Signs a Woman Doesn’t Even Like You

There are definitive signs a woman does not like you and I just can’t believe how obvious this should be to so many men and yet it isn’t and never is. I suspect it is in their biology in order to perpetuate the species they can’t leave a single stone unturned, so to speak, hence why they keep persisting, flying in the face of the odds of even the cruelest rejection.

Much of what is listed here applies whether you’re just starting out approaching women or whether you’ve been in a relationship with a woman for a length of time and things start taking a turn for the worst. The sacrosanct maxim that “women are hard to figure out” pervades our culture–and the reason for that is because women are never truly revealing themselves unless they don’t like you.

If a woman doesn’t like you, she will give you all the proof you need. In fact, a woman will outright shit on you and rub it in, laugh about it and do it all over again a hundred bazillion times if she doesn’t like you.

There are only two people in the entire world that women are vicious to:

Other women and men they don’t like and can’t stand.

Here a few more subtle and not so subtle clues that a woman doesn’t like or respect you enough to pursue any romantic interest in you. I’ve partaken in them all since I was in kindergarten wishing the cutest boys would “chase me” on the playground at recess instead of that one kid, oh gosh what’s his name again? Who cares, I forgot! (Is “chasing” even a thing to kids anymore? Ah the good old days.)

She doesn’t try to qualify herself to you

When a woman likes a man, she will consistently try to qualify herself/her image to fit his tastes and standards:

“Do you like this color on me? Okay nevermind, I’ll change.”

“You like this band too? OMG I lurrrvvvv this band, I lurrrrvvv this song so much!”

“Do you like ‘x’ food? I cook this food really well.”

“I was at the mall today and I saw this ‘x item’ and I immediately thought of you.”

If a woman doesn’t like you, she won’t even think of you in any substantial manner in order to attempt to qualify herself to meet your standards. In contrast, if she does like you, she will do her best to look her best for you in every possible way. Women are herd creatures and always want to “fit in” and be accepted by men. They will do whatever it takes to stand out in your eyes as someone who is “good enough, cool enough, hot enough, sexy enough, etc.”

*Beta fatboob sidenote*

Women don’t like you, but they are very good at pretending to like you to extract resources from you–gas money, free meals, social media likes to feed her ego, etc. The sure sign of this is that you’re only in the picture at HER convenience–everything she does that involves you evolves around her schedule and at her discretion. Which is why you’re always left asking, “Why doesn’t my sweet, perfect, innocent little flower answer any of my texts, calls, FB emails?”

She doesn’t think of you sexually under any terms at all whatsoever

Women have the same type of sexual radar and freaky feelers that men have. We know in 5 seconds or less whether sleeping with a man is a distinct possibility or whether it’s something that makes us want to puke. There’s virtually no middle ground here.

If she doesn’t like you, her body language will be muted around you at all times. She won’t primp or act feminine or girly around you and she’ll likely even act just like one of the guys. If she’s trying to blend in with you, she’s not trying be noticed by you.

When we like a guy we either get extremely shy to point of freezing up in embarrassment in your presence, or we resort to twirling and twisting our hair, sitting up straight, sticking out our chest and buttocks, doeing out our eyes, etc (think of Thumper’s saucy plaything in Bambi).

There’s never an in-between. In-between is your death knell, it means lukewarm, meh, nah, not my thing tbh, sorry, no offense, honey.

We want to appear sexually attractive to the man we like and we subconsciously play up our sexuality around the man we want attention from. We will never do that for men we can’t stand.

*Beta fatboob sidenote*

She doesn’t want to look good for you, but if you happen to be there while she’s looking good, she’ll expect a compliment from you. Not because she’s qualifying herself and trying to look sexy for you specifically but because the least you could do is make yourself useful while taking up her precious space. Remember, it’s all about her, and never about you and never will be.

She treats you like a “friend”

Many men are baffled as to whether or not they’ve been friend-zoned when it’s literally completely and blatantly obvious to us as women. When we pretty much don’t care whether you wind up dead in a ditch somewhere and act like it on every public and private forum known to mankind on purpose right out in the open, we don’t like you enough to consider you more than a friend.

You’re in the friend zone aka ugly beta loser zone when:

  • She talks about other men she finds attractive right in front of you and it doesn’t even occur to her
  • Worse yet, she reaches out to you when she gets dumped as a resource of support. If a woman is crying to you about another man she is in love with, she not only doesn’t like you, but she also finds you 100% completely unrespectable and unattractive
  • We make it a rule that when we really like a man erring on being crazy about him, we DO NOT EVER talk about other men in front of him
  • She doesn’t treat your texts, calls, social media interactions with any priority. You are left “guessing” (sorry but, you shouldn’t be guessing, you should know that she is disinterested straight away by how much she ignores you, open your damn eyes).

*Beta fatboob sidenote*

You’re likely not even in the friend zone but a zone beholden to something worse than that of the scudge on the bottom of her fake red bottom shoes. You barely exist if you even do at all. Make sure you keep paying her all the attention you can though, she might even notice you sometime this century!

It truly baffles the mind that so many men today do not have a single clue as to how easy women lay it out for them as to whether or not they are attracted to them. The basic and standard rule of thumb is, if she likes you, she generally acts girly, ditzy, and annoying–doing everything she can to garner your undivided attention and gain your approval. If she doesn’t, she acts numb erring on cold, unfazed and downright vicious–hoping you’ll eventually go away forever.

Next post I’ll write about how to tell if a woman actually truly likes you. Seems to me to this is elementary school stuff, but in this dysfunctional sewer we call modern society, it remains a complete mystery to so many people it has become akin to the zombie apocalypse.

Isn’t it funny how all those pesky, primordial cavemen and puerile kindergarteners seemed to have it all figured out far better than we do now?

  • gypsyluv

    I started listening to your interview with Lana on Radio 314. OK anyway, I have experienced both loving and intensely despising the same man at the same time. I guess it’s the same thing. On another note, now I’m gonna go watch the Inauguration where we finally get to witness an ALPHA MALE take the oath of office. THANK YOU GOD!!!

  • Rachel Schaeffer Lang

    WOW, lol. Some of us just aren’t that cold. Maybe you are, but not all of us can be placed in a box like that. Charming…

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