How You Can Grow Your Hair Long and Healthy – Part Two

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In my previous post “How You Can Grow Your Hair Long and Healthy – Part One” I went into significant detail on how you can get your hair to grow silky, shiny, and longer using some very easy and practical “hair tricks” I myself have used for many years leading to increasingly healthy hair growth.

Today, we will wrap up this series with a few more in-depth and invaluable hints on how you can get your hair to grow long, healthy and gorgeous in the least amount of time possible.

Previously I emphasized that taking special care of your hair and keeping it healthy is the most crucial and important aspect of getting your hair to grow long and beautiful. Here are a few more very useful tips that will ensure your hair will grow healthy, long and luxurious.

Here we go!

5. Be very careful with chemical treatments

Repeated chemical treatments can cause significant damage to the hair—namely bleaching. Bleach can seriously damage the hair shaft causing loss by brittleness and breakage particularly if the application of the bleach is overlapping (constantly reapplying bleach to already bleached hair).

If you must bleach your hair (I recommend NEVER doing it yourself), it is important to find a stylist who is an expert on bleaching and is very meticulous with preventing overlapping.

I’ve had plain awful stylists in the past who were terrible with bleaching hair and I’ve had others who do a fantastic job. Even with the best stylist, there is no way to insure that consistent bleaching over time won’t damage your hair.

Breakage and hair loss often is the end result of excessive bleaching whether you remain careful or not and unfortunately, beautiful, sleek, platinum blonde hair and the like is impossible for most women to obtain without bleaching. It is important that women who love the very coveted platinum blonde type looks can achieve them all the while being very diligent in avoiding damage.

Helpful tip:

Before bleach or any coloring application up to the day before, coat the hair with a layer of coconut oil. This will help greatly minimize damage. Applying coconut oil before bleach is an “insider’s secret” among stylists. It is truly remarkable how much post-bleach damage you can avoid using this simple tip. Coconut oil itself is amazing for hair and I’ll be discussing it more in detail later in this article.

6. Use demi-permanent color

If you don’t bleach but instead color your hair, you’ll still want your hair to remain healthy as possible. Demi-permanent color is a great way to get the sleek silkiness of rich color without all the damage to the hair shaft that is inevitable with bleach.

With demi-permanent color you use a level 10 developer instead of a level 20 allowing you less chemical damage along with far less hassle and commitment to just one hair color. Level 20 developer is designed for permanent hair color whereas level 10 developer color rinses out in about 3-4 weeks, thus allowing you touch ups and reapplication of your hair color with significantly less damage.

Demi-permanent color is also great for gray hair because it gently lays color on the hair shaft and rinses out over time—and gray hair under demi-permanent color often looks like the natural highlights that we spend hundreds of dollars to get through bleaching.

Demi-permanent color is an excellent way to minimize damage while still being able to color your hair different shades and hues. Once a month you can change from playful golden rich tones, to striking red to chestnut brown highlights—all while preventing significant damage. Demi-permanent color is a very wise choice in preventing damage and will allow your hair to grow healthy and strong.

7. Eat foods with a skin or a shell

In the introduction post in this series I talked about taking vitamins and supplements as an aide to get your hair growing long, silky, and beautiful. While vitamins and supplements can help tremendously with hair growth, they are not a substitute for a healthy, well-balanced diet.

You can and should eat plenty of the foods on the following list in addition to supplementing with a regular vitamin and mineral regimen to ensure your hair growth is optimal. Eating plenty of natural foods that come wrapped in their natural shell will help you achieve this. These include:

Shrimp and other shellfish
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Brown and wild rice

Previously I spoke at length about the keratin matrix of the hair—keratin being the main building block component comprising the entire hard outer shell of the hair shaft. All of the foods listed above contain essential vitamins and minerals that work to improve the keratin structure of the hair.

When I took biology in college I often heard the term “form and function” which makes perfect sense in this case in which foods that come encased within a shell contain nutrients that benefit the form and function of our tissues and organs that are also encased within a “shell”.

Both skin and hair have a hard outer shell that encases inner structures that rely on their outer shell’s toughness for protection. An egg’s outer shell protects the protein and nutrients found inside, a peanut’s shell protects the sumptuous nutty bean inside and so on.

Furthermore, each of these foods are jam-packed with nutrients that help with hair growth. Eggs contain Vitamin A which helps with shedding of dead skin cells (hair grows faster with more shedding). Peanuts are loaded with essential fats that help lubricate the entire structure of the hair from root to tip ensuring the protective barrier of the hair shaft remains intact, and shellfish contains iodine that regulates thyroid hormones that will achieve the needed homeostasis that will aid the hair to grow unimpeded, etc.

In addition to eating foods contained in a hard outer shell, you should also eat foods contained within an outer skin. These include fruits and vegetables of all types:

Snow peas
Sweet potatoes

The same premise behind foods contained within a shell is the very same premise behind foods encased within a skin. Natural foods encased within their own natural protective layer are packed with the nutritional properties that will help ensure your hair has all it needs to grow healthy and beautiful.

Incorporating a large portion of your daily diet with these powerful beauty foods will spring your hair into “growth on steroids” action. You simply cannot lose consuming these amazing and beneficial foods.

8. Use coconut oil as an elixir as well as a conditioner for your hair

All the rage across the beauty blogosphere and in women’s health magazines and beyond has been the use of coconut oil. There are countless beauty and health applications for coconut oil and exponential hair growth may very well be the biggest benefit of all.

There are three ways you can use coconut oil that will help you grow your hair:

A. Use it as a daily leave-in conditioner

Take a modest pea-sized amount in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to liquefy the oil into a warm, silky, pliant consistency.

Next, work the oil through only the tips of your clean, damp hair and proceed to style as usual. Even with daily use of coconut oil on the tips of your hair there is never any buildup or greasy residue.

You’ll also find that coconut oil additionally functions as an excellent detangler and heat styling protector in addition to a leave-in conditioner.

B. Take a plain tablespoon full or add it your morning coffee or tea

Ingesting a daily tablespoon of coconut oil will help tremendously with hair growth. Again, the oil is packed with essential nutrients that will benefit the hair from root to tip—from protective lubrication, to helping build up the structure of the hair, to helping it absorb vital nutrients.

C. Use it as a deep conditioner once or twice a month

Treat your hair 1-2x a month to a luxurious coconut oil mask. Depending on your hair length, use a copious amount (3-4 heaping tablespoons) and spread it like a heavy cream conditioner into dry, unwashed hair.

Work the oil generously throughout the hair from the scalp and roots to the tips, then wrap it and tie it in a plastic bag around your head for 20 minutes.

Proceed to wash, rinse and style your hair as usual. You will be absolutely amazed at the texture and feel of your hair after just one of these coconut oil heat mask treatments.

I have found that in the last couple of years since I’ve added the use of coconut oil to my hair growth regimen my hair is growing like gangbusters. Coconut oil for hair is truly miraculous. You will be nothing short of ecstatic with the hair growth results you can achieve with the consistent use of coconut oil.

And that concludes this series on how you can grow your hair long and healthy in the least amount of time possible. Stay tuned for more feminine beauty tips! As always, be well!

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  • I love coconut oil. I use it for everything. It’s ironic that my mother, who grew up and lived in a tropical country her whole life, thinks coconut oil is only for cooking. I told her to use it on her face and hair liberally, and she pointed me to the label on the coconut jar that said something about the recommended intake for eating. So two things: She thinks it’s only for eating and she thinks you can only ingest a very tiny amount.