The Thot Patrol with Beardson Beardly

I sat down with Beardson Beardly this week and we tackled “the thot problem.” Beardson has established what is called “The Thot Patrol” and he is the thought leader of a quasi online coalition of shame crusaders whose mission is to embarrass thots and cucks into submission for their disgraceful online behavior.

I’ve long taken a stance against thirsty white knight cucks while men like Beardson have taken on their reprehensible counterparts–thirsty online thots. Beardson argues that men have been letting this degenerate female behavior slide for far too long and women who engage in online thottery are setting themselves up for lifelong failure when it comes to navigating the sexual marketplace.

I predict that Beardson’s endless pursuit against this shameless culture of online self-degradation will become more mainstream as Western society and culture continues to spiral into decline. Beardson’s prophecy is as of yet in its infancy but make no mistake, there will be a correction on the part of Western men. The pendulum always swings back, and thirsty cucks and thots alike will be feeling the brunt of it like it’s D-day.

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  • vadhajtáska

    Since I saw you retweet Beardson, I was hoping you will have him on your show. He is really an expert at thoth-patrolling, I always laugh when he posts screenshots of women apologizing to him in DMs after he put them down.
    When it comes to thirty men lusting after thots on the internet, just telling them “she will never have sex with you” seem to work quite well. Picture related.

    • Beardson is effing hilarious. I’m a big fan of his and have been for some time. I loved having him on.

      P.S. This meme is excellent. I mentioned it in my interview with James Edwards. LOL!

  • Is it just me or was the name deliberately decided to throw people off into thinking Beardson Beardly IS one of the whiteknighters, the very group he’s trying to denounce? The very parodic nature of the alias itself sets a certain tone. Very interesting!

  • Great discussion. Beardson is an interesting cat. Definitely agree about the importance of male spaces and trying to discourage supplicating behavior on the part of men. Generally speaking I think women want men to show leadership, so it doesn’t seem logical for a movement based on traditionalism to seek out female leadership.

    That said, I don’t think it is productive to attack female youtubers just because they are female unless they are actually causing harm to your movement. A political movement is not a social club. It has to grow, and hanging a big “No Girls Allowed” sign will only slow that growth. Besides, occasionally you get really good female activists like Karen Straughan.