Scott Adams is a Champagne Socialist

SocialismScott Adams, a multimillionaire entrepreneur, blogger and creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip, was recently interviewed by Stefan Molyneaux concerning his views on the Trump campaign.

Adams has recently gained enormous notoriety amassing a cult-like following among the alt-right for his tacit “endorsement” of Trump through his numerous writings on Trump’s persuasive abilities. Adams claims to have made several accurate predictions on how Trump is shaping the outcome of the presidential election. Many see him as an authority figure who is sympathetic to the alt-right (he absolutely is not) because many in the alt-right have commended him for his implicit “approval” of Trump.

To my discovery, much of what Adams promulgates about the art of persuasion and human psychology is basic common sense and not anything extraordinary that can’t be gleaned from reading St. Thomas Aquinas or Schopenhauer. Most of his emphasis on persuasion is based on human nature and human instinct and is neither groundbreaking nor intellectually profound.

Either people on the alt-right do not ever read his blogs, or they do read them and they are the same de facto socialists that Adams clearly is and they agree with Adams’ imbecilic interpretations promoting big government-style socialism.

Stefan Molyneaux, by contrast, has thoroughly sound and very robust ideas on small government, fiscal conservatism and abolishing the welfare state. He is clearly well-versed in his understanding of how economics, public policy and the free market are interrelated and congruous to a functioning society.

Scott Adams does not.

I had a brief exchange with Adams yesterday regarding his stint on the Stefan Molyneaux show and this is what transpired:


The above alt-right anime-avatard who responded to me in uniform nonsensical emotionality clearly did not listen to the show and he/she did not respond to my assertion that, if any of his intellectually lazy followers might take the time to actually listen to the interview, would ascertain that he was, in fact, promoting Agenda 21-type centralization and socialism.

I have since spent a considerable amount of time reviewing Scott Adams’ blog and have come to the stark conclusion:

Scott Adams is a Bay Area ivory tower champagne socialist that lives in the luxury confines of his gated community in a multimillion dollar mansion shielded away from any black people and people on welfare. He is miles from any drug users, pimps, vagrants and indigents that are openly defecating in the streets in San Francisco, and he is shielded from all the unwashed plebs of the likes of those in Oakland and East Palo Alto. I live in a rural area to the east of him inland among one the last standing conservative communities in California–and we are surrounded by people just like Scott Adams who use mirth, do-gooder tropes and trite clichés to address the everyday concerns of the dregs he doesn’t have to deal with directly.

At 1:13:00 in the video, Molyneaux gave a prime example of how the bloated government has reached an unsustainable level of growth that will prove to be cataclysmic and the “solutions” Adams offered are ridiculous at best and recklessly birdbrained at worst.

At 1:15:03, Adams goes on a tangent about how everything is too expensive, people are too disabled, too young, too old, etc. He then announces he’s going to give a “concrete idea” on how to fix everything!

I’m paraphrasing here but the following summarizes his “solutions”:

  • Everyone is going to work as hard as possible to lower the cost of living

Yes, everyone should work extra hard at lowering the cost of living while ignoring the fact that our central banking system, money printing, incalculable debt and untenable spending is what is actually driving up the cost of living.

  • He insists on eco-socialism e.g. doing away with cars and jobs and replacing them with automation and robotization

Ah yes, let’s shut down the oil and coal industries along with the last remnants of American enterprise and make everyone live in an eco-commune while robots do everything. With no jobs left and no money flowing, this will drive down the cost of living for sure.

  • He insists that building Agenda 21-style housing for everyone in the middle of some desert designed by Mark Cuban will reduce government spending

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love being told that reducing my standard of living to nil will be the most rewarding experience of my life by someone who lives in a palatial 6000+ square foot mansion in one of the most exclusive, ritzy and expensive geographic areas in the entire State of California.

  • He quite literally stated that everyone can work for minimum wage and be happy while living stacked on top of each other in ant colony-styled college dorm rooms

Again, who wouldn’t want to be told that living in a 10×16 ft cell stacked on top of each other like termites by some rich, bloviating asshole in a gated community is the noble and righteous thing to do for the betterment of society?

  • He is a self-described health nut and fitness freak who doesn’t suffer from any chronic health problems and is insisting people can get comprehensive healthcare through LED screens from home

Indeed, someone who has all the time and resources in the world to devote to his health and well-being should be able to tell unfortunate, sick and impoverished people how to get proper healthcare from a computer screen. Who cares how sick you are, we need to drive costs down! Don’t see your doctor, take a picture of the cancer on your spleen and we’ll get in touch soon! Promise!

  • Open source projects should be at the forefront of building communities and doing away with privatization will drive down the costs of housing

He doesn’t like privatization because it is driven by profit, meanwhile, once again, he has made millions of dollars and lives in one of the richest communities in a very exclusive private area where the average rents are upwards of $5000 a month outside of his gated community.

He is so utterly clueless arguing that private home builders design homes that don’t have enough closet space while no less than 5 minutes earlier he was dictating that the rest of us should be living in a space the size of a closet.

Instead of facepalm, I say napalm.

Luckily, Molyneaux had the sense to cut him off before he managed to put both feet in his mouth instead of the one. Initially I had to turn off the entire segment because what he was saying was too absurd for me to continue.

White California liberals are what they are–I know them intimately and have lived among them my entire life. Scott Adams has proven to be no exception. They are truly that arrogant and self-aggrandizing that they feel they should be entrusted with the inner workings of society and the micro and macro effects of the world economy and government policy because their surge in social proof and the amount of likes and follows they get from people on social media deem them authorities and experts.

I meant to superimpose a Rolex watch over the clenched fist on the picture above–maybe I should get an outside open source firm in India to do it for me, it’ll drive down the costs. Or something.

  • Perry Cameron

    He does seem to favor big government ideas. That being said, I disagree with your criticism of his knowledge of persuasion. On this point he is very astute. We can not all be correct about everything. Is he a socilist? Perhaps, but I don’t read his blog for brilliant political ideas.

  • Haha, I love how you ended this post! Yup, Agenda 21 textbook perfect talking points.

    As far as his views on persuasion, it sounds like he’s read the Kabbalah. I’ve briefly studied numerology/frequencies as it relates to persuasion. This is what he’s referring to.

  • Tooj

    So, to paraphrase, he is a hypocritical f’ckwit. I’ll bet he has very soft finely manicured hands too.

  • Philip Herron

    Well written and thought about! I was starting to like Scott Adams but he really does seem like a hypocrite. He has no clue how lucky he really was to get a break with Dilbert comics.