure and matting down of the hair follicle. This also inevitably leads to hair loss in the same manner excessively pulling the hair back into tight ponytails and buns will lead to hair loss. If you lose your hair, how will it ever grow?

Many women are getting outrageously expensive hair weaves (some of my friends pay upwards of $1000) and they are simultaneously ruining their natural hair to such an extent that it will never grow to the length they desire.

If you are not happy with your current hair length and must use extensions, use the clip-in style that can be worn without all the follicle damage wrought on by weaves. Better yet, you may as well buy a wig—even a wig and all the uncomfortable, prickly hair pins is far less damaging than a weave. Weaves are terrible for your hair. Scrap them.

3. Take prenatal vitamins and Vitamin B and C supplements

A lot of medical papers have been published as of late condemning the use of multivitamins as a nutritional supplement. I have taken multivitamins all my life, particularly prenatal vitamins as a source of essential nutrients we simply cannot get from diet alone.

Prenatal vitamins are packed with the nutritional punch that will help stimulate hair growth. They are specially formulated for women to meet all their nutritional needs at a very crucial time in their lives—during pregnancy! If pregnant women can safely take a multivitamin, so too can the rest of us (if you are unsure always ask your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement).

Vitamin B supplements are the nutritional powerhouse of hair growth. They even help with that unsightly receding hairline older women often suffer from (surprise, women’s hairlines thin like men’s due to metabolic changes).

I take an all-in-one Vitamin B supplement that includes biotin, pantothenic acid, B6 and B12. Vitamin B and all its derivatives help regulate hormone processes in our bodies that promote hair growth. Be careful not to exceed the recommended daily dose as indicated on the packaging. A little bit of B goes a long way.

If Vitamin B is the mother of hair growth, then Vitamin C is its trusty sister. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient meaning, humans cannot synthesize their own Vitamin C—they must get it through diet and/or supplementation.

Vitamin C is one of a handful of nutrients that promote the building blocks and tissues that make up our hair, skin and nails—keratin! Keratin is the single most tissue that comprises your hair from root to tip. It is the byproduct of the shedding of dead skin cells exclusively for protective functions! Think of your hair as a protective layer of tissue—its function is to protect your scalp and retain heat (like a hat) and is also a catalyst to deliver oils to the surface of the skin to keep it hydrated, lubricated and therefore strong and supple.

Vitamin C facilitates the entire makeup and anatomy of the hair from start to finish—the more Vitamin C, the thicker and more sturdy the keratin matrix that comprises each strand of hair.

Take your supplements and ALWAYS take them as directed by the manufacturer and/or your doctor or a health professional. Play it safe. When it doubt, don’t second guess. Always ask!

4. Trim it every 8 weeks to encourage the shaft to grow and stay healthy

Trimming your hair a ¼ inch may seem counter-intuitive to encouraging hair growth, but it is essential that you keep your hair healthy by removing damage in the way of dryness and split ends. Remember, hair doesn’t want to grow when it isn’t healthy whereas the less damage you have, the more it will grow!

Damage, especially in excess will surely impede your hair growth to a slow, frustrating crawl and if your goal is to have beautiful, flowing hair that men will be dying to run their fingers through, you have to keep the damage to a minimum.

Whenever I trim my hair, it seems to grow back at an accelerated rate, in a similar manner that shaving your hair seems to stimulate it to grow back much faster. Maybe it’s a fluke and it’s an imaginary personal observance but I can safely say that trimming it in very small amounts more often gets my hair growing faster than it does when I hardly trim it at all.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to maximize your hair growth for stronger, more beautiful hair. There is still lots more to cover! Stay tuned for Part Two in the series!


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  • My MIL is a huge fan of super short cuts, and she just can’t stop talking about my sister in laws getting a new hair cut. I finally caved in partly because of wanting a change but I would never go very short at all. I live with her, so it’s really annoying that she keeps talking about getting a hair cut as if hair being long is equivalent to being uncivilized, unclean, or lazy. She has given me coupons to hair salons, asked me WHEN I was going to get my hair cut as if it was something i had been talking about. Hmm. She was so happy when I cut my hair recently, and then all of a sudden I became part of her “club.” Weird.

    I used to cry whenever my own mother took me to get my hair cut. I grew up with a bowl cut up until I had the freedom to decide for myself. Basically, when I was a teenager. I’d literally wake up crying even now sometimes thinking my hair got chopped off. I was actually about to write on this topic but got side tracked and eventually stopped it altogether when I decided to get a cut!

    I take Vitamin B supplements myself. I don’t do multivitamins because there are some nasty additives in those things, including iron which you can definitely overdose on. I took individual vitamins all throughout my pregnancy. That was another thing people kept harping on about: prenatal vitamins. I just took vitamins. I do believe in taking supplements because our ground is shot. It’s not like what it used to be when nutrients were abundant and everything was organic.

    My hair gets so long crazy fast. My hair is also very thick. It could be genetics or it could be the fact that I barely wash my hair and never put chemicals (now). I’ve also given up dying and bleaching with chemicals, which I will miss because I love change. I’ll just opt for using lemons and honey.

    I am interesting in seeing your hair 🙂 Again, what a great post.