Puritan Tradcon Tradiots Attacking Me for Having a Sexy Marriage

A few days ago, the freakshow outrage tradcon tradiot hall monitors of the right attacked me and got me kicked off of Twitter for speaking frankly about my love life as it pertains to keeping the cogs and wheels of passion in my marriage greased and grinding.

*Note: I will not be returning to Twitter for the foreseeable future. I will be utilizing other social media platforms and I will provide an update as to where you can find me very soon. The Twitter suspension is perhaps a blessing in disguise–it’s very easy to get sucked into the nihilism and wretchedness of the right and assume being an overall misanthrope having been exposed for so long to all the filth and degradations engulfing Western civilization. I admit I became consumed by it and my vision for this website had been temporarily relegated to the dustbin. I’m doing a 360 and going back to focusing on self-improvement and discussing beauty, sex and relationships on a positive note. I’m hereby divorcing the right and getting back to business producing more meaningful content.*

Everyone on the right knows that the running joke for the trendy “trad” designation means “tranny.” So it seems the tradcon roleplaying reprobates of the right should focus more on cleaning up the shitshow in their own backyard before policing people like myself who have been married for nearly 18 years.

Laughably, tradcons by default are latent internet-only caricatures of traditionalism who are not actually leading a traditional lifestyle. With very, very few exceptions, none of them are married, even less so married to white people, and none of them have white children.

What they do have, however, are anime/hentai fetishes, gay porn addictions and tranny fixations and other various flavors of non-traditional rot upon which they stealthily engross themselves. They can’t live up to what they preach and wish to enforce on others–so they assume others also cannot live up to certain expectations that they themselves cannot fulfill.

A few years ago I was a tradcon for a brief period of time until I became acclimated to the tradcon’s mentality of thinly-veiled moral posturing and puritanical schemes of feigned do-gooderism. There is no discernible difference between tradcons and SJWs in their attempts to force people into behaving they way they see fit–SJWs enforce gayness and ugliness knowing being normal and beautiful is the objective right path, while tradcon tradiots enforce pseudo-traditionalism while also typically being gay hypocrites and closeted miscreants.

Both tradcons and SJWs ignore and shun human nature entirely. And both work to socially engineer human nature out of existence and into an imagined utopia that they fancy will be enforced down the handle of their pitchforks and knots in their nooses.


Tradcons are the new puritans. They tote their bible verses, scream out “ABSOLUTE DEGENERATE” swinging from the gallows on Twitter every night, weekend and holiday throughout the year while obsessing about who’s not white enough, not straight enough, not holier-than-thou enough and not conformist enough.

There is little difference between SJWs and tradcons except in their seething dogma and accompanying axiomatic buzzwords–do, say and be what we allow you to be or you’re a blasphemer, a ghoul, a heretic, a witch, and of course their favorite, “DEGENERATE!”

These internet puritan moralists don’t believe in actual morality rather, “morality” is a haven for them to feel authoritative and self-important among a swath of people who have shunned them and don’t deem them worthy of consideration. They police people not because they care about morality, but because they want to feel like they can control people, systems and behaviors that they cannot. And for SJWs and tradcons alike, it’s human nature essentially that they cannot control.

r-selection vs. K-selection

r-selected people operate from a scarcity mindset, one that by rule precludes them from being able to have any real choices or appealing options in the sexual market. They operate from a position of failure and the ensuing desperation that encompasses said failure–e.g. being involuntarily celibate, being a 6/10 thot online posting selfies for thirsty losers, being addicted to pornography, drooling at the sight of 2 inches of cleavage of some 5/10 fat girl online, finding trannyism a viable option, etc.

r-selected people cannot grasp the meritocracy (they generally can’t grasp meritocracy in any form) and the mating strategies of K-selected people. I was accused by a gaggle of these mentally ill moralizers for cucking my husband with black men, “promoting evil,” leading people astray, etc, etc.

It’s laughable considering I’m not the one online fixated on trannies, SJW scum, interracial cuckolds, and fat women with dyed-green underarm hair. I avoid these people like the fucking plague because that’s what they are–a plague. They are a blight on mankind that I shun in unfathomable disgust. And yet tradcons are utterly fascinated and infatuated with them to the point of obsessing over them endlessly.

Jealousy as a Catalyst to Filtering Human Emotion

It’s absurd that people who can’t control themselves around two inches of cleavage on a computer screen insist that people like myself who are exposed to extremely attractive people in the flesh also can’t control themselves. It’s an apples and oranges scenario if there ever was one.

Every single day of my life I encounter attractive men that are interested in me that I ignore and avoid because these opportunities are simply not enticing to me–it’s like eating nothing but dessert day after day for weeks. You get sick of it. You want to be left alone because it starts to feel insulting that people will hit on you when you’re married because there are far too many unattractive fat women with nasty bad attitudes who engage in low IQ toilet humor currently clogging the human landscape.

It’s nothing new to me to be pursued by attractive men that I’m not interested in for the sake of being interested in them simply because they are attractive.

Where jealousy comes into play at the mere notion of being wanted and wholly desired and pursued by attractive people is that it gives you a rush of adrenaline that’s comparable to a hit of cocaine. It’s not about cheating or being tempted, rather it’s enthralling that attractive people respond to you in a positive way. It means you have sexual market value that is unquestionable–and it’s a grand gesture enough itself that provokes a very strong sense of self-satisfaction.

Pavlov’s dog became enslaved to sounding the bell to get treats because he’s a damned dog. Humans operate on a higher plane (or at least they should) and given the right circumstances and environment, don’t normally get addicted to “treats” for their social behavior.

Sexy attractive people hitting on you is a refinement, not a vice whereas a mangy dog eating treats night and day is sloth and sick, sloppy self-indulgence. What r-selected, Pavlov dog-like people can’t grasp is that attractive people hitting on you is like finding big fortune in a gold rush. It’s a just reward that is deserved through merit and the gesture all by itself provides a tremendous sense of satisfaction–sans any desperate need to pursue it further.

Bottom line is, r-selected people, of whom Western civilization and the outside third world it is currently being deluged with, will continue to attack K-selected people in the hopes of dismantling K-selected systems and hierarchical structures that give way to a meritocratic society that is immune from SJW and tradcon social engineering.

The people on Twitter who understood my analogy about jealousy (which was surprisingly quite a few people) at a root level stoking sexual desire are K-selected and accept human nature to be what ultimately guides our innermost drives and emotions at a base level–and r-selected people will continue to attack it with vigor simply because they cannot have any of it for themselves.

Be sure and watch my video response below concerning the tradcon lynch mob and my summation of why these people became outraged. Also, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. I’ll be posting more interviews and random pieces there in addition to what I’m working on here. Thanks for watching!

  • Matt

    Have you considered using Gab instead of Twitter? it’s the free-speech protected social media.

    • Thanks Matt! I’m on Gab but I haven’t really used it. Going to have to start though! gab.ai/thenewfem