Modern Women Need to Be Lied To

Women Don't Want Anyone to Tell Them the Truth

Modernity has destroyed our most sacred, fundamental roles women have naturally embraced for thousands of years throughout history.

Our womanly roles have been undermined to usher in an unnatural and hardnosed dogma—that women be 24/7/365 menial worker drones and childless spinsters at 40. This is our “mission in life” they tell us, and it is drip-fed to us at every turn as being attractive and desirable so much as “independent” and “empowering”.

Arguing this sweeping change has been for the betterment of women in our dysfunctional, decaying society should be as offensive to us as reasonable human beings as it is to the institution of womanhood itself.

These drip-fed lies have proven to be catastrophic to the whole of our civilization. Our society is broken, our people are broken, and our women are broken. When a society and culture is submerged in lies, so too are its women.

Women aren’t the pioneers nor thinking people of this era, nor any era, for had they been they would refuse the willful destruction and displacement of all that we naturally hold dear as women.

We are ushered in as being “in charge” of many things today in the physical world and yet, we aren’t in charge of anything that really matters to society—namely family. We are instead holed up in make-work career positions answering to “sexist” male bosses and every evening coming home late to a lonely, empty existence.

And as a result, women are miserable, medicated, and psychologically-damaged basket cases.

I simply reject the notion that women who are allegedly “leading society down the right path” have to be heavily medicated in order to do it.

We are nurturers. We are the supporters of men and children. We are mothers and we are wives.

We don’t fix transmissions or build railways or bridges, and there are no “women owned and operated” structural engineering firms, plumbing businesses or automobile manufacturing plants. We aren’t men and we cannot function as men.

Women are driven and guided by emotion and are wholly unconscious to the harshness of the real world—so much that they demand it bend to every manufactured female “outrage” the doldrums of modernity besots upon them.

“I’m outraged that perverted creep gazed down my cleavage-bearing shirt in the office today!”

“I’m offended I wasn’t given the job because I’m a woman instead of actually being qualified!”

“There aren’t enough women in STEM! I know, because I got a degree in Women’s Studies!”

These tropes are the security blankets shielding them from reality. And without them they would have to revert to their natural roles—for only in the real world, real tangible struggles reinforce the true nature of womanhood.

In war, women depend on men for protection. When they are victimized, they depend on police for justice. In famine, women depend on men to hunt and provide them food for them. And in times of economic hardship, women depend on the men in their lives for support instead of divorcing them and taking half of everything.

And God forbid, when the heat goes out, who do the women turn to? MEN. They’ll scream at you, “I don’t need a husband around the house to fix anything!” while Ace the Plumber remains hot on speed-dial to repair the backed up toilets flooding their apartments.

We can’t be bothered with these responsibilities because they are very difficult. We cannot do them ourselves otherwise we would have done them sometime in the last 5,000 years. Meanwhile, men have been doing them all along. They always have and they always will.

The truth is women only care about two very basic things:

When we are young we want to be pretty, we want to be sexy and we want to feel desired by a strong, masculine, authoritative man—the best possible man we can attract.

When we are old, we want to feel needed, we want the security of family in old age, and we want the bonding and trust of the people we love unconditionally.

Any woman who tells you different is lying to you and lying to herself.

Modern women are wrapped up safely in the comfort of their lies.

They don’t want to hear they aren’t hot anymore when they turn 35.

They refuse be told they have an inevitable “expiration date”.

They will not accept that it is detrimental to them to become cold and cynical towards having a family and children—meanwhile believing they can run out and start the prized June Cleaver family they didn’t want 20 years ago when they suddenly turn 40 and become infertile and unattractive.

In all their years of denial and hateful, derogatory attitudes toward having a family in favor of decades with their uppity noses buried in their career, they suddenly adore the whole family concept after their eggs have long since dehydrated and blew the way of the wind? That’s preposterous.

Your career isn’t going to keep you warm and fulfilled at night. Only a marriage and a family will.

When will women be Brave and Bold™ enough to accept the truth?

That, when you’re young, you should take special pride in your appearance and attract the best man possible to be your husband and the father of your children—before it’s too late in life to be able to make that choice.

That, to stay home and raise your children is an honorable and selfless act and a personal decision you, as a thinking woman, should be able to make—instead of sending them off to some germ-mill daycare center for 10 hours a day to be raised by untrusting strangers.

That, to enjoy being married when you’re young and making babies then thrusting yourself into your dream career when you’re in your 40’s and the kids are grown and out of the house makes the most sense—instead of being forlorn after they’ve left the nest.

And that, having lots of children at 22 is wise and practical—instead of just one at 40, if you’re lucky enough to eventually conceive one single, healthy child at all.

These are inalienable truths. This is the path for women to happiness and fulfillment. If you don’t believe me, consider the personal lives of the people who are determined to chastise you for not complying with their dogma—see if their own living example can convince you what they are saying makes any real sense.

If today’s women truly believed in their sacred water cooler cliché that “women can have it all”, it should be perfectly acceptable to them that any woman should want to stay home and raise a family. After all, we’ve accomplished this for thousands of years outside the last 60 years it has become controversial and sacrilegious.

We used to have a real purpose. We had a destiny and the unyielding desire to spend our lives serving the people who love us and matter to us most.

Family is priceless. It doesn’t have a worldly value that can be placed on it because it can’t be measured in years tenure at a corporate slave factory, nor can it be substituted with psychiatric medication. Our lives change through the years, so too do our needs and priorities.

The mistakes we’ve made as women must be mitigated by doing more for the people who need us—our future generations. Your future family and husband need you far more than your pedantic, nincompoop boss that couldn’t care any less whether you live or die.

It shouldn’t be fed to us an untruth that women don’t want to stay home and raise families—we do. It’s all we ever dream about, whether we have the fortitude to admit it or not.

Women must take stock of what it means to be women again, and we can undo the hopeless misery that has been cruelly foisted on us in favor of the beauty and promise we so desperately need to rediscover in our lives.

Drop the career, get married and have babies. It’s perfectly normal, ladies. I promise.

  • yup

    Feminism is True Misogyny. Feminism hates the natural Role of woman, and fueled by that hatred, feminism seeks to alter the natural Role of woman, into something feminism prefers, to satisfy it’s disappointment with the natural Role of woman…feminism hates women.

    • This is very true. Feminists hate women. They tell us to get fat, have abortions, and discourage us from embracing our natural roles as wives and mothers. It should be universal common sense that this very harmful to a woman’s well-being, and yet feminists push this doggedly while insisting they know what’s best for us. It’s an outrage and an insult.

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