The Case of Joseph Placidi Part II: Beta Male SJWs Are Childish, Repulsive and Mentally Ill

loser guy

A few days ago I found myself once again in the midst of one of beta male SJW Joseph M. Placidi’s endless and incessant childish internet trolling crusades starring exclusively, as always, Joseph M. Placidi the mentally ill stooge all by his loathsome lonesome.

You may wonder why I choose to write about such a pitiful and infantile nobody of a loser like Joseph M. Placidi–the reason is, he simply will not leave anyone on the “altright” (aka anyone who isn’t a far leftwing zombie) alone–me in particular.

Mr. Placidi is still making troll accounts to stalk and harass me and numerous others–and the reason he does so is because he is an impotent, quibbling, beta male bootlicker who cannot live with the fact that his beloved far left narrative is being dismantled and dissolved.

Twitter is a public forum–the platform is meant to invite commentary from all people from all points of view. However, SJW creepsters like Mr. Placidi misuse the platform to manifest ill-gotten “gains” by way of the appearance of having a voice and no longer having to be excluded–however it begs the question that no one on Earth cares what Joseph Placidi has to say otherwise he wouldn’t have to make upwards of hundreds of anonymous troll accounts to attempt to get his point across.

The Nature of Beta Male Cretins

Beta males are low tier on the human food chain. They have an innate sense of their dismal lifelong sexual, social and societal failings and they know implicitly the deck is not stacked in their favor–thus they often take on an envious dereliction of self-loathing that manifests in a victim’s mentality, that of which encompasses Joseph M. Placidi’s entire paltry existence.

Mr. Placidi, being weak of mind, body, character and tenacity therefore resorts to engaging in feminine tactics involving indirectness, passivity, passive aggression, whining and moral one-uppsmanship/showboating surrounding an approval seeking mindset (all of these traits and behaviors are strictly feminine in nature).

Mr. Placidi knows full well he is and will always be next to dead last in the hierarchical pecking order–thus he acts out in such a manner from a place of shame, resentment and powerlessness from being virtually ignored by those who truly matter to him–attractive women. As a human being I should feel sorry for him, but I do not. Life isn’t fair and some people yield more advantages than others. Mr. Placidi is in exactly the position he should be in–this is his lot in life, especially since he refuses to do anything to better himself or his rotten disposition.

This is the SJW creed. This the amoral code they live by. Make everyone they hate equal to them because they can’t rise above and meet the challenge of achieving their own greatness.

Thus Mr. Placidi goes on to make yet another now defunct troll account (that he quickly deleted because I humiliated him) to tweet me some more–and to be blatantly creepy, socially retarded, inappropriate and revolting. I mean, after all, these are the traits and tactics that influence and persuade women to change their minds and join their ranks, right?

Joe Placidi is a disgusting pervert

As I mentioned before, Joe Placidi is a disgusting pervert and to his defense he will argue that the following abhorrent display is merely him rightfully offering an opposing viewpoint:


According to Mr. Placidi, this is him conveying a counterargument–it’s his right to be a disgusting pervert to strange women on the internet. This is his way of being open-minded and engaging in useful dialogue and freely expressing himself!

The real question is, why couldn’t Mr. Placidi inquire about my sex life without having to hide his face? Is it because he knows he’s so disgusting, hideous, revolting and otherwise detestable that I likely would never in a millions years want to discuss it with him?


This is the beta male’s passive aggressive sexual frustration at work. He is used to constantly being shut down, ignored and rejected by women, thus he thinks by taking the road less traveled and bringing his pseudo-caveman perversion out in the open that he’ll somehow persuade a strange woman like me on the internet to give a damn about him or his inane opinions.

And since he’s been creeping my Twitter timeline now for months on end, he found an old tweet that I wrote in reference to world famous @Ricky_Vaughn99 stating “I wondered what he looks like” (sue me, I happen to find many guys on the right to be very sexy and attractive).


What kind of feckless sideshow clown documents the inner workings of a woman’s mind towards other men he considers his enemy and attempts to use it against her as a shaming tactic? Beta males, that’s who!

Women use this type of shaming tactic–they attempt to paint rivals in a bad light so as to diminish their sexual market value. And lesser males like Joe Placidi use this type of shaming tactic because they have no other alternative–it’s the beta male’s call of defeat, conceding that he is the lesser man.

Newsflash: Joe M. Placidi is so freaking disgusting that he absolutely cannot fathom that a woman would rather spend an eternity imagining what an anonymous guy like Ricky_Vaughn99 looks like than spend a single second tolerating being with Joe in person in the flesh.

No attractive woman will ever “feel inside herself” while imagining a man like Joe M. Placidi. And he is beside himself knowing that it’s true. He hates the fact that a beautiful, feminine woman will never have soft, sexy doe eyes for a doughy twit like him–and it eats him up inside that he will never inspire a woman to “feel inside herself” to visions of his neckbeard and fat jelly gut.

Joseph Placidi spends countless hours day and night acting like a woman on the internet

Mr. Placidi doesn’t have the looks, the brawn, the sex appeal, the swagger or the balls to acquire the kind of women he worships nor the lifestyle he wishes he could emulate. So to him, he does the next best thing, he becomes a woman on the internet for attention.

What kind of miserable deadbeat makes hundreds of troll accounts? What kind of derelict spends every moment of his spare time even while on vacation trolling people for attention? Childish, mentally ill, craven, lunatic numale jellyfish people like Joseph Placidi, that’s who.


He is literally so girly and childish that he tweets this hideous disgusting selfie to me with his yucky, bloated, goofy face thinking he’s “one-upping” me for being caught tweet trolling me while he’s allegedly “on vacation.”

Only women and beta males do this sort of crap–women and beta males are the only people who act like children on the internet engaging in taking “neener neener pumpkin eater” selfies and tweeting them to people seeking their attention and approval.

Here is another he sent to me seeking my approval after pointing out the obvious that he is, in fact, thoroughly unattractive and repulsive:

Ugly guy

I can’t speak for anyone else, but whenever people I insist I don’t like or agree with tell me that they think I’m ugly/gross/hideous/awful, I sure as hell don’t spend any time sending them pictures of me telling them I have fun in the hopes of proving that I’m not ugly/gross/hideous/awful.

Once again, only WOMEN and beta males seek approval from other people–especially that of the opposite sex.

As I said, he immediately deleted the above account in haste and humiliation–he acted like an ineffectual childish boob and a piddly rageful beta boy on Twitter and got caught. And I’m quite certain here in the next few weeks, another one of his passive aggressive loser accounts will undoubtedly pop up in my mentions tweeting me perverted incoherent trash (hopefully sans any more dreadfully ugly pictures).

Hey Joe, since I know you’re reading this and sharing it on Twitter encouraging people to engage in whiteknightery on your behalf because you’re not man enough to grow up and stop being an idiot on the internet, cease contacting me immediately without delay. If you don’t want to get caught trolling, if you don’t want me to humiliate you in front of virtually millions of people who will in time read this blog, don’t tweet me anymore ever again. Leave me alone. Sayonara. Get a life. Stop seeking my approval, hit the gym and iron out those pitiful Homer Simpson manboobs and do something productive with your life.

Or stop acting like a bitch, put your man-bra back on, put your pacifier in your mouth, change your soiled diaper and find other people who find your cartoon dork schtick appealing (impossible, since no one does). You’re disgusting, nobody cares about you, nobody wants you around and nobody wants to share the air they breathe with you. Since you claim to be so “intellectually superior,” it certainly shouldn’t be this hard for you to figure out!


Buzz off, LOSER.


  • Tom Kaye

    To add some finer distinction to your great hate piece, you might want to check out Vox Day’s work on the socio-sexual marketplace, because Joe is not a beta male, but a low delta or, most likely, a gamma.

    These extra ranks are very useful in classifying internet harrasers.

    • carole smith

      Ah, I was recently researching the lower than beta males, too.