Rioting as a Social Cause for Injustice

riotingMany whites are outraged at the injustice surrounding the black rioting and looting that has been taking place throughout the summer in the United States in numerous urban areas across the country.

Many will insist it’s a conspiracy funded by elite shadow NGOs and the rioters are provocateurs being bussed in from different areas to pillage and loot in the name of “Black Lives Matter” and other social justice causes.

It is wholly apparent that the media is ginning up controversy and manufacturing outrage among the black community to take to the streets to set alight businesses and assault white people on camera and post it on social media for comedic value.

And some White Nationalists were criticizing the black riots in Charlotte insisting blacks are the only racial groups who riot. This is historically inaccurate as white Westerners as of recently have rioted over sports teams.

A young black male made this very valid point on Twitter today stating that whites will only riot when their favorite sports team loses:

The young man is correct. White people of today will only riot when it comes to sports–and it’s unforgivable and repugnant that they will never even nary a whimper when their kids are being raped by Muslims nor when white members of their communities have fallen victim to the knockout game perpetrated on them by the blacks who are burning down their cities.

Western governments will acquiesce social power to the most vocal groups, therein lies the fault on the part of white people willfully allowing social power to be concentrated in the hands of their foes–the fact is, white people adamantly refuse to gather in their collective interests, to riot or otherwise, to assert their grievances.

Whites won’t even boycott the majority white consumer-driven NFL thereby putting a stranglehold on the profits that are funding social justice, despite the unrelenting egregious assaults on the collective identity of straight white men throughout the consumer-funded sports media.

Whites will also not stop rushing to elitist universities to be brainwashed and buried in unforgivable debt instead of taking up skilled blue collar trades that pay considerably well because they don’t fulfill their lust for social prestige.

Whites will also not stop watching porn even though it is inundated with inconceivable perversion and miscegenation to the detriment of their own psyches and sexual selection–they’d rather be fat, slovenly masturbating shut-ins than go out and actively compete for the small remaining pool of K-selective women.

I identify with some of the sentiments of White Nationalists however, as it stands today, they have taken on the imposition of being just another victim group competing for scraps in the victim social hierarchy. Meanwhile they purport being fascists ignoring the fact that a major tenet of fascism is the use of force, most importantly, the force of will in every regard.

Fascism by definition is the forcing of organic systems to work in their favor.

No one is forcing whites to have abortions, they are having them as a recreational choice.

No one is forcing whites to become addicted to porn and stop having sex with their wives and husbands (if white people are even getting married at all), they are basking in decadence.

No one forcing white people to indulge in a hedonistic, decadent consumer society where cable TV sports and Kartrashian reality TV reign supreme, whites celebrate this degeneracy at every turn.

And no one is forcing white people to rack up insurmountable debt to fund their over-financed lifestyles instead of having children, they have chosen irresponsibility instead of structure.

Furthermore, no one is forcing whites to procreate outside of their race. Many whites, especially in all their inglorious debasement simply aren’t leaving much to be desired. Strong, virile, masculine and feminine whites have always acquired the necessary mates to have tons of kids who, in future generations, will be a hedge against their genocide (K-selected conservative whites are more attractive for reasons that facilitate procreation).

And white feminist fatties and gay slack-jawed numales are sterile for a reason. They are defects and are meant to be removed from the gene pool, where strong K-selected whites have always historically survived any onslaught through their inherent force of will.

The fact remains that many whites are taking a passive role in their destruction. Even in the face of eradication and the evidence of their subversion and persecution, they would rather entertain their breads and circuses than fight for their right to live and exist.

These are all choices–choices that white people have made consciously and subconsciously in accepting their fate as a victim group groveling for leftovers from the tables of the elites who plot for their extermination.

White Nationalists claim to be fascists, yet as of late they are welcoming and emphasizing their victimhood. Fascism doesn’t work that way–you either assert yourself and refuse to accept any perceived injustice or you become a victim and accept your demise. Might is right and everything else is wrong. Always.

Blacks riot and resort to violence as a result of black communities universally being what they are–they are largely insolvent by nature and by rule thus blacks’ proclivity to engender disorder in the form of rioting and violence is a given.

Meanwhile, whites are fostering passive disorder by accepting being systematically humiliated by their most beloved institutions–the NFL, Ivy League colleges and Starbucks are relentlessly disgracing them while they do nothing but gleefully continue patronizing these institutions and fund their own destruction.

Blacks are resorting to violence because they can–because that’s demonstrably all they can do. They are in perpetual disrepair by default and not by design and whites let them achieve higher social status because they are willfully accepting their own destruction in tandem–they refuse to resist, even when their daughters are being raped by third worlders and when they are being forced out of their very own civilizations they’ve created.

Unfortunately I’ve long ago come to the conclusion that white communities are going to have to be degraded to the point of no less than thread-bare annihilation before they will deem they have something worth fighting for–only then will they rediscover their identity among the disaster and ruins as they have throughout history.

Until then they have buttsex porn, involuntary celibacy, vapid reality TV shows and their favorite degenerate NFL and college teams to provide them with an identity that will continue to facilitate their spiral into their destruction. Leave the rioting to the people who actually know how to get things done.