Stefan Molyneux and the Miserable 41-Year Old Spinster


I watched an eyeopening 2 hour video discussion between Stefan Molyneux and a miserable and distraught 41-year old spinsterThe spinster is currently single and living alone in despair after years of being raised in the typical, modern, bastardized family household that has become the universal common tale of disaster echoing across the Western world.

The entire discussion encompassed Molyneux’s tough love approach of patronizing this woman, while she anxiously placated to and lapped up his tough love patronizing approach like a toddler would to her burly, strong, authoritative father–as though Molyneux himself was her long lost daddy taking her over his knee and paddling her bruised and bare behind.

Most of the commentary on the video unsurprisingly showed very little to zero sympathy for her, and in tandem, offered no solution to her malaise and the barren and menacing existence this woman will undoubtedly be living out until her final resting days.

The spinster’s life has devolved into an irreconcilable catastrophe, and there is absolutely nothing in the world that is going to abate the dire consequences of her terrible life choices that, in a few years time, will render her completely alone, wasting away in old age.

There is a very visceral and universally negative reaction to these old, spinster women, even on the part of women like myself, who are sickened and appalled by their mere presence staining and cluttering the Western landscape. It is a reflexive reaction of morbid disgust because it is grossly unnatural, it is cruel and inhumane, and it is at odds with our values and instincts–and it is an egregious, twisted and unforgivable assault on the whole of the female human condition itself.

To see an old woman all alone, with no family, no husband, and no children or grandchildren is apocalyptic and frightening. It is something that provokes in us a real sense of contempt that derives from revulsion–because it represents a very real sense of sorrowful neglect and the unquestionable catastrophic failure on the part of humanity. There is nothing in this world more wicked and demoralizing for a woman than to not have a family or a husband of whom she will have sown her most important legacy–her ability to nurture and love.

What isn’t common knowledge, for men especially, are the depths of depravity of which modern women willingly oblige


About 38 minutes into the video, Molyneux reacts above with a look of inconceivable repugnance–the spinster divulges to him frankly that at 15 years old, her lunatic stalker boyfriend told her mother he was stealing condoms out of her dresser drawer and using them on her daughter in the house while she was at work.

I found it remarkable that Mr. Molyneux would even appear to be shocked by this considering his level of expertise and knowledge surrounding female sexuality. His uncontrollable reaction merely confirms a widespread disbelief on the part of mankind that modern women’s depravity rots and runs deep to the core (despite modern women themselves who don’t conceptualize their depravity even being wrong at all).

What most people don’t know and/or refuse to believe or accept about modern women is that their inclinations to sink to the lowest depths of depravity are out in the open, if you just take off your sweet angel blinders and pay close attention.

The truth is, depending on how comfortable a modern woman feels in your presence and the degree to which she likes you and trusts you, the modern woman will let you do all sorts of depraved things to her–and she will thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

This is evinced by the fact that the spinster also found something irresistibly redeemable about Mr. Molyneux himself, which is why she eagerly took on the role of being a masochist in saluting and welcoming his verbal spanking and lambasting of her lifelong failure missions of sexual promiscuity and senseless degradations.

She was completely comfortable and at ease with him making a fool out of her in front of virtually millions of people. You can’t blame her for this, for this is what women crave and need to weather their foolish and irrational decisions–it is female nature laid bare.

It is also why the spinster so openly confided in Mr. Molyneux that she’s slept with 60 men. It is why she told him about the incident with the condoms. And it’s why she refuses to admit that sleeping with 60 men should be enough to deem her a slut–women rationalize their depravity because they don’t see themselves as being depraved at all.

Women only see themselves as victims. She has “anxiety and depression.” She has been “sexually damaged” by alpha males (although it is she herself who chased down and dropped her knickers only for alphas males). It is she who has an “absentee father who is a bum” because her mother, who is also an innocent victim, ultimately chose a tingle-inducing alpha male loser to be the father of her children.

It was always someone else’s fault, never hers nor her poor stupid jackass idiot for a mother for bringing her into this world alone to be born bearing a snowballs chance in hell of ever having any semblance of a normal, well-adjusted life or promising future.

As an aside, Molyneux states, “Western women used to be these are smart, solid, sensible, salt-of-the-earth women.” I agree with him, but that is only because there were societal sanctions firmly in place that no less than demanded that women be smart, sensible, and responsible in their own and very limited capacity.

Women did what was required of them because the men around them they depended on for their very survival placed controls on their propensity to engage in bad behavior–there was always a husband around, and if the husband wasn’t around, there was a father, an uncle and a few big brothers around to mind these women and control their behavior through the appropriate cultural and societal conventions.

Furthermore, having kids early and back to back kept them preoccupied day-to-day from dawn to dusk–they had to bake, cook, garden, sew, can preserves, do the laundry and clean up after everyone. They were domesticated because that’s what the then cultural dictates commanded of them–they needed to be there doing the make-work that kept the home base family unit intact while the men went out and did the real hard and dangerous stuff.

Today we have what is called “progress” in which women don’t have to be concerned with any real hardships or responsibilities–they can simply act like promiscuous 10th graders for the rest of their lives and be lauded and celebrated for it until they are decaying and dying alone. Then it suddenly poses a real problem.

Women are irresponsible, have no agency and cannot distinguish right from wrong (that is, until they hit the wall)

There is a human bias we hold that we expect women to exercise better judgment. Women are supposed to proactively make important and conscious decisions–which is laughable considering that the spinster, who is now middle-aged and alleged to be a mature and fully capable adult, still carries on day to day as though she is the same 15-year old girl she was 26 years ago.

Her voice and mannerisms sounded like that of a young child–she was simple, juvenile and uncouth, and hardly cognizant of the ill-fated aftermath surrounding her lifelong poor and rash decisions. She is 41 years old barely realizing the train wreck of a life she is undertaking has very harsh and very real consequences.

She absolutely has not evolved past the adolescent stage of her life and has wandered aimlessly in perpetual arrested development–she’s never had to make any self-sacrifices that would have forced her to grow up, like raising a family and caring for other people.

To add insult to injury she still seems to revel in her entire 20’s at the penis party, where she spent all her time dressing up, clubbing and handing her out her vagina like a free gas station coffee coupon. Every guy got their “free puss pass” and she is now alone at 41 years old and hopeless. Remember, to someone at 41 years old, this comes a shock.

It seems the more choices women are given, the worse decisions they make. This woman was given every modern free world choice to have as much sex as she wanted. She was given free reign to live as irresponsibly as she wished, and she was given free license to never have to be embarrassed or affected by it. And now at 41 years old, she attempts to realtalk her way into understanding how her poor life decisions will affect her entirely ruinous and dismal future.

The God’s honest truth is, she doesn’t have the slightest grasp nor concept of where her life is headed. She does not have even a vaguely superficial idea how much anguish and despair await her–far more ominous than what she is already seeing on the horizon. She is doomed–and that is frankly, putting it kindly. But remember, she’s now 41 years old and she finally “gets it!”

I firmly believe that this woman never once felt any shame or embarrassment for her behavior–and only had an “epiphany of good conscience” to decide to haphazardly admit “she gets it” when her looks and desirability took a nosedive into oblivion.

Women today think their golden vagina represents their power, when what it does is represents their failure

Women today tout being “empowered.” They boast about being sexy and beautiful and having men chasing them down at last call for illicit sex culminating in all manner of cheap late night thrills and FWB trysts.

Yet, they can’t even get the man they truly desire to buy a ring and commit.

They can’t get the man that they don’t even really like or want to give them any attention lasting longer than a night tangled up inside of their vagina.

And finally at 41 years old, they can’t find any living, breathing man that will even look in their direction at all anywhere.

And yet they will insist this represents true “independence” and “empowerment.”

If what this spinster had done carelessly during the height of her salad days represented any sort of power, leverage or success, she would not be currently alone, devastated and hopeless crying to a strange man on the internet about how to move on with her life at 41 years old.

Worse yet, spinsters like this woman alike wax poetic about “Eat Pray Love” scenarios and “starting over” at 40 years old. How does a person “begin again” when half of their life is already over? How does a person stay motivated by delusions that they are going to be able to find a hot, chiseled alpha man to love them and settle down when they are over 40, puffy, menopausal, deranged, diseased (as this woman is), infertile and unattractive?

Truly the only hope the spinster has is to perhaps find a man who in all likelihood will be unattractive and repulsive and is at minimum 10 years older than she is, who is broke, fat, bald, screwy and divorced or widowed and doesn’t want children. This may even be a bit ambitious. It is very cruel and unjust, but desirable men will never again be lining up outside this woman’s door with flowers and carriages and white horses with the shameful baggage she has to offer in exchange.

You could hear the utter despair and sadness in her voice. You could hear her choking on her tears and the pleading desperation within her soul for an absolution–any sign or inkling of redemption that she could pick up the remains of her shattered life and be given a second chance.

Unfortunately, we only have one life to live. We only have one chance. We only have one opportunity to make good on the promises we make to ourselves in vain years down the road before it’s too late and time has run out. We can’t seize time back at our beckoning and leisure, we have to take time as it comes to us and make the most of it before there’s no time left.

The spinster wants to be a lesson to all women who are coming down the pike blazing after her, when she herself has not yet fully absorbed the aftermath of her costly decisions. And there are countless millions just like her across the West, who find themselves on the other side of 40 who have no one and nothing live for–they have no purpose or fulfillment, just days of pain, sorrow and regret.

Spinsters used to be a dire warning to women. They used to be a widespread joke. They used to be what all women intentionally avoided as a life lesson–and now they are our next door neighbors, they are on Tinder and they are popping up in droves in the West slowing killing themselves with pills, delusions and platitudes.

As Molyneux said, it makes “Leave It To Beaver” seem like a long lost paradise.

  • Critical GMan

    Fantastic assessment of the call. I have a beautiful, traditional, conservative, Christian woman in my life (soon to be my wife), whom I will treat as my queen for the rest of my life. Before I met her, the possibility of meeting a decent Western woman in Australia seemed impossibly remote. It breaks my heart to think of the immeasurable happiness that today’s men and women will never have, on account of the diabolical machinations of feminism.

    • Congratulations, you’re a lucky man! I wish you and your lovely wife all the best. <3

  • The Last American

    A merciless and necessary thing to say. Thank you for sharing.

    I fear that the only way sanity will return to gender roles is via economic collapse that severs the welfare state umbilical cord and once again makes women reliant on men as protectors and providers. Young women taking cautionary tales like this one to heart is our only hope for avoiding that outcome.

    • I’m afraid you’re right, unfortunately.

      • HoHoSteverino

        Well, we elected someone who is very likely to help bring about an economic collapse and a return to traditional male-female roles, after we’re through raping and killing each other.

  • Earthenware

    I see these women with a bewildered look on their faces, seeming confused about how they arrived at this stage in life without a family and staring at a lonely future. They often maintain that they are happy but watch their longing gaze when they see children playing and the truth is there.

    What I find a little odd is that “chick lit” is full of old-fashioned romance (albeit dressed up in new clothes) and it seems that women devour this stuff, yet so many behave in a way specifically designed to deny them the happiness they seem to want.

    Do these women genuinely not understand that their choices in life will have consequences?

    • I do not believe that modern women overall have the ability to understand consequences when everything they do is forgivable by modern society. The govt will fix it, some beta male provider will fix it, some affirmative action plan will fix it, etc.

  • Excellent article, not sure if I could sit through 2 hours of…that. Hats off to Stefan.

  • Felix Krull


  • Athena 77

    I’m 39, single and childless, and think you’re being a bit harsh on this woman. It’s true that sexual liberation has been an absolute disaster for women, and that a whole generation has had to learn this the hard way. However, there are ways for women to live with dignity in the second half of their lives, if they end up single and childless. There always were a few eccentrics, as well as nuns, who found ways to contribute to their communities. Occasionally the spinster would find a widow to marry. But the path of eternal sexual promiscuity and “career fulfilment” is a non-starter. Women who define themselves through sexual power find 40 a really hard age to approach. Those of us with broader interests beyond chasing a bit of dick should find it easier to transition into sexual irrelevance.

  • ThomasER916

    “I found it remarkable that Mr. Molyneux would even appear to be shocked
    by this considering his level of expertise and knowledge surrounding
    female sexuality.”

    Men instinctively think better of women. It’s the “White Knight” instincts, and it’s particularly strong in White men. I would go so far as to say it’s pathologically strong in White men which is why the autism of equality pervades the West. So when we see Molyneux reacting with disgust, it’s instincts. At a minimum, it’s healthy instincts to recognize debasement as wrong. We should be thankful there are enough of us left to see it for what it is.

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  • Tooj

    The spinster does stand a chance, but the transformation would have to be so radical that she would be rendered unrecognizable to the past. And that, friends, would just be too “difficult”.

    Short of an entire spiritual experience, she will continue on her path. But hey, there’s hope, she may get laid in the nursing home when the competition is literally dying out.

  • HoHoSteverino

    Jesus Christ, you are a pathetic misogynist, thenewfem! If you are a woman, then I’m Cher!

  • HoHoSteverino

    Spinster? REALLY????

  • And yet….

    EVERY DAY… ALL DAY… Men are ordered, yes ordered to get back on the plantation and marry these repugnant trollops. Now it’s our duty, and our responsibility to protect and provide for these vindictive harpies. These tramps are owed a big wedding, romance, courtship, and all manner of seduction while as usual she sits on her fat ass and does nothing for that posh lifestyle with all the trimmings, by golly she is soooo worth it!! She is owed, entitled, deserves, and she demanded it so some poor sap better be a real man, and be manly, and take charge, and be macho or whatever other delusional fantasy role she can dream up for him to fit into.

    Why ANY man would be lucky to have her, because all of these whores have made it crystal clear they are a real catch. Just ask them, they have all kinds of great hobbies and skills like eating, listening to music, and let’s not forget traveling. Oh and as a man don’t you EVER forget that whatever you like or need doesn’t matter, men are NOT allowed to have any preferences or expectations.

    But wait there’s more….

    Once you get to be a forgotten accessory on HER BIG DAY, then you get to pay off all her student loans, and her bills and work yourself to death without an ounce of appreciation while she is out looking for some thug to fool around with before she gets bored and takes your house and everything else, but she’s not like “those women” why she is “different” and “special” and “not like that” so get out there men and pay up, then shut up, and make sure you do the dishes too because your princess isn’t going to be oppressed!!

    No thanks… I’m gonna pass, I’m really not interested in putting up with 20, 30, or 40+ St Single Mommy and her thug brood and all the entitlement from tattoo covered fat heifers claiming to be female.