The Virulent Hatred of Femininity

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“Roving floor-to-ceiling stink eyes are the currency and suffering of a beautiful woman.” – The New Fem

Ladies, I know this is going to be a bit of a shock to you but, the average woman doesn’t want you to be pretty.

The average woman doesn’t want you to radiate with perfect health, stunning sensuality, and raw feminine sex appeal.

The average woman is telling you that wanting to be pretty is not only wrong and awful but it’s not normal, it’s not desirable and it’s being a “slave to the patriarchy,” whatever they claim that means.

I’m here to tell you there is nothing wrong with being beautiful or striving to be beautiful.

It is completely normal and in our nature as women to want to be physically attractive. Always has been, always will be.

You no longer need to concern yourself with people who have the “crab in a bucket” mentality who are eager to see you fail because you possess a special talent and gift by virtue of delighting in your own femininity.

You have something precious that most any woman would want so badly for herself that she will do virtually anything to get it. That’s why there is a multi-billion dollar market out there exclusively for women—makeup, hair, fragrance, and shoes galore!

When we are little girls we play with all those beautiful, glamorous dolls like Barbie and Ken. We “play house” with Ken, the dashing, handsome, masculine husband and Barbie the stunning, gorgeous, playful wife in her cute Barbie house, her cute Barbie dress, and her cute Barbie pink sports convertible.

It’s NATURAL for us as women to want to emulate and aspire to that fairy tale sort of existence that Barbie symbolizes.

And believe it or not, in the not-so-distant past, it was perfectly acceptable to want to achieve this sort of fairy tale existence for ourselves.

It inspired us as little girls and now as grown women to want to be like Barbie and “have it all”.

But now the current mindset of our contemporaries in achieving high beauty standards is that it is simply no longer normal or acceptable—that these ideals are “harmful” and “damaging”.

We are told we need no longer concern ourselves with our looks or our bodies.

Go ahead and eat all the ice cream and hamburgers we want and lay on the couch day and night watching TV—watch a boring, plastic, animated box depicting other people living the very lifestyles we want to have that our contemporaries tell us are “undesirable” and “impossible”.

“Stop caring about what men think of your looks!” our female friends tell us.

“Eat a sandwich. You are too skinny, you are wasting away into nothing!” the lady at the office chides.

The people who are constantly regurgitating this are giving you very grave and costly “advice”.

You might think they mean well, but deep down underneath the mask and their “concerned” exterior, they don’t want you to be excellent because it shines a blinding light on their own insecurities and failings.

They want you to be average because it makes them feel better about their giving up and embracing their very average lives!

It’s far easier to praise people for their failings than it is to congratulate people for their tremendous success.

You have to stop listening to their messages, both conscious and subconscious. Instead, let their messages bounce off you like a Teflon coating. Never let them stick, because to accept them is to accept their failures as your own!

The truth is:

It is OKAY to be physically fit.

It is OKAY to be beautiful.

It is OKAY to want to take care of your appearance and your body with the highest possible achievement in mind.

It is OKAY to take pride in being feminine, being sweet, kind, nurturing, charming and demure.

It is OKAY to be proud of the way you look as it took hard work and determination to get where you are today!

You must stop allowing mediocre people tell you that your motivation to achieve excellence is putting you down the wrong path in life.

It is your sheer EXCELLENCE that will give you more opportunities than any mediocre person could ever have the courage to envision for himself!

I am very often met with disapproval from various people in my day-to-day dealings. I get seething looks of displeasure from other women for the length of my hair, the height of my heels, and the way my form-fitting dress melts against the curves of my body.

That may sound shallow, vain or “mean” as they say. You know what I say? I say, to hell with them and their miserable, envious, mediocre lives that no one on Earth would ever desire for themselves!

You don’t have to feel guilty for their willful decision to be mediocre! If average people are jealous of you, you are guaranteed to be doing every single thing right!

I was commenting on “A Voice for Men” the other day pertaining to the piece I wrote “Women Demand Participation Trophies for Being Women” and I was met with some very nasty, denigrating attitudes from people who take pride in embracing their very mediocre lives. They LOVE being nasty and hateful to women like you and me who strive everyday to achieve excellence.

I made a silly, lighthearted joke (these people have no sense of humor at all) saying how much I love to wear high heels and get my nails done and this is the nastiness I was immediately met with:

First from an alleged “man”. Although it is nearly impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman as people with this sort of mentality tend to all sound just as equally nasty and angry:

“How sad that you have to fall back on such cheep tricks, it must be terrible to be nothing more than a biological function with a manicure, you have my pity.”

Followed closely by another lovely comment from a woman with this picture, unsurprisingly:


“Oh goody. More totally inflexible and potentially destructive gender roles. Just what the world needs.”

Trigger warning: I can’t speak for anyone else but I am not the slightest bit interested in hearing a lecture about “gender roles” from a person who is as mediocre, nasty and physically unattractive as this woman, thank you very much.

And finally, another nasty spiel from another “man” equating women getting their nails done and wearing high heels with “Chinese foot-binding” while proceeding to tell me I’m utterly “useless to society”:

“Posh nails and impractical footwear, like the more extreme Chinese versions, (long nails and foot binding) are nothing but a sign the people with them have no intention of doing anything useful. and are so proud of that fact they wish to flaunt it.”

Remember ladies, wanting to be pretty is the same thing as Chinese foot-binding! It makes you a dumb, empty-headed bimbo with a manicure that serves no purpose to humanity whatsoever! You are utterly useless and BAD BAD BAD!

Good grief, these nasty hateful people are just as ridiculous as they are miserable, absurd and foolish.

This may not be politically correct, nice or polite, and it may very well be downright offensive and mean (oh no, I might hurt someones feelings!) but:

I do not give a single f*ck what people of this low-hanging fruit and pitiful rank on the societal food chain think of me, my nails, my high heels or my lifestyle choices.

These lonely, bitter people don’t even have anyone to share their miserable lives with (other than with other miserable people on the internet squatting day and night in comment sections whining and crying) otherwise they wouldn’t spend their time bashing other people’s lifestyles and personal choices!

Theirs is not a winning mindset, theirs is a losing mindset. Only LOSERS hate on other people telling them their life mission towards excellence is a failure!

People like this are telling you every single second, minute and hour of each day that your life isn’t worth anything while theirs is spent on the internet bitter, miserable, hateful and totally useless!

Why would you listen to people like them? What do they have to offer you when they have nothing to offer to the world but criticism, awful advice and nasty hatefulness? They are no help to anyone, not even themselves!

Just because they are losing the game at life doesn’t mean you have to join them! Dismiss them immediately.

Smile, nod, move on and don’t think twice about them. They aren’t busy setting the world on fire, YOU ARE!

Don’t get me wrong, it is unfortunate that people like this have to embrace their misery and have many misfortunes confounding their lives.

We should always have empathy as they have big problems and they are angry at the world for getting the short end of the stick.

But guess what? Life is what you make it! They CHOSE their life of mediocrity while you have chosen to be the best you can possibly be!

Their problems are not yours, they will never figure it out! All you can do is wish them the best and keep on moving. You have your own beautiful life to live and a promising future to fulfill!

Be pretty, be feminine, be sweet, kind and demure and wear your lip gloss, high heels and pink nail polish and do it proudly! Somebody in this world has got to do it in this day and age, ladies! Might as well be you!

Smile, laugh, enjoy yourself and always be well!

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  • Tooj

    There is an equal component in MGTOW. “Let’s sit in an apartment, play video games and forget being attractive to women. It’s so much easier.”

    This attempt to create a culture of mediocrity is basically to encourage laziness and sloth. Feminism and MGTOW are for those who just don’t care for anything other than immediate gratification.

    • I’m discovering that. I made those parallels some time ago and the more I interact with MGTOWs the more I see that they are the spitting image of feminists, in every way. They even adopt the same vein of ridiculous made up buzzword vocabulary. No wonder they gave up.

      • Scott Graves

        Do you really blame them? When the majority of the women they met in college being the ball crushing feminazis why put any effort forth to attract one of them? They are no better than the women they loath, but I can understand the reaction. I have a 15 year old son and struggle with what to tell him about women, dating and marriage. I am terrified for him going into a world where women will cry rape years later over a bad orgasm. I want him to realize his dreams but I swear sometimes I wish he were gay so he could avoid there screeching harpies.

        • Tooj

          Well, to coin a phrase from the harpies, “Not ALL women…”

          Teach discernment between the two. The rest is up to him.

          • Scott Graves

            Why take the risk. With all the false rape allegations flying around a good wifi connection and a box of Kleenex is a lot safer.

          • Tooj

            Yeah, I know. Believe me, I’ve been there. BUT, I learned discernment before I totally lost my ass. You MUST teach that child discernment regarding women or he REALLY won’t stand a chance. Biology may/will take over and if he has no idea what he’s getting into, he’s screwed. No more I can say about it.

          • Scott Graves

            Agreed, it’s a vital tool that too few people have. Discernment sounds too much like discrimination for most people to talk about. All either mean is picking based on a series of criteria. Sometimes the criteria can be hard fact and sometimes they can be feelings. I like red heads, that doesn’t mean I don’t like blondes, brunettes or black haired women. It’s all a personal taste thing.

    • Trevor Sedis

      The difference is that men are withdrawing from toxicity whereas feminists are teacing women to withdraw from femininity.

      Tragically, “kids today” are not taught history. They’re taught feminism. Nobody in the past thought Katharine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Deborah Kerr, or others were pushovers. Watch HIS GAL FRIDAY, for example. It showed the true equality of men and women back then. Note the sparring. Is either “winning” or “losing”?

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  • Willow_girl

    Pretty is as pretty does.

  • Gary Murphy

    When you quoted the alleged man commenting on the website your instincts were spot on.”Cheap tricks…nothing more than a biological function with a manicure. you have my pity.” No way in hell a man wrote that. That was written in hateful bitchy vaginal terms trying to make you mad, but I see you don’t bite. No point.

    Excellent article for young women, but from a mans perspective I found it a refreshing read. Maybe I’m watching too many feminist cringe compilations. That shit can be enraging when you see how out of control a lot of younger American feminists are. Some very nasty individuals, but fuck it, it can be hilariously entertaining too with their lunacy and horrendously dumbed down world view. Excellent interview with Red Ice Radio by the way. Thought i’d stop by and look at some of your work.

    P.S. If you haven’t seen it you have to look up the hilarious story of the trans-gender woman who describes herself as “masculine of center gender-queer”. She was running for a position as a Diversity Officer in an ultra-liberal all girls college in California. Well, see for yourself. I have to admit to pissing myself laughing. Its so messed up at the same time too though as the patients are in charge of the mental asylum.

    Students: Transgender Woman Can’t Be Diversity Officer Because She’s a White Man Now

  • Zizi

    “Posh nails and impractical footwear, like the more extreme Chinese versions, (long nails and foot binding) are nothing but a sign the people with them have no intention of doing anything useful. and are so proud of that fact they wish to flaunt it.”

    Wow, that woman was…hateful. Manicures and high heels are equivalent to foot-binding? Seriously? I think Germaine Greer made comparisons like that, and it was sickening. If you get tired of your manicure, you can always clip your nails. If you get tired of wearing heels, you can always switch to flats. Foot-binding was a devastating, painful, permanent, potentially deadly procedure (some women died of gangrene during the process) that crippled women for life. Way to trivialize other people’s suffering and elevate first world problems to the level of sheer catastrophe.

    Also, “no intention of doing anything useful” is actually a sign of empowerment, not disempowerment. In the 18th century, aristocratic men and women alike wore makeup, frilly clothes, and fancy shoes precisely to show that hard work was beneath them and that they didn’t have to do it. It’s a way of telling everybody else that you’re above them, not submissive to them.

    Some people are pretty myopic, aren’t they?