Sexuality in Western Culture vs. Eastern European Culture with Scott

Scott is an American ex-pat currently residing in Ukraine with his wife and two children. Today we talk about gender roles, sexuality, Ukrainian culture and the political landscape in post-communist Eastern Europe, as well as the dysfunctional sexual market in an ever-widening rift of sickness and filth currently decimating the West.

Scott argues that Western women don’t hold a candle to Eastern European women as far as looks, temperament, sex appeal, mannerisms and their willingness to please a man. Having spent a considerable amount of time around the ethnic Russian community where I live in Northern California, I can attest to the overall sexiness and incomparable beauty and femininity Eastern European women embody effortlessly.

Scott offers advice to men who are considering repatriating to Eastern Europe in the hopes of finding a woman to marry–while he has enjoyed immeasurable success in finding a wife, he insists it’s not easy and it’s definitely not for everyone. Scott has fully assimilated into Eastern European culture learning the languages and customs and has adapted to living life solely on terms with the cultural dictates of the Eastern European way of life.

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  • vadhajtáska

    Scott makes a good point about not bringing Slav QTS (and I’m not talking about the mail order brides!) back to western countries. They will get a taste of feminism over time, and the guys can easily end up thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the river. Jokes aside this happens to a lot of naive men, who try to find feminine women in Asia or Eastern Europe and make the mistake of bringing them home. Sadly the feminism-process already started in many Eastern European countries, where the usual suspects have been working tirelessly to create the perfect environment for women to run amok.
    Speaking of white sharia, you should have Andrew Anglin on. He is a great prophet for the White Space Marine Rape Gangs, PBUH.