Interview with Kristen Le Faye From the 2016 NPI Conference

Crowd gatheringI was very excited to interview a young mother named “Kristen Le Faye” (don’t get too excited SJWs, this is merely an alias) from the 2016 NPI conference hosted by Richard Spencer last weekend in Washington DC. She offered a vivid firsthand perspective on the numerous events surrounding the controversial gathering.

I wanted to interview a woman specifically like Kristen Le Faye, as she could offer many of us women who have not been to an event like the NPI conference a peek into the realm of Identitarian politics–perhaps it will encourage more women to become interested in the Alt-Right and to join the many courageous men and women in the fight for the sacred preservation of their European heritage.

Here’s what Kristen had to say:

1) As a woman, what drew you to the NPI conference? A vast majority of the people in the Alt-Right movement are male with a few outlying females. Why do you think that is?

I grew up as a vast minority in a town near the southern border in the state of Arizona. I met a kind of violent threat head on that most never see. I have known my whole life that those who are not white will never share my own self-interests but moreover that they viscerally despise me for what I am. It’s this awareness I’ve had my whole life that has lead me down a long path of identity politics which eventually lead to my interest in the NPI conference.

The majority of the alt-right are men because women by nature are not risk takers and also by nature are conformist. I think it can be well summed up in a quote by Millennial Woes, “Men form tribes. Women join tribes.” It was similarly explained by one of the speakers that women evolved to have no real loyalty to a tribe. If they are taken over they will continue to breed with their new tribe. It’s this female nature that also causes the males to mistrust them.

When this fringe was still very new it was mostly unstable women who wanted to take part. And it’s also true that where doxxing did occur it was mostly by women. The males have shown some exclusion and criticism toward women because of these things and it’s made women shy away. However now that it’s becoming more popular we are seeing more women willing to take the risk. I also believe that the women present will draw in many more women.

2) What was the atmosphere like at the conference? Was it your first time there? Will you be returning to next year’s conference and/or attending any other future events? Tell us what you enjoyed most about the conference and why?

The atmosphere was very professional yet casual. Everyone was dressed very well and spoke very politely. There was a great deal of excitement in the air due to the recent election victory but also because there were many notable characters in attendance. Many, including me, were anxious to meet Mike Enoch, D’Marcus Liebowitz, Millennial Woes, Richard Spencer, Lana Lokteff, and others.

It was my first time attending a NPI conference. I am looking forward to attending any future event in the DC area.

Every speech was motivational and inspirational but I’d have to say that my favorite part was the Presser. Particularly the part where Jared Taylor told the media that any fear of Trump had by minorities was created by the media themselves and that they are hurting the very people they claim to protect. A brilliant indictment of them that I really hope they air.

3) I saw footage of the charlatan media and their loaded questions towards Richard Spencer and his guests. What did you think of the media presence and how were they received by those at the conference? Why do you think so many media outlets covered the NPI conference this year?

I and many other guests were visibly uncomfortable by the media presence. They have garnered not just distrust but an absolute lack of respect from everyone on the right. Guests of the conference were really concerned with the preservation of their anonymity. While many of us feel we have nothing to be ashamed of we continued to reject any request for comment because we know how our statements would be framed.

If I were to try peering into the minds of this particular class of leftists I’d say they want to shine a light on this group because it makes them feel vindicated in their vigorous attempt at hunting down the boogeyman. They spend so much time complaining about racism that they jump at the chance to spotlight even the minutest of white self-interests. The precise reason the many publications from Radio France to the Guardian, the NYTimes, Vice, Mother Jones, CNN, The Atlantic etc. felt compelled to attend was a desperate need to affiliate Donald Trump with racism.

4) What was it like being a woman at the conference? It can sometimes be a bit awkward as a female being in mostly male politicized events especially when the men are extremely intelligent (I often faced this when I was in the Libertarian Party) like the NPI conference. Was it exciting or nerve wracking? What do you think we can do to attract more women and get them interested in the Alt-Right?

In the nature of being a rarity (fair, female, and the only obviously pregnant person in attendance) I felt a sort of fondness for my presence. I got a bit of “congratulations for saving the white race” from some of the guys. They were very open and welcoming toward me. However on my part I was so nervous and shy I could barely get out a couple words to any given person. It is really intimidating being in the company of so many great people. It was both exciting and nerve wracking.

In an effort to attract more women, first of all, women attract women. Showing the presence of women will bring in more women. I have actually been brainstorming some creative ideas to normalize and show a bit of femininity in the movement. I would like to get all of the women who attend these conferences photographed in an artistic way, without showing their faces, to display their very normal yet attractive aesthetic. I feel like a project like this would show any women sitting at home who are even a little red pilled  “this is us, we are here, come join us”. It would create an atmosphere that is a little less intimidating for women. This also harks back to the sentiment that the left has taken over culture and we need to start being the vanguard of culture.

Secondly, I think if men could red pill their significant others it would greatly increase the presence of women in the movement.

5) I saw that a crowd of SJWs ran upstairs and rushed the event. What exactly happened? I also saw that antifa were all over the place. Did you have any altercations with any of them personally? How did security handle them?

When the media asked Richard Spencer what the Alt-Right has to offer women his answer was basically protection. And I would say the men of our movement are very protective of their women. In my very pregnant state I was lucky enough to never see a protester with my own eyes. We arrived at the restaurant, Maggiano’s, Friday night and began our dinner without a hitch. We were about half way through when ANTIFA showed up with their signs shouting about racism and fascism. There were some security guards but they were unable to keep protesters from entering the restaurant. The brave ones like Spencer and Emily Youcis actually went out to the top of the stairs only to be met with incoherent chants and assault in the form of the stink spray believed to be liquid feces in an eye dropper. Spencer was left without a shirt after he was sprayed. They also sprayed a few of the restaurant employees who happened to be black. Eventually security was able to kick them out.

We were directed to a stairwell which lead to a backdoor and I was accompanied by some very courteous chaps. We didn’t see any protesters along our path the remainder of Friday night.

Saturday, the day of the conference, I also never encountered any of the protesters. Security was able to keep all of the protesting outside of the building for the most part. We drove in through the garage under the Ronald Reagan building and left through the garage during intermission to take our car to our hotel. Before the dinner portion of the conference we walked from our hotel to the conference and by some mythical force of Kek a gale force wind and sudden rainfall washed away all of the protesters. Our walk on the other hand had no wind and very little rain. Praise Kek! After the conference everyone reconvened for drinks at the Trump International Hotel without a protest in sight.

6) Mr. Spencer had many distinguished guests and speakers and delivered an enigmatic speech himself. Who was your favorite speaker and why? Did you get to meet any of the speakers personally? If so, what were they like?

All of the speeches made me nod in agreement but most didn’t immediately stick with me perhaps because of a lack of immediate utility. However I did find utility and motivation in the speech given by Sam Dickson. During his speech he listed things that would improve and grow the cause in a real substantial way. Things like fundraising, the need for more high agency public figures like Richard Spencer, and print publications specialized to certain historical anniversaries telling the truest version of events from an Alt-Right perspective. He said these should be magazines distributed on college campuses. I think that’s a great idea.

I did spend some time with Millennial Woes. He’s a very approachable, open, blunt, expressive guy. Especially around our kindred folk he has a confidence to say what he’s thinking that one can tell isn’t typically there otherwise. Other than Millennial Woes the closest I came to talking with a speaker is the 3 or 4 times Richard Spencer shook my hand and every single time I went completely mute.

7) What did you take away from the conference? Did it help to shape/solidify your views? Did it influence you even more in a positive way and do you feel it helped you better understand and embrace the Alt-Right movement?

I took from the conference a great sense of fellowship and community. It made me feel optimistic about the future. It gave me a sense of family and a feeling that I do have people on my side fighting for me.

In 2006 (at 18 years old) I attended a white identity conference held by National Vanguard. I’ve understood the movement and have completely embraced it for some time now. This conference didn’t teach me much but it did embolden me. I now feel a bravery I didn’t have before.

8) And finally, I have to ask, are the men as hot in person as they appear to be online in videos and pictures? Were a lot of the men as handsome and attractive as they usually are at these type of events? Is it easy for women to meet these guys and do you think that will help draw in more women? Lol!

The men are definitely very handsome. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also very smart. I got the sense that everyone in attendance was eager to meet everyone else there. Because everyone is engaged in circling the room and greeting one another it’s very easy to jump in and do the same. If I were a single lady it would be very easy to gather who is also single. It’s an understatement to say that these men are very excited to meet a like-minded lass who won’t blither on about feminism and diversity.

I definitely encourage all single guys and gals to attend future NPI events. It’s a great opportunity to find a quality partner.

I’d like to add that I’ve met a some very nice women through the Alt-Right and through this conference whom I hope to call my friends. Connecting with people who actually see things from your perspective grants an immediate feeling of ease. Like you don’t have to hide anymore. On Twitter @_AltRight_Anew  helped me find other Alt-Right women locally so if anyone is looking to network I’d recommend reaching out to him.

Remember goys, the Meme Wars are not over until we work our magic and Make Europe Great Again #MEGA. We need to stay vigilant and help elect Norbert Hofer, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and Frauke Petry. Remind our people that Europe is for Europeans!

If you’d like to know more about Kristen, you can follow her on Twitter here at @kristenlefaye.