Why is Joseph Placidi Harassing Women on Twitter?

One ofStalker guy my friends who goes by the handle @apurposefulwife on Twitter has been relentlessly stalked and harassed for the past 3 weeks by a serial nutcase who lives in Erie, PA named Joseph M. Placidi. 

31-year old Joseph M. Placidi of Erie, Pennsylvania works as a customer service representative for Erie Insurance Group and goes by @placidijoe on Twitter. Mr. Placidi has utilized untold company time and resources (he is nonstop trolling day and night on Twitter boasting about how it’s a great pastime at his “boring job” as he refers to it) at Erie Insurance Group to create numerous sockpuppet accounts on Twitter of which he has admitted to using strictly for harassment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.49.02 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.49.58 PM

Let’s make this very clear, since Joseph Placidi works such a boring job, he obviously has all the time in the world to create troll accounts with the intent of harassing people. In the past few weeks he has created dozens of sockpuppet accounts solely to harass apurposefulwife with the express intent of “running her off Twitter” for having her own *GASP* personal opinions.

People like Joseph M. Placidi (hilarious and ironic that my autocorrect keeps changing his name to placid) pride themselves on being “tolerant, open-minded, loving, and accepting” of different people and ideas, as well as a slew of progressive doctrines involving democracy, inclusiveness and diversity–except when you are a Mormon female who believes in baking fresh bread and staying home with her husband and raising a family.

When a woman like apurposefulwife doesn’t agree with Mr. Placidi’s worldview, she is a Nazi and a bigot and a racist and *insert any number of hackneyed progressive buzzwords here* and will be harassed by him until she is forcibly removed from the public sphere.

The question is, why is Joseph Placidi so intent on harassing women day in and day out on Twitter? I thought progressives supported freedom of religion? I thought progressives supported women? I thought one of the major tenets of progressivism is “listen and believe” for all women, to discourage bullying and harassment of women and to protect all women from online stalking and abuse?

Obviously Mr. Placidi is a bald-faced liar and a fraud because he doesn’t believe in supporting all women–only those who agree with his one-sided worldview (a lot like a Nazi). And he thinks any and all manner of unyielding bullying, abuse, stalking and harassment is “fair game,” as he so succinctly phrases it.

I Too Have Been Harassed by People Like Joseph Placidi

People on Twitter are constantly tweeting apurposefulwife the most unbelievably disgusting, hateful slurs that would make my dead 99-year old grandmother blush from inside the grave–that seems to be part and parcel to being a free thinker among scores of mentally ill people who sit behind computer screens angry that their worldview is not something they can force on people’s will.

I’ve personally been in apurposefulwife’s shoes. I was relentlessly harassed by a deranged nutcase until I was forced to expose her to the whole world for doing exactly what Mr. Placidi is doing to apurposefulwife. Make no mistake, they hate that we have our own opinions and beliefs, and they want us and our families to suffer–Mr. Placidi most certainly does as you’ll see with your very own eyes in a moment.

Apurposefulwife has the God-given right to express herself and her personal views without fear of harassment and retribution from hateful, nasty, intolerant nutcases lurking the internet–as do I and anyone else that wishes to express his or herself. People like Mr. Placidi claim to believe in that credo as well, but will only believe in it if it shapes and solidifies their worldview, otherwise they bully, abuse, censor, harass, stalk and intimidate.

People like Mr. Placidi must be exposed–their hate and intolerance is very dangerous and must be revealed to the entire world to help keep us safe, aware and well-informed. These people are the most hateful, nasty, unhinged people on the internet and they won’t stop until they can harass and abuse and ultimately silence all people who disagree with them. And Mr. Joseph M. Placidi proves he is no exception.

One Man’s Childish Sockpuppet Vendetta Against a Woman on Twitter

Joseph Placidi has spent a disproportionate amount of time harassing apurposefulwife on Twitter since at least the beginning of this month from his workplace. The reason I’m aware of it is because I keep seeing endless profane and disturbing tweets streaming from the numerous sickening sockpuppets created by Mr. Placidi. He has AT LEAST 10 accounts he has used repeatedly to harass apurposefulwife–again, he has made it very clear this is what he does at his “boring job” on company time because he says harassing women is a “source of entertainment.”

Sockpuppet #1: Mr. Placidi outright admitted he has created at least one specific account to harass apurposefulwife:

Screen shot
And here is the lovely, vibrant, progressively foul language he uses on said sockpuppet account he created and admits he uses specifically for harassment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.53.40 PM

So not only does this progressive, tolerant person hate women and religion, he also hates what appears to be effeminate males and gay people. He uses slurs like “faggot” and “pussy” and yet claims he is supportive of groups of people who would undoubtedly be vulnerable to these slurs according to his liberal ideology.

He’s also clearly a pervert projecting his own desires on others e.g. discussing anal sex and playing up his polyamorous fantasies of a strange woman’s husband sleeping with his 4 different wives.

I guess I’m not real clear on why Mr. Placidi is spewing hateful language that he himself would deem is “hate speech.” Does he truly believe in his own liberal ideology, or is he just a liar and a hypocrite?

Furthermore, there is another sockpuppet account that follows the above listed account he created where he tweeted apurposefulwife a vulgar, perverted and revolting direct message that he sent her on Mother’s Day of all days:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.07.10 PM

Below it shows the above two accounts @mayo_ayla following account @dumbnazibeotch and vice versa. He also made sockpuppet #2 (dumbnazibeotch) using his favorite euphemism “wife with no purpose.” I repeat, both accounts conveniently and coincidentally follow each other and have both tweeted apurposefulwife and have since been blocked by her:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.06.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.06.49 PM

Sockpuppet #3 “@WhiteyAyla” shows Mr. Placidi again personally following and, this time, tweeting back and forth amongst himself from his main account @placidijoe to the @WhiteyAyla account. How convenient once again that he happens to follow and tweet between an account that uses the exact same profile picture and now, as you’ll soon see, has used the same photoshopped pictures he is currently using on several other accounts he has created:


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.07.11 PM

As shown explicitly in the picture above, here he is again “conversing” back and forth between the “@WhiteyAyla” account:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.36.49 PM

And here he is days earlier tweeting random people openly inciting them to harass:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.42.00 PM

Once again, in the above picture, he is not only conversing back and forth with yet another one of his sockpuppet accounts @purposefulwaifu you can see he is egging people on to keep the harassment coming! And let’s not forget, her children are also fair game! “Hey, let us have free reign to attack a strange woman’s kids on Twitter,” which you’ll see he does from yet another of his accounts.

This man appears to also be the godfather of a young child. How would he feel if someone posted pictures of his godchild calling him cruel, derogatory names? I’m guessing he probably wouldn’t be too thrilled at all–and lucky for this sick cretin, nobody he singles out for harassment reciprocates with the sorts of twisted psychotic things he does to women like apurposefulwife (ironic the people he constantly declares are “evil and horrible” at least have some decorum and respect when it comes to people’s personal lives and the privacy of their loved ones).

Next is yet ANOTHER account in which he suddenly tweeted out a response to me regarding yet ANOTHER account he made–he had to inject himself “out of the blue” into the following conversation (nobody in the thread mentioned him at all anywhere) with me warning apurposefulwife to “be careful of these unstable people.” He was very offended by me calling him mentally ill and tweeted me from his original account pretending to come to the sockpuppet’s defense.

He was up the night before pathetically tweeting apurposefulwife again from yet another new sockpuppet account #6. By now I’m sure you are finding it nearly impossible to keep track of all his accounts:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.22.52 PM

He even favorited his own response from another of his sockpuppets in the thread of this conversation:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.23.19 PM

And here he is again conversing with yet ANOTHER account. As soon as he makes a new account, he magically starts tweeting back and forth and talking to it. Coincidence how he is explicitly connected to all these accounts who incidentally all tweeted me at the exact same time yesterday morning after being radio silent for over 12 hrs–claiming they are part of a big group of different people united in anonymous cowardice trying to remove apurposefulwife from the internet:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.29.50 PM

Why make 11 accounts to harass someone? Why not be an adult about your differing views and attempt to have a rational conversation? If Mr. Placidi is as open-minded and accepting of other people’s ideas as he claims, he should be able to refrain from acting like a child on Twitter creating accounts specifically to harass people.

These are just 11 profiles of all the accounts Mr. Placidi has made that are solely in the interest of harassing and abusing apurposefulwife. You can see that among nearly all of them, Mr. Placidi has conversed with them back and forth from his main account. Whether he created them or not is immaterial, he was either responsible for and/or complicit in the creation of these accounts to facilitate nonstop harassment against apurposefulwife:












Apurposefulwife has had nothing but clashes with this deplorable, foul-mouthed piece of gutter filth now for weeks on end. He has made it his mission to single out and harass women who do not agree with him and his documented insanity, and it is clearly making him angry and very unstable. As you can see, apurposefulwife has had to block him and report him several times on all of these accounts for apparently being so progressively “tolerant and open-minded.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.47.30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.45.33 PM

The problem with these lunatics is that they think they can get away with harassing people anonymously on the internet. They think they can toy with people’s lives and come out unscathed and live to brag about it to all their friends. “Hey everybody, I harassed someone on the internet that I don’t agree with! I got them shut down! They shouldn’t be allowed to disagree with me or I’ll make their lives a living hell and ruin them forever!”

So much for being accepting of “diversity and inclusion.” These people clearly want to destroy everybody they disagree with, whatever it takes. Pardon me, but that really doesn’t strike me as very “tolerant, loving or openminded” at all.

If you or someone you know is being repeatedly harassed and bullied on the internet, don’t hesitate to start documenting each and every instance of your harassment and abuse right away. Write it down, take screenshots, save emails and be vigilant in protecting yourself and the people you love. The internet’s a scary place. Stay safe and always protect yourself.

I have all the tools you need to find your stalker and harasser. If you need more information, email at: thenewfemininity@gmail.com

  • 2Fish

    Leftists are degenerates who are not afraid to threaten, dox, and harass anyone who disagrees with them. They campaign for “women’s equality” while simultaneously claiming women should be free from criticism. They have frequently gone out of their way to write smear pieces about people they don’t like, get them fired from their jobs, and even threaten violence, simply for disagreeing with them. They are a cancer on civilization, and antithetical to the values we hold as westerners.

    Therefore, I get extremely disappointed whenever people on the right stoop to their level. As is the case with this post.

    Don’t get me wrong. The kind of things this Placidi guy has said are disgusting and vile, and I could not disagree more with them. But nonetheless, as he has not done anything illegal, dangerous, or even seriously harmful, it strikes me as unnecessary, and unjustified, to attempt to harm his reputation in real life by posting a smear piece about him with clearly malicious intent.

    As a man who frequently comments on Internet articles from a multitude of accounts, I have received death threats, as well as insults that are at least as vile as what is posted above. It comes with the territory of expressing yourself online – you can’t always expect others to be civil, particularly from behind a screen. You know how much damage any of this has done to me, physically or psychologically? Zero. Because nobody can hurt me from behind a computer screen, particularly if they don’t know who I am in real life. And I never complain about “harassment”, because I value people’s ability to fully express themselves more than I value not being insulted or demeaned, even if I disagree with and/or find distasteful the ways in which they express themselves.

    On another note, this piece reeks of the same feminist hypocrisy as mainstream outlets. If women have as much right as men to express themselves on Twitter, they deserve no special protections when it comes to “harassment.” If you can’t handle negative/nasty comments and ridicule, you shouldn’t be posting opinions online. That’s true regardless of your sex. If women are uniquely vulnerable/affected by mean words, they really need to stay off the internet and let men do the talking.

    (Also, framing an attack on one woman as an act of “hating women,” as this article does, is a typical feminist fallacy, that’s unfortunately become so common even anti-feminists sometimes buy it, as demonstrated here. Nobody ever claims an insult to a man constitutes an insult to the whole male gender, because it’s clearly absurd. The same is true with an insult to a woman).

    The Internet is the most unbiased marketplace of ideas the world has ever seen. As a reactionary, I’m very thankful for this, since without it, we’d all be swallowing the leftist mainstream media kool-aid. But this is premised on the individual’s ability to say whatever he likes, even if it is vulgar, crass, or uncouth. Ridicule and parody are perfectly legitimate forms of expressing one’s opinions. I don’t generally find the type of crass insults and behavior this man exhibited to be very convincing, and his use of these words certainly reflects poorly on him as a person. You are free to judge him however you see fit.

    But attempting to cause real world harm and reputation damage to someone because they typed some words you find personally offensive from behind a computer screen is a very slippery slope; there is no line at all between censoring offensive words and censoring ideas. And never forget that finding things “offensive” or “hateful” is precisely the reason the Left uses to justify their own doxxing and smear pieces. They would use these exact justifications to hurt your reputation as well if you were to put your name on this website!

    The right will never win if we stoop to their level. The left already has the numbers and the influence. We can only win by keeping the Internet an open space for discourse; good and bad, so we can win the minds and hearts of people through our words. This guy you’re targeting is only hurting his own cause by saying the types of things he does. But he does have a right to express himself, without the fear of slimy smear tactics used to besmirch his reputation. (On the other hand, he’s published his personal identity on his Twitter account, so he must not care too much what people think of his tweets). But I will never support trying to fire someone over a few mean words on the Internet. If they are disturbing or “harassing” you, just click the “block” button and move on with your day. Trying to retaliate against someone like that just shows an inability to deal with offensive material, and a great deal of emotional immaturity. It means he “got to you.”

    We already know he’s vindictive and vengeful. But this post is also vindictive and vengeful, and certainly not “feminine” (at least the good type of feminine). Don’t pretend to be a victim, and then turn him into one.

    • “Don’t get me wrong. The kind of things this Placidi guy has said are disgusting and vile, and I could not disagree more with them. But nonetheless, as he has not done anything illegal, dangerous, or even seriously harmful.”

      He hasn’t? He has posted that apurposefulwife is a Nazi all over Twitter, which in civil court is considered libel. He has engaged in all manner of targeted and malicious badgering and verbal assault against a person simply because she doesn’t agree with his views–this is considered repeated and unwanted harassment, also illegal in both civil and criminal courts. He has taken personal photographs of her and has altered them with hate symbols and goes around posting them all over Twitter to all her followers and friends–again, this is libelous and he can be sued in court for defamation.

      For you to sit here and say that this isn’t harmful to her well-being is preposterous. She has confided to me that she was utterly hopeless in what to do just to get him to stop. Whether she is a man or not, she has young children with another baby on the way. You’re implying that a nutcase who is spending nearly 24 hours a day concocting all of these sickening schemes to get her attention despite being told repeatedly to stop isn’t quite possibly dangerous? That’s awfully naive at best, terribly harmful at worst.

      Enduring the barrage of nonstop unwanted contact from these lunatics is very stressfully taxing notwithstanding anger-inducing–when I faced my stalker/attacker I had gone through untold lost hours on the job as well as unaccounted for time and personal expense gathering up enough gumption and resources to stop the nutcase from harassing me. It’s absurd that you expect me to “suck it up” like a man would when these people were threatening me, my family and my livelihood. This isn’t hyperbole in me crying wolf and screaming harassment over catcalls like zealot femtards, I faced actual physical harassment.

      “The right will never win if we stoop to their level.”

      Guess what? You haven’t won. The right hasn’t won a damn thing in this country since 1964 and you coming here virtue signaling claiming to be superior by “taking the high road” is woefully disingenuous. The reason you keep losing is because you think these people hold the same value system dear to them as you do relative to your own sensibilities. These people literally want you dead. They tell apurposefulwife to die every single day. They hate us to the extent that they are cheerfully reigning in our extinction on all manner of public forums and media everywhere–and you’re going to sit here and signal to me that you are content to take the high road?

      Sir, with all due respect, you are free to do whatever you like, but I am certainly not going to “take the high road” when we are on our way to guerrilla wars and death squads. Perhaps you would be more content on rallying behind the cuckservatives–they’re always virtue signaling about “taking the high road” and are always effectively losing.

      “We already know he’s vindictive and vengeful. But this post is also vindictive and vengeful, and certainly not “feminine” (at least the good type of feminine). Don’t pretend to be a victim, and then turn him into one.”

      Since you’re a reactionary, you are probably quite familiar with the phrase “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” I don’t particularly care whether or not my flavor of femininity meshes well with yours, but I will say that I’m not going to kowtow to your side nor theirs. I’m here on this blog squarely alone fighting my own way in this world. So before you look down your nose at me and condescend to what you deem to be a feminine and proper lady, I will simply remind you that the days of yore manners and gentility no longer apply here out in this rabid jungle. I have adapted to today’s world–I’m a product of the environment I’m in. Cultured thuggery is seems more apt–and it is truly reactionary.

    • BooBoo75

      Only an insane person would view this scumbag as a “victim”.

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  • Mary Whittier

    I follow @apurposefulwife on Twitter. She is an awesome person and an amazing mother. We need a lot more traditional women on Twitter. I hope something can be done to stop Joe Placidi’s hateful bullying.

    • No, we don’t need them on twitter. We need people providing them personal services, which, if she is real and not an alt-right “tradwife”, she has access to within her subculture.

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  • You are so amazing, you know. Our website for health got trolled big time, and we aren’t even, big shots. Once my husband started talking about Monsanto and getting support against them, these trolls started appearing out of nowhere. One of them even got on my other blog’s social media to diss my husband’s physical appearance. How low could they get?? This is such amazing work you did on this post, as usual. 🙂 I’m sure there’s a website out there asking for sign ups to be trolls. I wonder how much they’re getting paid selling out their souls.

    On a lighter note, my husband and I have been calling our little one “troll” whenever she doesn’t sleep and instead wakes us up and crawls on us.

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